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Princess Anne has had two husbands. Each of her husbands is a Cinderella and both of them became Cinderellas during their Cinderella Time.

Princess Anne's first husband was Mark Anthony Phillips and he had the Venus-Chiron Cinderella Transit when he married her. Below is a CAC showing this. The planets in black represent the positions of the planets when he was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when he married the Princess.


Transits for Phillips on 11/14/73



You probably noticed that we drew in two blue lines and marked both of them as Cinderella Transits. In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we explained that there was another Cinderella Transit besides the ones we have already discussed. A Cinderella Transit occurs when Pluto makes a MAGIcal angle to Chiron, or when Chiron makes a MAGIcal angle to Pluto. This transit is actually the most powerful Cinderella Transit but it is also the most rare so we did not bring it to your attention until now. In the section on the Astrology of Sports on this website, you can see how powerful this transit can be in creating Cinderellas in sports. Here we see its power in creating Cinderellas through marriage. Prince Philip who married Queen Elizabeth had this Cinderella Transit on his wedding day. You should all be happy about this because you now have another set of times to become Cinderella. But the Chiron-Pluto Cinderella Transit is so rare that some of us go through our whole lives without ever having this transit.

We have been explaining that Magi Astrology is consistent. This would mean that the Chiron-Pluto linkage must also be a Cinderella Linkage. It is. But here again, this is the rarest Cinderella Linkage. As it turns out, Princess Anne forms this linkage with Mark Phillips and also forms the Venus-Chiron Cinderella Linkage. Below is their CAC with the black planets representing the positions of the planets when Mark Phillips was born and the red planets representing the positions of the planets when Princess Anne was born.

CAC of Phillips with Princess Anne

Finally, we come to Timothy Laurence who is Princess Anne's second husband. The two of them do not have any Cinderella Linkages. This is the only exception in this family. But he had three Cinderella Transits when he married the Princess on 12/12/1992. This means the rule of the Cinderella Transit worked on every person that married into Queen Elizabeth's family. Every one of them had at least one Cinderella Transit when any of them married one of Queen Elizabeth's children.

Below is the CAC showing Laurence's three Cinderella Transits on his wedding day. The black planets represent the positions of his planets when he was born and the red ones represent the positions of the planets in the sky on the day he married Princess Anne and became a Cinderella.

Transits for Laurence on 12/12/1992

Three Cinderella Transits created a very powerful Cinderella Time for Laurence and he became a Cinderella.


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