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The Killers
The Killers
Picture: James Looker
23.Nov.06 9:42am
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The Killers record Christmas single

Band make suprise dash to the studio for festive track

The Killers are set to release a brand new song as their Christmas single.

The group made a surprise trip to the studio last week to record the the track, which was produced by Alan Moulder.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Brandon Flowers
explained it was some of the great festive records of the past, rather than the likes of Cliff Richard, that inspired him to record the one-off track 'A Great Big Sleigh'.

"There are some great Christmas tunes that have been recorded over the years from the likes of George Michael (in Wham!) and John Lennon," he explained. "Sometime you forget. You get so caught up in business and being an adult that you forget to have fun and enjoy things and be nice to people."

The track is set to be released on December 5 as a download only through iTunes.

For the full story with details of the video shoot and how U2's Bono helped inspire the band, get this week's issue of NME, on UK newsstands now.

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Wise up people.

The Killers have matured so much since their first album and they are proving they are on of the best bands around.

Their new album is one of the best new albums in a long while and ever song on there could be a single.

I am looking forward to their Xmas song.                         
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how u2's bono inspired the band????? Should that be how u2's bono taught them to be the unoriginal flaccid cocks that u2 are.                         
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Urgh, they're so naff now. BOO I TELLS THEE!
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Their first album was good, the new album is wank!!!                         
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Saw them the other night but they never sang the new crimbo song, looking forward to it, the song that is and not crimbo. bahh                         
gary brearley
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