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It all started when Mark Millar posted a comment on his offical message board claiming Jim Caviezel has signed for the role of Superman. But there was a catch, Warner Brothers. have a series of PR stunts lined up first, prior to his offical announcement.
A Day Later, and Harry knowles, of Aint It Cool fame, chimed in, saying Jim, was NOT cast, and will NEVER be cast in the role. Singer Wants an Unkown. Which one is true? who has the better insider's? Which story do you want to believe?
Well, the aim of this report is to TRY and make the picture a little clearer for you. Jim Caviezel IS signed to play Superman. However, He may not end up playing Superman. Confused? Sure you are. Let me explain.
Warner Bros. Want a great actor in the role of Superman, An actor that will not only put butt's on seats. But has at least a little talent to carry a franchise. Singer on the other hand, is more percific with his requirements then that. He wants an unknown, a great actor, and some one that has the charm, and build of Superman, but more importantly his alter ego Clark Kent.
So, when Singer came aboard Superman, he made it perfectly clear that's what he wanted. an Unkown. The studio had no problems with this, however, there was a catch. The studio insisted on a 'safe' option. in case the perfect unkown was not out there. They set there sites on Welling. And i'm informed, Singer wasn't as opposed to this idea as you may think. He actually wouldn't mind welling, if he wasn't Known already that is. But as Singer was confident, He agreed to these terms. And all set out to get Welling signed.
What follows is still, in my eyes a little un clear. I know what happens, i just can't explain fully. WHY things happen, that do. Welling, agreed to portay the man of steel on the big screen. All were happy. The stusio had there 'safe' option, and Singer could now get on with the task of finding the perfect unkown. But this is were things start to go bad. Welling never get's to sign the deal. So far all he has done is verbally agreed to the role. Why hasn't he signed? this is still one of those unclear aspects to this saga. It's believed to have somethign to do with him not willing to under go more Screen test's, and money. But who knows if this is the real answer. This is just one of many, unclear answers i got about why the deal never went through.
So, at this point, the studio has lost there 'Safe' option. while Singer is still searching for his unknown, with little luck I'm affraid. So Singer in an attempt to find his man. Turns to previous candidates. I believe this was actually somethign the studio suggested. As they were very pleased with a few of the tests that were taken durign the various projects before it. Singer does, and arranges meeting's with a few of th epast candidates ( Brandon Routh, Eion Bailey, Jim Caviezel, Henry Cavill, Sam Heughan) Singer liked what he saw from all but was not, blown away, and continued his world wide search.
At this time the studio were still looking for there 'Safe' option, and after various actors were approached, the studio narrowed it down to two males. One of which was Jim Caviezel. the other, unkown at this time. But is thought to be of a similar age, and known just as much. The studio were very happy with Caviezel, and wanted him to be there 'Safe' option. So whats the problem with that? Well Singer doesn't like the idea of him in the role. Welling he could deal with, his only real exposure has been to Clark Kent anyway. But having Caviezel, a guy that Is fairly well known, since that small Jesus movie. This he couldn't deal with. He didn't want him and to this day still doesn't. Caviezel and Singer go way back, Singer was going to cast Cavizel as Cyclops in the X men movies. However, Caviezel backed out at the last minute, and enter James Marsden. So, as Singer continued his world wide search, Warners apparently made a deal with Caviezel, a deal which stated that he was to be the 'Safe' option for the movie.
When this was revealed to Singer, apparently he and the studio were at arms. Very heated debates over the casting of Caviezel. So much so, that word was spreading around the studio that Singer may actually walk. I think that was a little blown out of proportion, but still, he wasn't happy and apparently, was set a time limit by the studio to find them a unkown. If not Caviezel will be announced as the next Man of Steel.
So where is Caviezel at the minute? Apparently the studio have him under going a make-over. They're trying to sell him to the world as their Superman and have him locked away, unable to give any comment of his involvement on the property. I was to told, they're trying to make it seem like he isn't connected. When he's really the centre of the project.
So where does this leave us? Well, Singer still is looking for his perfect unkown. The studio have a guy in place to don the tights in case plan A fails. So the way the movie will end up is like this. We will have either an unkown, or Cavizel. No middle ground. No semi famous guy. It's either an unkown or Cavizel. So is Mark Millar wrong? No, he's actually right on this matter. Is Harry Knowles wrong? No, although he's only being fed half the story by his insiders. My guess, his sources are close to the production. And are trying to not let the cat out of the bag as they're for the unkown angle in the hope Caviezel will just go away. 
At this moment in time, casting is very much up in the air. For the lead anyway. So it could go either way. If Singer fails to find this perfect unkown that we all hope for, we will have Caviezel in the role come next summer. However Singer may surprise, us, and the studio. And pull a perfect unkown out of the blue. Here's hoping. Later

Superman Returns
Summer, 2006