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Topic Report on Ethnic Origin

The 2001 Census includes a range of information broken down by ethnic origin.  The topic report summarises this data for Sheffield and provides a local commentary.  Most of the statistics are contained in the 2001 Census Ethnic Origin Theme Table, which is included as an appendix.
The key headlines of the report are:
  • The minority ethnic population in Sheffield has increased by 80 percent since the 1991 Census to around 45,000 people
  • The Indian community in the city appears to have more than doubled
  • The largest minority ethnic group in Sheffield is the Pakistani group at almost 16,000 people, or 3 percent of the total population
  • Around half of the people in black and minority ethnic groups were born in the UK
  • The Mixed ethnic groups tend to be relatively young - the White and Black Caribbean group has an average age of only 16
  • The Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Mixed ethnic groups have a high incidence of long-term limiting illness when taking into account the age distribution
  • Unemployment rates are generally higher for black and minority ethnic groups; the Indian and Chinese groups are the exception
  • Most of the BME groups tend to be generally better qualified than the majority White British population
The Topic Report and/or data appendix can be viewed or downloaded using the link below.

Downloadable Documents
A summary for sheffield of the 2001 Census data on ethnic origin  ()
The 2001 Census Ethnicity Theme Table (T16) for Sheffield  ()
A set of maps of Sheffield showing the distribution across the city of six different ethnic groups  ()
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