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Royal activities : King appoints interior ministry officials
Rabat : PPS launches its political entry
Culture : ISESCO, ICRO award Prize for Islamic Studies to three thinkers
Health : Jettou heads medical coverage project meeting
Cooperation : Moroccan, Spanish associations to set up international media observatory
Security : Thirteen arrested for forming unauthorised Islamic party
Military : Some 15,000 Moroccan veterans to benefit from full pensions
Royal activities : King chairs first Ramadan religious lecture
Holy month : Morocco announces Sunday first day of Ramadan
Sahara issue : CORCAS delegation to visit Washington
Religion : Higher Council of Oulemas examines fetwa on houses banking loans
Corsica : Moroccan café destroyed by bomb
Geneva : Morocco boasts women-friendly measures
Geneva : Morocco elected member of IAEA Board of Governors
Solidarity : Young school girls from Tiznit province given bikes
Vatican : Morocco's Ambassador to resume work
Justice : Morocco, Belgium sign cooperation agreement
Moroccan customs : Over MAD 17 million of smuggled goods seized in eight months
Rabat : Two European nationals discovered fatally wounded
Sahara issue : British MP supports Morocco's territorial integrity
Health : 6.6% of Moroccans over 20 suffer from Diabetes
Morocco recalls its ambassador to Vatican
Rabat : Commission discusses social insurance of Moroccan ex-residents of the Netherlands
Havana : Sahara issue, main subject tackled by Benaissa and Cuban counterpart
CORCAS Vice-President : Autonomy, unique solution of Sahara conflict
Royal activities : King appoints new National Security Chief
Urban transportation : Tramway, subway lines soon in Casablanca
Royal activities : King inaugurates Mohammed VI Theatre
Brussels airport : Ground collision between RAM, Singapore Airlines planes
History : 53rd anniversary of martyr Allal Ben Abdellah's death commemorated in Rabat
Jordan : Morocco elected president of Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly
Larache, Chefchaouen : Forest fires destroy over 2,700 ha
Sahara issue : Autonomy, “an important project” to solve Sahara issue, Canarian researcher
Dakhla : Morocco repatriates Senegalese migrants
Royal activities : King receives Tunisian Prime Minister
Solidarity : Moroccan pharmacists send medical help to Lebanon
Official visits : Putin arrives in Casablanca
Education : Moroccan students benefit from 81 scholarships to study in Senegal
Morocco-Tunisia : Ben Ali calls for strengthening cooperation
Sahara issue : Moroccan Premier receives UN SG's personal representative
Royal activities : King receives Portuguese minister of foreign affairs
Solidarity : Second Moroccan medical team sent to Bint Jbeil
Nador : Authorities seize 85 kg of cannabis
Morocco-Libya : Future high commission meeting to focus on investment
Spain : Four Moroccans die in road accident
Stockholm : Morocco urges international community to carry on support for Palestine

Sahara issue
Sahrawi children inhumanely treated in Cuba, former Cuban official
Morocco TIMES 3/31/2006 | 12:45 am
“Sahrawi children, who are sent to Cuba, followed military training and courses on making explosives,” testified one of the Cuban former officials, who made documentaries on the inhumane conditions of the Sahrawi children in Cuba, reported MAP news agency.
  Sahrawi children, who are sent to Cuba, follow tough military training and courses of making explosives. Ph: Archives.

Some former Cuban senior officials confessed that children, who were snatched from their parents in Tindouf camps and deported to Cuban “Youth Island”, endured ill-treatment.

“These children followed military training and courses on the making of explosives,” said former Cuban instructor, Dariel Alarcon.

Dariel Alarcon, known as “Benigno”, testified in a documentary entitled “Cuba and Polisario Front: crime partners” that he was in charge of making Sahrawi children, barely nine years old, undergo a military training.

Alarcon, now exiled in France, recalled boats carrying an "incredibly" high number of Sahrawi children, who later were sent to "Youth island” under military control with no hope of escaping.”

“We taught children how to make home-made explosives with such products as sugar, coffee, sulphur, and nitroglycerine,” he said, revealing that during these courses “several children were killed. Their bodies should still be buried in the island if they were not exhumed,” said Alarcon.

Juan Vives, former agent of Cuban secret services, published a documentary under the title “El Magnifico” in which he described the inhumane condition of children sent from the Polisario-controlled Tindouf camps, South-west Algeria, to the Latin American country.

In the documentary, Vives said that the Moroccan Sahrawi children were sent to schools, which were established especially for them, to follow their politically oriented studies.

“Children were obliged to work in the fields in the morning and go to school in the afternoon. Some did not cease to cry, claiming their parents. It was inhumane. Some arrived so young to Cuba that they hardly remembered from where they came. And it is very inhumane,” said Vives.

The former agent said that some young people stayed in Cuba over 12 years, admitting that his country hosted “a network of kidnapping children.”

The documentary, which indicated that 2,000 to 3,000 young Sahrawis are still in Cuba and hundreds of children are still being sent each year, talked about other abuses exerted by the Polisario, including the embezzlement of the international aids and the inhumane treatment of the Moroccan detainees in Tindouf camps.

The DVD documentary was screened during the Moroccan delegation's tour to several US cities in order to draw the attention of the American public opinion, particularly the Christian community, to the plight of the sequestered population in the camps.

During some meetings held in Trenton, New Jersey, Sarasota, Florida and Jacksonville, the members of the Moroccan delegation presented copies of this documentary to religious leaders to share it with their communities and show them the real face of the so-called Polisario.

The Moroccan delegation, composed of Saadani Maa Oulainine, Boussoula Mohammed Ebeya, Bachir Edkhil, Ali Najab and Ali Jaouhar, delivered poignant testimonies on the torture they endured during their detention in Tindouf camps.

EU-Morocco : EU considers giving Morocco 'even more advanced status', EU Commissioner
Cooperation : American association to contribute to social development in Laâyoune
France : Police arrest alleged killers of Moroccan national
Rabat : Parliament to give priority to examination of poll mode bill project
Royal activities : King launches socio-economic projects in northern Morocco
Royal activities : King inaugurates training centre in Ouezzane
Francophonie summit : Globalization with human face is what we need, King
MRE : Hassan II Foundation renews Ramadan programme
Brussels : Unexplained death of Moroccan prisoner stirs riots
Sahara issue : Mauritania advocates political, consensual solution
International police : Morocco elected member of Interpol's executive committee
Morocco-Central Africa : Third joint commission to boost economic relations
Middle East : OIC pays tribute to Moroccan king's efforts to restore peace process
China : Morocco granted 2006 Confucius Prize by UNESCO
Shantytown eradication : Over 100 slum families rehoused
Sahara issue : Morocco reiterates commitment to cooperate with UN
Parliament : Interior minister calls on candidates to present electoral expenditure lists
France : Moroccan family has difficulty in recovering body of killed relative
Cairo : Arab Parliament should unite to face conspiracies, Moroccan official
Lebanon's crisis : Lebanese magazine pays tribute to Morocco for humanitarian aid
Rabat : OADIM calls for creation of nanotechnology research centres in Arab World
Rabat : Police arrest killer of EU diplomat, wife
Tangier port : Moroccan Customs seize 1,400 kg of hashish
Religion : King calls on Pope to respect Islam
Sahara issue : NAM's final declaration backs Moroccan position
Cooperation : Romania, Morocco examine ways to boost economic relations
Sahara issue : ASEDETI offers evidence to Spanish NGOs to sue Polisario for human rights violation
Health : Morocco, better prepared to face avian flu, official
Royal activities : King sets up Higher Council for Education
Paris : Prince Moulay Rachid reiterates Moroccan support to “Alliance of Civilisations” project
Havana : Morocco reiterates commitment to NAM principles
Drug trafficking : High-ranking officials suspended
Cyber crimes : Moroccan Zotob worm designers jailed
Cooperation : Morocco occupies important place in Russian-African relations, Russian official
Cooperation : Partnership agreement for Casablanca urban development
House of Advisers : NGOs deem upper house elections 'comedy'
Cooperation : Moroccan engineers to participate in construction of Lebanon
Sahara issue : Former Canary president praises Autonomy Project
Bilateral relations : Morocco, Russia sign cooperation agreements
Royal activities : King launches several INDH projects
Casablanca : Decaying electricity pole kills 10-year-old child
Sahara issue : Moroccan politicians reaffirm resolve to settle conflict
Bilateral relations : Russia calls for developing strategic partnership with Morocco
Unemployment : Over 860 degree holders to be recruited
Bilateral relations : Morocco, Russia historical partners, Russian diplomat
Diplomacy : Portugal urges Europe to look southward
Baccalaureate leak : Fourteen people condemned
Rabat : Morocco to reinforce financial incentives for agriculture, Laenser
Bilateral cooperation : Gabon interested in Moroccan privatisation experience
Agriculture : Morocco hopes agreement with EU serves Moroccan vital interest, Moroccan Official
Military : Morocco cancels obligatory service
Royal activities : King launches road-widening works between Tangier and Tetouan
Interior Minister : Morocco resolutely committed to fighting terrorism
Elections : Voice of local collectivities' college must be heard in House of Advisers, Laenser
EU-Morocco : Over MAD 600 millions to support water sector reform in Morocco
Ourika : Violent storms cause death and damage
Terrorism : Three women arrested in 'Ansar Al Mehdi' case
Cooperation : AECI ready to negotiate partnership agreement with Morocco
ICT : AFESD grants Morocco MAD 450-million loan
Bilateral relations : Morocco, Australia determined to strengthen cooperation
Royal activities : King enquires about socio-economic projects in northern Morocco
Sahara issue : Autonomy project best solution, CORCAS president
Parliament : Moroccan army impervious to extremist ideas, Moroccan parliamentarian
Terrorism : Measures to fight terrorism in line with law, Interior Minister
Tangier port : Police seize 332 kg of cannabis resin
Immigration : Brussels recognises Morocco's efforts in managing migration flux
Terrorism : Two lawyers summoned in 'Ansar Al Mehdi' case
Parliament : House of Advisers to be renewed by third in September
Youth Day : Socio-economic projects launched in Laâyoune and Larache
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