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Live the Legend

"A little Disneyland"
- The Independent


The swashbuckling adventures of Robin Hood have inspired story tellers for more than 700 years. From medieval minstrels to Hollywood movies, audience's imaginations continue to be captured by the world's most infamous and endearing outlaw.

Today, at The Tales of Robin Hood, you are invited to enter a world of mystery and merriment, where legend and adventure lives on.for Robin.

Nottingham - Our style is legendary

Robin Hood

Are you brave enough to join the adventure?

Nottingham's most popular tourist attraction 'The Tales of Robin Hood' is just a two minute walk from The Castle - making it an ideal full or half day experience for families, schools and tourist groups.

Enter our dark and romantic world, and, experience medieval life, legend and adventure. Flee through the forest to escape the evil Sheriff and jump on the magical travel back in time ride to join in the quest

Are you brave enough to try your hand at...

'Travel back in time' Adventure ride

'Silver Arrow Trail' Detective game

'Shoot the Sheriff' Archery practice

Children at the Tales of Robin Hood
'Storytelling' and 'Living History'  Workshops

'The Case for Robin Hood' Cinema


'Falconry Displays'  in the centre or Castle grounds

'Knights and Nobles'  Brass Rubbings