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November 24, 2006

Turn out the lights, Longhorn fans, the party's over.

Look at it this way, Longhorn fan. At least you can unload those Big 12 Championship Game tickets on some unsuspecting Sooner honk. He'll pay a premium price. You know how those people are. They're cut from the same cloth you are. In other words, they're hayseeds. They'll thank you for fleecing them. Think of the sawbucks you're going to make. Me? I'm going to try and convince Fred M. Faour to send me to KC anyway. If I play my cards right, I'll be at the front of the line at Stroud's on Sunday having the fried chicken and rolls.

I'm sure you've been saving up for that big bowl game in Phoenix. Hey, Phoenix is expensive in the winter. Now you can spend it on something else. Buy something for the little lady. Something for the kid, too. You can get that lube job on the Impala you've been putting off. Your Longhorns may be headed to the Cotton Bowl, and that's a cheap trip.

I don't know how much the balance of power shifted from Austin to College Station Friday afternoon when the Aggies beat the Longhorns 12-7. Mack Brown will still get players and still win games. But this victory was huge for Dennis Franchione. After one-point losses to OU and Nebraska, his Aggies finally had a breakthrough. This victory will spawn others.

It's not just that they did it. It's how they did it. The Aggies ground out 244 rushing yards against the best rush defense in the country. The Longhorns had been allowing 42 yards a game on the ground. They forced four turnovers. They lost a lead and then got it back with a 9-minute, 88-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

The thing seemed to be headed elsewhere when Coach Fran got clever and tried a reverse late in the third quarter with a 6-0 lead. Those of us who've urged him to loosen up had to shut our yaps. He did loosen up, and the result was a Kerry Franks fumble that the Longhorns turned into a 7-6 lead.

All that play did was set up Fran's finest moment in four seasons at Texas A&M.; The Aggies put together an amazing drive that ate up more than half the fourth quarter. It was a 16-play, 88-drive beauty that ended with Stephen McGee's eight-yard touchdown run.

That was that. Things got ugly late in the game when A&M; DL Kellen Heard was ejected for a late hit on Colt McCoy. Moments later, McCoy was knocked out on a borderline hit.

This was a victory Fran badly needed. His program had turned a corner of sorts, but after one-point losses to Nebraska and OU, it was hard to spot progress in defeat. This one was something that can be measured, something that will ripple through the program. All of a sudden, Aggies love their Coach Fran.

UT fans being classy and all, I expect them to start jumping off the jump any minute now. Either that, or there'll be the usual calls for Greg Davis or Gene Chizik to be fired. This game began in front of Forty Acres of empty seats. As a Teasip friend pointed out, ''That's what happen when you lose to Kansas State.''

Posted by Richard at November 24, 2006 11:09 AM


"Firing him remains one of the worst mistakes the Aggies have made."
You are soooo right!!!

Posted by: txaggie76 at November 24, 2006 11:40 AM

Are you kidding me Fran? Mack Brown has 3 timeouts and does not use any of them because he knows you will run the ball to run out the clock. Same old c#@p, get some balls and run a play action pass at least once. I could coach against this moron. Please fire this wuss and get a real coach, and yes, my comments would be the same even if they can find a way to win this afternoon.

Posted by: txag93 at November 24, 2006 12:31 PM


Maybe next year it'll be No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Texas A&M.;

Posted by: rick roberts at November 24, 2006 01:05 PM

if i was mack, i'd call the end around to pat padgett.

Posted by: st. mojo at November 24, 2006 01:22 PM

Where was this deffense last week when we needed it, when Colt went down?

Posted by: Matt at November 24, 2006 01:33 PM

Babino showing some emotion, thats not something we normally see from Texas. It's a welcomed sight though

Posted by: Jessie M at November 24, 2006 01:33 PM

It's 1:39 and Greg Davis still .... ! They had a good thing going with the I formation runs and then he goes out and does stupid crap. Please retire Greg.

Posted by: DR at November 24, 2006 01:40 PM

The Astros sign Carlos Lee so everything is going to be Okay!

Posted by: steve at November 24, 2006 01:51 PM

i think that javorski lane feller has jerome bettis in one hip pocket and jamal lewis in the other. he's a big 'un.

Posted by: st. mojo at November 24, 2006 01:58 PM

if it werent for VY, Mack would still be without a conference championship. He is just an awful coach. great recruiter, but terrrible gameday coach.

Posted by: max tan at November 24, 2006 01:59 PM



Posted by: max tan at November 24, 2006 02:01 PM

Texas gets LUCKY?

Blogs are challenging the integrity of journalism.

Posted by: Jessie M at November 24, 2006 02:13 PM

Colt McCoy's injury is Mack's fault for leaving an injured player in the game.

Now... time for the excuses!

Posted by: Mark '07 at November 24, 2006 02:23 PM

Are we going to hear from Mcmeekin this week? Great game Ags! Let's go Sooners

Posted by: texag93 at November 24, 2006 02:24 PM

Francione is a disgrace to coaching and it is reflected in the play of his players. He stabbed Alabama in the back and his players play dirty football. A&M; has nothing to be proud of today.

Posted by: E at November 24, 2006 02:25 PM

the only firing today were the horns shooting themselves in the foot in the redzone or the bad PI in the endzone that took away a Longhorn TD.

a&m; still has a long way to go, but if fran still loses 2 out of 3 to texas, ou, and tech, his job is still in jeopardy.

Posted by: Rene at November 24, 2006 02:28 PM

Justice, you are a great prognosticator, how many Aggie games have you watched this year. McGee doe not crumble at the end of the game, it is the defense. Thankfully, they finally ppulled out a win.

Posted by: texag93 at November 24, 2006 02:29 PM

"For a short while, it looked like Coach Fran might finally win a big game. Now falling behind by a point, look for the Aggies to crumble."

Nice Call. Wrong. But easy to go out on a limb with the 11th ranked team in the nation taking the lead and assuming it's over.

Turkey on thursday, and crow on Friday. Enjoy the meal...

Good win for the Ags.

Posted by: C Guerrero at November 24, 2006 02:37 PM

I'm an Aggie and I was very happy to see us win. But, I do hope coach Fran hands Heard his ... for that hit on McCoy. That type of play is something you see at Miami. It has no place in sports and better not be tolerated.
Great win for the Aggies. now where do we go for a bowl game?

Posted by: brian at November 24, 2006 02:37 PM


Posted by: phil at November 24, 2006 02:38 PM

What's the matter Richard too many tears in your eyes you can't update anymore? I dislike both schools but, UT fans are the worst. They all act like it is their birth rite to win the National Championship every year. Yet they have as many NCs in the past 30 years as BYU and Clemson. Now maybe they will quiet down, Mr. Justice included. Looks like only UH will be conference Champions in Texas

Posted by: James at November 24, 2006 02:46 PM

Wow... what an afternoon!

As a Texas A&M; Former Student (Class of 86) and die-hard Astros fan, I couldn't have asked for more.

There I am glued to the TV and watching the Ags run through Texas in the 4th quarter for a big win. (I won't call it an upset because all Aggies expect to win that game every year.) Then I see a blurb on the crawler that the Astros signed Carlos Lee !

Hopefully it was no more than a 6 / 90 deal. The crawler said 6 / 100 but Ortiz' article states 6 / 90.

I think the deal will be worth it at least over the next three years, hopefully longer. The fact is, Berkman's a bigger injury risk than Carlos Lee.

With Lee in the middle of the lineup, Luke Scott and Mike Lamb just got better.

I bet Andy Pettitte starts missing baseball tonight. And the Rocket notices a spring in his step and starts to believe there's one more CY trophy with his name on it.

Gig 'em Aggies.

Posted by: Armando at November 24, 2006 02:53 PM

Now comes the test of the Aggies' character. The guy, who was kicked out of the game, who malicioulsly hit McCoy on his injured shoulder, long after the play and along the sidelines, needs to be expelled from the university immediately. It was a premeditated assault intended to cause serious injury. That thug is an embarassment to the Big 12, not just A&M.;

Posted by: JB at November 24, 2006 02:55 PM

Of course I'm happy about the outcome....but I'm still disappointed in the A&M; coaching. More specifically infractions on A&M;'s side of the ball that resulted in lack of discipline penalties (personal foul, illegal motion, lining up off-side, etc.) that could have cost the game.

I know a number of the penalties negated either 1st downs, good yardage gains, or gave t.u. additional life.

Bottom line: the coaching should still be under review

Posted by: Ag '81 at November 24, 2006 03:01 PM

I still think Franchione should go, although that's unlikely to happen now. Today's win was a nothing less than a miracle, and that's precisely the problem.

Miracles can't be counted on to happen very often.

Personally I'd rather see a tough, competitive football program in College Station than an occasional win over our cross state rival, no matter how gratifying that might be. I'd rather see a program that can compete for the national title every year than one that's an after thought in the Big 12.

I hardly think such lofty expectations are a pipe dream. The Aggies were perennial contenders in the late 90's when I went to school there.

The Aggies after four years under Franchione are nowhere near even competing for a national title much less winning one. They are the epitome of mediocre.

Posted by: DirkDiggler at November 24, 2006 04:15 PM

Richard - Well the Astros may have overspent (alot), but they did finally pull the trigger! Carlos Lee and Woody Williams - it's a good day to be an Astros fan!!!! Nice job to both Timmy P. and Drayton - they did good!

Posted by: Bobzilla at November 24, 2006 04:22 PM

You are kidding about the empty seats, right?

JB. I notice the UT did not take any action on Kelson after his hit on Klatt last year when UT was up 70-3. The A&M; kid was ejected and will probably sit out the bowl game. Standard fare no matter where you are.

Posted by: jim at November 24, 2006 04:30 PM


The Astros signed Carlos Lee AND Woody Williams? Way. To. GO. Nice one Tim P. and Drayton.

I can hardly believe Drayton signed a 5 year $90 mil deal with some guy he doesn't know...or anyone else for that matter. He really has guts to do that.

Oh wait. This is the "journalist" that pimps the line about how cheap Drayton is, how he won't spend money, how underpaid everyone is at the Astros, etcetera - the guy that doesn't think he has a responsibility to report what he sees when he goes to spring training. Even though Drayton McLane is without doubt the best owner the Astros have ever had or will have in the future. Got us a new stadium, brought Clemens, a World Series...oh never mind.

Sorry Richard, didn't mean to interrupt your delusions. Please post up a new blog about how cheap Drayton is. Or how he's going to make money off this. Or how he's cynically manipulating the fans. Or something. Hey why not dream up some new trade "order" or something, get yourself on ESPN again? That'll work.

It just won't be true. No worries though, you've never let that bother you before.

Richard when Pettitte signs what are you going to say about the whole "retirement" thing? Does it bother you at all that that is a lie?

And Richard, you haven't been 'ripped' by me yet. I haven't said what I really think about your nonsense. Being called on your lies, sensationalism and false reporting isn't being ripped - its called accountability.

Posted by: Dwilkers at November 24, 2006 04:34 PM

Justice, After reading this blog I was surprised to learn you're a journalist for the Chronicle and not some puerile fanboy. I suppose you are an alumnus to stoop to baseless vituperations...although Lopez is an alumnus and he manages to maintaine his professionalism.

The Ags won today, and bully for them. After the longhorns manage only one (okay, 2 really) touchdown at home versus an anemic team like A&M;, those who call for Greg Davis' firing have a very defensible position.

And here's hoping that Colt McCoy is okay and that the Ag's #91 (wasn't he the one kicked out of the game?) sits out the rest of the year at the least.

Now back to your puerile, tribal stereotyping...

Posted by: Matt, in Spring at November 24, 2006 04:46 PM

McCoy has a serious injury. He was hurt in the K State game. Anyone could see today he couldn't throw.

Not to take anything from the Ags- they beat Texas up- but McCoy needs to be kept out of action for a month or so. No point in permanent injury in this season.

Thats football- you can't play well if you are hurt- no matter how tough you are-

Posted by: zanegrey at November 24, 2006 04:47 PM


The most satisfying thing about this win is hearing Mack Brown whine about the "dirty" hits the Aggies put on Colt McCoy. You don't hear anybody on the A&M; side complaining about the hits that UT put on McGee.

Bottom line: UT played SOFT and failed to bring the intensity.

Posted by: jb at November 24, 2006 04:55 PM

I have mixed alliances - my nephew goes to A&M; and my second son (VY) just graduated from Texas. :) But I'll have to say that while A&M; did a great job against Texas, the last two hits on Colt McCoy really left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to A&M.;

I don't understand why Mack Brown didn't ask for a review on the pass interference call in the end zone and I don't understand putting in Colt or leaving him in when he obviously didn't have the strength in his arm to throw well. Actually, I don't understand going for it on fourth and one in the first quarter. Get some points on the board!

Beyond that the defense in the first quarter looked so weak. You can understand it on that long drive the Aggies had in the fourth - any defense would wear down that long on the field. But they sure didn't look like last year. Did Vince spur them on as well? Something was missing.

Despite all the weakness from the Longhorns, they still would have won if they had gotten their TD that was negated by the pass interference call. Talk about robbed - and cheap shotted!

Posted by: jshuler43 at November 24, 2006 04:55 PM

Ooooohhhh sorry about that Longhorn fans. Ya still gotta be able to stop em' when ya gottem. With all that crying we're gonna hear in the near future, Texas resevoirs should be filled to the top!!!! Way to go Aggies. And I aint even an Aggie fan. Oh, and about that rematch with the Buckeyes? See ya next year. Yea baby!

Posted by: Matt at November 24, 2006 05:02 PM

" There I am glued to the TV and watching the Ags run through Texas in the 4th quarter for a big win. (I won't call it an upset because all Aggies expect to win that game every year.) "

Expect to win the game? lay down the cult pipe, unless you are brainwashed, you should never expect to win a game. that is why they play them. to the person who made a comment about byu, clemson and ut mnc's in the last 30 yrs. why askew history? Texas is a 4 time MNC winner. if you feel like starting history 30 yrs ago, then a&m; has as many mnc's as tech and baylor.

Posted by: Rene at November 24, 2006 05:13 PM

That last hit on McCoy was a cheap shot? I think you are looking for a reason to get angry -- that is a clean hit no matter how you slice it. Just because McCoy was hurt does not make it a dirty play.

Posted by: travis at November 24, 2006 05:27 PM

Yea, Aggs really whooped up on the Horns with that terrible penalty call taking away a Texas TD. Ags-you tell me that was offensive pass interference. Officials also botched the Quan Cosby catch.

Texas fans will give excuses cause they had a TD taken away on a TERRIBLE penalty call. Score should have been 14-12.

Pretty ugly win Ags, but as a Horn fan, I'd prefer Francione stick around for 5 more years. Our success against him has been sickening. I'll take a page from the Aggie fan book and chalk this up as a moral victory for Texas. Fran for 5 more years!


Posted by: Texas 35th at November 24, 2006 05:32 PM

As a UT fan and student, we did not deserve to win, and didn't. The Aggies played a good game in that respect. However, the offensive pass interference was total BS. Also, I don't want to hear about "dirty hits" on McGee. Seemed like he was doing alright to me. Also, whomever that #4 is, that was not cool. I understand that stuff happens during the game, it's the nature of football. What bothered me was how cocky he was IMMEDIATELY after the play happened. While Colt was down on the field for what seemed like 10 minutes, this athlete was dancing around being an @$$. I understand being happy that you're about to knock off UT, but be classy, jerk. Show some of that class and get off the field and quit acting up while Colt's down, show just an ounce of remorse, then finish the game and THEN if you must celebrate. Either way...

the Astros finally grew some/Timmy P. finally grew some. Congrats big guy.

Posted by: Chris B at November 24, 2006 05:54 PM

Texas 35th,

Are you kidding me?

It is about time the refs called Sweed for interference, the kid has been doing the entire season.

Go watch the replay, Sweed clearly pushes the A&M; defensive back IN THE FACEMASK to create separation right before he makes the play.

Posted by: Ron S. at November 24, 2006 06:02 PM

Great win for the Aggies, however, I am a little disappointed. Sort of destroyed the UT bowl matchup with Boise State I was anticipating.

Couldn't happen to a better (Mack) person.

Posted by: Big Ben at November 24, 2006 06:02 PM

I've hitched the A&M; bandwagon to my old F-150 and will be picking up all of the fake tu t-shirt fans during the weekend if they care to hop on. A&M; t-shirts will be at your own expense.


Posted by: Aggie in Phoenix at November 24, 2006 06:02 PM

Here we go with all the excuses. A loss is a loss, suck it up and deal with it horns. Yes, it was a cheap shot. I am sure he was thinking I have a shot to hit the QB after an interception, but it was sickening none the less. Don't think Ag fans like what they see in the discipline of Frannie's players because, as a whole, they are terrible in that department.

Now, back to the whining. If t.u. is as great as John Lopez and all the other sips thought they were, then you would not be on this blog pining about a pass interference call that could have gone either way, it just so happened that Sweed was the last one to push and got caught. Even still, being a home game for t.u. I thought that call would go for t.u. One or two calls don't make a game and the Ags ran all over your national rushing defense. It wasn't pretty, but what Ag win has been this year.

Posted by: texag93 at November 24, 2006 06:05 PM

As an Aggies fan, Heard's hit on McCoy should not have happened. Heard got ejected and there will be more to it than that. I propose that Heard not be allowed to play until Colt is 100%. Heard should take a special interest in McCoy's rehab. Bennett's hit was legal and clean. Unfortunately it aggravated an existing injury. Here's hoping Colt is okay. He and McGee have at least two more face-offs, and it should be real interesting. Great win for the Aggs. Horn fans will whine like we do, when we don't win. I vote to keep Fran and let these kids play out under out under one system. To change will delay their best for two years. Stay the course.

Posted by: Terry at November 24, 2006 06:06 PM

I've said it all along. We cannot fire Fran right now. I understand if you don't agree with his play calling, but you cannot deny the fact that the team believes in him and in each other. To me, that reflects the leadership of the team, starting with the head coach. This A&M; team is the first true "team" I have seen in awhile. Give the man his due.

And to you Longhorns, I hope that Heard is penalized for the next game and I would assume that most Aggies would agree. It was uncalled for and classless, and I hope Colt gets better. I don't apologize for other's actions, but I do not condone or approve of them either.

Posted by: JG at November 24, 2006 06:14 PM

Texas 35th, you are the epitome of what we expect from the almighty shorthorns whining why you should have won. Get over it, sorry loser. That call could have gone either way.

Posted by: texag93 at November 24, 2006 06:15 PM

The comments about the PI on Sweed are laughable. He put his hand on Gorrer's facemask and that's going to be called every time. The buffoons in the booth didn't catch it, but he studio guys did. It was an easy call for the official. The person who should answer for Colt McCoy's situation is his head coach. That was a cowardly thing to do leaving him out there. He was obviously not right and to put your own interests above the safety of a young man like that is cowardly.

Posted by: Ag at November 24, 2006 06:19 PM

Great game today!

In the end, it was much as I suspected it would be ... The Aggies were simply too big, too strong and too fast for UT. It especially showed late in the second half, when they started pushing the Longhorns around big time. The 'Horns seriously looked like they were ready to collapse (physically) with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

It has been a long time since we saw the back sides of those burnt orange jerseys filled with grass stains!

Stephen looked sharp all day while Colt looked like a deer in the headlights.

So now we have 12 months to ENJOY. Come next year at this time, Kyle Field will be a madhouse as the Longhorns look to reclaim bragging rights.

Gig 'em!

Posted by: Jeff Jones at November 24, 2006 06:21 PM

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Guess the poor Longhorns have never benefitted from a "questionable call", nope, can't think of one. Forget the fact that your run defense took 4 quarters off, or that lifeguard Colt was throwing punts to the Ags, you were robbed, nothing more. Texas Longhorns: Martyrs of the College Football World, sounds like a tear jerker. And jshuler43, you can't review pass interference calls, guess ol' VY didn't get his football smarts from daddy.

Posted by: B. Frost at November 24, 2006 06:28 PM

the aggies finally got lucky and beat the Horns. of course, they'll have to throw a few bucks to the ref that stole Limas Sweed's touchdown..The bright side of this loss is that it saved Franchi's job, which is great news for the Horns because that dude is lame.. I hope you Aggies enjoy your early xmas gift because its going to have to last yall another 6 years.

Posted by: Bart at November 24, 2006 06:32 PM

Beat you and broke your quaterback...the thing I love most about beating Texas is listening to your little sissy coach make excuses.

Posted by: Matthew at November 24, 2006 06:34 PM

What a glorious game!

Posted by: Ken at November 24, 2006 06:42 PM

Actually I take that back the thing I like most about beating Texas is watching all those lame bandwagon fans that jumped on right before the national championship game last year jump off. Pick a team and root for it forever!!!!! It takes dedication to be a true fan. I expect I will see less Longhorn shirts at work on Monday. And I still think Mack Brown is the worst coach ever...get a life Texas fans...or should I say band wagoners???

Posted by: Matthew at November 24, 2006 06:45 PM

Sips can never lose a game without some excuse it's just part of their persona.

The truth is they got manhandled at the LOS today. Physically they were beat up.

Heard is no thug. He could of cleaned McCoy much worse than that. There is a lot of emotion going on out there and the Ags had lost two back to back one point heart breakers. They have lost all three games this year by failing to make a key stop. I promise you they were pumped up and Heard was too. Anyone who knows Heard knows he is a class class kid. Did he get carried away with the moment?Yea. Trying to cheap shot? McCoy. No. In fact the only uproar is that it is McCoy. Of course t-sips have a habit of thinking that some how their QBs should be treated like diety. Sorry dudettes, this is football and the more physical team won today and deserved it.

Oh and the Ags had 90 yds in penalties against them verse 40 for the sips. Sweed pushed off the face mask. Plain and simple, it's a penalty. Period. Funny you guys got a call like that against KU a couple of years ago and it was much more questionable than that. Sips crying about bad calls from referees makes me smile, should we say "Hyporcitical"! Probably

Posted by: GB at November 24, 2006 06:46 PM

In your comments, you mention that A&M; had fallen behind Texas and OU in its facilities and was losing recruits because of it. This ultimately contributed to RC's dismissal. I would like to see a piece written explaining just what this means, because I have never understood it.

Maybe it's just me, but does having better facilites mean bikini-clad girls serving iced tea during practice? Seriously, I just don't believe that when a player is lifting a 200-pound barbell over his head in the weight room, he looks around and thinks how nicely the couches are upholstered.

I attended A&M; in the late 60's to early 70's when Gene Stallings was the coach. The football players even then had a better dorm, better food, better medical care, easier academics, etc. than regular students. Except for 1967, when they lost their first 4 games and then won 6 straight to win the SWC, they won 3 to 5 games a year.

My dorm was more than 40 years old, non-air conditioned. I slept on an iron-frame bunk bed and had a naked light bulb hanging down from the ceiling in my room. It was a prison, but I didn't really notice at the time, and I still got my engineering degree.

So what is it about the facilities that determines how good your football team is? I just really want to know. Thanks.

Posted by: Jim at November 24, 2006 06:54 PM



Posted by: mece3400 at November 24, 2006 06:55 PM

The Aggies are a bunch of dirty cheap shot artists.

Exhibit A: Kellen Heard.

Posted by: Andrew at November 24, 2006 06:56 PM


7 points vs AGGY? Disgraceful.

Honeymoon from winning the MNC is OVER MACK! Back to back pathetic performances against bad football teams, Aggy and KSU.

There is no excuse for that. NONE

Maybe Miami can lure mack away and UT can get a coach who doesnt need the greatest player in College Football history on his roster to win his ONLY conference championship.

Mack is a nice guy and a great recruiter, although I could do without some of the criminals he brings in.

Posted by: UT98 at November 24, 2006 07:01 PM

T sipper's are whining, and it is just the begining of the downhill journy


Posted by: mece3400 at November 24, 2006 07:18 PM

What an incredible day to be an Aggie and Astro fan! (Now, if only the Texans can follow suit on Sunday...I'll be elated). I will say this...we really wore their defense down BIG TIME. That last drive showed they were beaten and overmatched.
Now, if only we can take this win and grow into next year. It looks as though we will have alot of our major players back next year. It should be VERY interesting. My expectation is for them to go 11-0 or at the worst, 10-1. The Ags playing for the National Championship next year is not out of the question. Goodson is really really good; and Lane is the second coming of "the Bus".
Finally...that hit by Heard is not the type thing that any Ag I know would ever condone. I say...send that kid back to Miami where he belongs. YES INDEED.. My AGS and Stros definitely had a GREAT DAY!!! I know many of you will agree. Gig Em and Go Texans on Sunday!!!

Posted by: KP at November 24, 2006 07:21 PM

amazing how for the past 6 years aggies didn't make excuses.

pooooooooooooor aggies
pooooooooooooor aggies

classless as expected. our injured starting QB who beat nebraska, tech, and ou lost to aggie today, yeah aggie is way better. i mean, they beat those same teams the horns did. i guess i will drown in my sorrows by watching the rose bowl, you know, the one where the horns became NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

Posted by: Rene at November 24, 2006 07:37 PM

Andrew: "A bunch of cheap shot artists"? Kellen Heard is one player, dude. I would hardly say he did anything with malicious intent. It's easy not to mention that on that play, McCoy was intercepted -- the second that happens, you're fair game for being blocked. Heard got carried away, yes, but in an emotional environment, anticipating making a play, don't condemn the kid for having intentions that you're all but assuming of him.

Please. You want to see thugs? There are no doubt some kids in the Miami program who showed that they fit that bill. What Heard did would be extremely forgettable if ESPN and Longhorn Nation didn't fawn over Colt McCoy and annoint him as the next best thing since VY. Seriously, if Heard had blocked a lineman who then fell to the ground after the play, would anyone have cared or perhaps even noticed?

Posted by: travis at November 24, 2006 07:41 PM

Just one word...SCOREBOARD!!!

Been waiting too long for that one! Take your medicine all of you bandwagon t-sipper fans. For the real tu fans...we'll see you again next year, so get ready for College Station!

Posted by: Ag92 at November 24, 2006 07:52 PM

Boo Hoo UT98

Go grab a set of balls and shut up.

Back-to-back losses to bad football teams?

I might not be an expert, but if that's the case...and you're losing to bad football teams at home, then that makes YOU a bad football team.

Curl up with whatever makes you feel comfortable fool, Whorns lose!

Posted by: Agswin01 at November 24, 2006 07:59 PM

I love hearing Horns fans whining! Stop complaining, your team lost. Colt McCoy for Heisman......Not!

Posted by: Randy in CV at November 24, 2006 07:59 PM

Let me preface this post with the following: I enjoy good college football games from all around the country. In general don't care for either one of these schools, mostly because of both schools' overly obnoxious and arrogant fan bases. That being said:

GB, Heard's hit was EXTREMELY thuglike! His season should be finished. If he ever does it again, his college career should be over. He should get a second chance on a VERY short leash. (Bennett's hit was legal, but as Bob Griese mentioned, college football does a much poorer job of protecting its quarterback than the pros.)

Also, what was McCoy doing back on the field after Heard's cheap shot laid him out? I bet Coach Brown acknowledges this fact later this week. If he doesn't, he loses a lot a my respect as a coach. In fact, it looked as if McCoy really shouldn't even had been out there for the whole game. Can anyone else give an objective viewpoint on this?

Overall, Texas knew what A&M; was going to do and still couldn't stop them when it mattered most. Both teams had their chances, and the Aggies cashed in on theirs while the Longhorns did not. Should be a good game next year.

Posted by: MRM at November 24, 2006 08:02 PM

You have to love all the sip crying tonight I hope you guys like San Antonio.

Posted by: agsforever at November 24, 2006 08:20 PM

As neither a Longhorn nor Aggie, let me just say, most of you people are pathetic. On one hand, you've got so-called Longhorn fans turning on their coach after an incredible run and a national championship. Then, on the other-hand, you've got so-called Aggie fans still criticizing Fran after a monumental win in A&M;'s attempt to return to national power status. I think Chris B's post about the Longhorns not deserving to win was just about the only logical post I read.

Texas fans, just remember last year AND a 9-3 season this year and be happy. A&M; fans, dwell on finally ending a 6-game losing streak to your bitter rivals and BE HAPPY!

Posted by: Ken at November 24, 2006 08:32 PM

coulda woulda shoulda....only in austin!

All this self righteous klatt trap from texas? Ha! Just makes this victory sweeter. And the best statistic of the horns year.....one loaded nine millimeter and a bag of marijuana equals not enough evidence. Guess that one used up the kitty this year so the officials couldn't get any for once. Whooooooop!

Posted by: phil at November 24, 2006 08:38 PM

standing in the student section at the game, after some initial whining on the offensive pass interference, it died down when one of the UT students was like...he's been pushing off all year, it was bound to get called, granted, he had done worse, but he pushes off...stop crying about that call, he clearly shoved the db in the face to get seperation, honestly, had he not been shoving, he could have leaped up and grabbed the pass on his own.

Kellen Heard is a classless idiot on and off the field, he does a piss poor job of representing aggies.

Posted by: Greg at November 24, 2006 08:45 PM

The Heard hit was wrong, but it wasn't unreasonable. After the ball was intercepted he had every right to lay a bell ringing block on Colt. It should have been a late hit nothing more.

Posted by: Brian S. at November 24, 2006 08:50 PM

colt mccoy is not over rated apparently the stinger was worse then they thought he really dindt look good out there...but the aggies stuck to their game plan and won... i dont understand how texas went from one of the best defenses last year to one of the worst this year... even with the running defense the whole thing besides the offense was overrated... colt for heisman next year baby im starting the hype now :)

Posted by: adam ivy at November 24, 2006 09:04 PM

Ahhh sips making excuses I think I have heard that before....like everytime you lose. The thing I like the most is right after tu won the championship all I see is burnt orange around town...did any of you people actually go to school at tu? NO!!!! Well this has been one of the most gratifying moments ever I love it when anyone beats tu..the only thing I like more...beating texas tech...are there any worse fans in football? I think tu and A&M; fans can agree on that.

Posted by: Matthew at November 24, 2006 09:04 PM

ok after reading some of these comments there is a reason why i hate most aggies.... its a game and for some of you to be happy that heard or whatever his name is to cheap shot mccoy and hurt him that is just pathetic, come on now... and mack didnt make excuses he straight up said that the aggies played better and won the game... now at least the longhorns arent saying that they lost because they just ran out of time like the aggies alllllllways say...and dont get all up and ready to contend for a ship because you beat UT 1 time in the past 7 years...

Posted by: adam at November 24, 2006 09:10 PM

"The Aggies are a bunch of dirty cheap shot artists.

Exhibit A: Kellen Heard."

"Artists" is plural form, meaning more than one. Then you only have an "Exhibit A". Funny...

I'm proud of my Ags today. They played physical football for 60 minutes, which all stems from the leaders on this team like McGee, Harrington, and Dodge. Great win. Gig em!

Posted by: Greg at November 24, 2006 09:25 PM

yep, that's sips I know and love. Cry cry cry. You got pounded, out physicaled on the LOS. Only one trick play by the Ags that led to tu's only score.

When the game was on the line the Ags took the ball and shoved it where the son don't shine the whole length of the field and stuffed in the end zone. That was dominate football.

No, no sips. Bend over and take your beating like a man! Considering that your are graduating 26 seniors and 12 starters off this team and the Ags lose 4 starters, you better get ready for it again next year.

Posted by: GB at November 24, 2006 09:44 PM

"Mack is a nice guy and a great recruiter, although I could do without some of the criminals he brings in."

stop acting like a hornfan, you aggy.

texas players haven't been arrested for near the crap aggie players have.

one decade of winning and they used fedex and forced the game away from thanksgiving day. today they won by a TD taken away.

aggy has a long way to go.

pooooor longhorns means nothing, you know why? because it is OUR TRADITION, get your own. keep jizz jar, we like mnc's

Posted by: oscar b. at November 24, 2006 09:46 PM

The future looked terrific for the Longhorns on that day,
They looked to beat the Aggies, and of them make some hay.

But Goodson ran for 41, and Colt's passes looked real lame,
The orange-clad crowd in Austin began to feel some pain.

And then Mac Brown removed his shades and Bevo cut a fart,
McCoy he then did leave the field, prone on a John Deere cart.

The Aggie Band let out a cheer and played their old War Hymn,
The Longhorn crowd looked to the sky wishin Vince could come back in.

But Vince was up in Nashville and Earl no longer plays;
And Ricky's up in Canada toking reefer every day.

So upon the 40 acres, a melancholy did set in,
Even down on Sixth Street, the drunks would not drink gin.

Earl and Ricky and swift-footed Vince,
Could not come to save the day.
Even Darrell Royal had to admit,
"The Longhorns got outplayed."

And when the game was over,
Grown men in Austin wept.
The Tower did not glow orange,
But no one leapt to death.

Most of the teasips went on home,
They sat to have a beer.
They pulled out last year's Rose Bowl tape,
Which they always keep real near.

They watched as Vincent ran the field,
And praised Coach Mac once more.
Then they grabbed the tequila,
Muttering quietly, "Nevermore."

"Next year we'll whup the Aggies
"Colt should be good by then.
"Next year we'll go their house,
"Run up the score again."

But tonight is just for drinkin,
And lickin Longhorn wounds.
Next year we'll go to Kyle Field,
And leave it wrecked and ruined.

Posted by: banjo jones at November 24, 2006 09:54 PM

Hahahahahahaha, ah ha ha ha ha.....I knew the longhorns stunk all along. Time for those recruits to come to UH, we appreciate the Christmas gift, and we are thankful for every longhorn loss. LOL

GO COOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: UHStudentBody at November 24, 2006 10:04 PM

Gig 'em Aggies

Posted by: smarts at November 24, 2006 10:22 PM

For those of you acknowledging the classless, dangerous and extremely cheap shot by Heard: I appreciate the fact there are some human beings out there amongst the Longhorn and Aggie masses.

For those of you STILL defending the play: the "play" wasn't a "play" at all! It was AFTER THE INTERCEPTION PLAY HAD ENDED! That's why he was ejected - otherwise, it would have been a simple block in the back on the return (the hit came from the back and side). That's why he was immediately ejected. So no more defense of this "play" with talk about emotion, speed of the game, rivalry, etc.....It's all a load of crap - I hope you realize this! Even the announcers acknowledged this fact. Heard's action had nothing to do with emotion - if it did, why didn't Bennett lay out McCoy with a block since he was much closer when the interception occurred and was quickly ended by the receiver's tackle? I can tell you - CHARACTER!

Why can't the Aggies just be happy for their team and not ruin their school's victory by defending the indefensible? As fan of neither Texas nor A&M;, it really put a bad taste in my mouth as a college football fan to see a game end with that type of classless stunt.

Posted by: MRM at November 24, 2006 10:59 PM

Let us have our moment to shine! Cut the excuses and insults and feel what it's like to lose every once in a while. Take your losses like the champions you are. We've had nothing to celebrate this century. How about a congrats to the Fightin' Texas Aggies for a hard fought win.
And here's to Colt's health.

BTHO t.u.!

Thanks and Gig 'Em.

Posted by: Mark '07 at November 24, 2006 11:08 PM

For all you people saying Heard should be expelled for his hit on McCoy, from what I understand, the whistle hadn't blown when he made the hit. The QB becomes a defender after an INT. Just becuase the tu QB was stupid enough to to start taking off his helmet ON THE FIELD doesn't mean a player should be expelled.

Posted by: BigJohnAg at November 24, 2006 11:32 PM

Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru Mack Brown's head...
Not a creature was a stirrin'....
Except ole Mack in his bed.
For on this eve he has a dream;
There was a fella they call "Train" gathering a head of steam...
Here tosses ole Mack with beads of sweat..a comin' from his soul;
Surely that loss to A&M; will start to take its toll.
For twas the day after turkey day that the torch was officially passed;
As Mack wakes from his awful dream and Yells...
"AHHHHHHHH...they kicked our A%@"!!!!!!!!

Posted by: KP at November 24, 2006 11:55 PM

Heard's hit was borderline. And with the beating that the Horns have put on McGee, probably not that big. He should have been out of the game anyway, after it was plainly obvious that he couldn't get any velocity on the ball.

What a huge win for the Aggies. And regardless of what the snotty Horn fans say, this was a crippling, conference-championship preventing, BCS denying loss.

Full disclosure -- I'm not an Aggie. GEAUX TIGERS!

Posted by: Doug at November 25, 2006 12:12 AM


No matter how you want to try to justify a win or loss, the fact is that UT lost a HOME game to an unranked A&M; football team with 3 losses that had a losing margin of 6 or 7 total points. This Aggie team was tough this year and played every game till the end. Great year.

The LONGHORNS had an up and down year because they don't have Vince Young. That guy is phenomenal. You can't replace him.

Also, COLT MCCOY should not have been playing in this game in my opinion. It was too much to risk a freshman's career for this game. Sure in the coach's eyes a loss means millions lost to the BCS non invite, but it is a kids football future in jeapordy if he gets another neck or head injury.

And for a DIRTY HIT on MCCOY, come on people. QB's get smoked on plays like that all the time. Ask this question, IN THE SAME SITUATION, WOULD TEXS HAVE HIT MCGEE LIKE THAT? the answer is a resounding YES!!!!!!!

and PASS INTERFERENCE-receivers pull that trick that SWEED pulled all the time and don't get called for it. It's like driving over the speed limit, you are gonna do so many more times than you get caught. The trick is to make sure you get caught only going 10 over, not 25+. THE FINE IS ALOT MORE COSTLY!!!!!

Lastly - keep FRAN AND MACK, let the rivalry heat back up. Texas has missed it.......

Posted by: Bearkat Zach at November 25, 2006 12:14 AM


You don't get a point for every excuse.

Posted by: Brent at November 25, 2006 12:26 AM

Horn fans need to quit whining about Colt. People get hurt playing football, it just happens. Maybe Mommy shouldn't have signed his permission slip.

Personally I don't think they should end a rivalry game until at least one player gets carried off on a stretcher.

UT knew they would be playing with a bullseye on their back after winning a title. They shouldn't cry when people take a few shots at said bullseye.

Posted by: billy at November 25, 2006 12:28 AM

Ok Fran-Haters, Larry Coker is available and he has won a National Championship. You want him????

Posted by: Bob at November 25, 2006 01:21 AM

began in front of 40 acres of empty seats? the reason was, once again, poor organization at DKR as lines outside the stadium were unorganized, or not even moving at all, at kickoff. i don't know why all the gates weren't opened for the game, but i don't understand the way they do a lot of things at this school

Posted by: dev wadhwa at November 25, 2006 01:45 AM

Longhorn fans are sad. For this past week I have endured nothing but insults (curses) from Longhorn fans I work with. All I could say is "Yeah you should win." Now look at them. Making excuses. This win was not luck. 244 yards rushing against the #1 rushing defense in the country. If Fran would have realized that the spread was not working in the game, and ran the triple option the whole game...this game would have been for 500 yards rushing and at least 40 points. If the Ags had beaten either OU or NU...they would be in the Big 12 title game. But that is for next year. If, and that is a big if, you make it to the title game...you will lose this time to Nebraska. Just like everything else with tu...you are nothing but a paper champion...ops "Vince YOung National Chumps".

Deal with It
Aggies for ever

Posted by: Ray at November 25, 2006 02:20 AM

Can the Longhorns really be expected to take this "rival" seriously when we lead the all-time series 73-35? I mean, come on.

Posted by: Jeff at November 25, 2006 02:29 AM

well i once again would like to thank texas for holding up their end. i asked last week for a lose so my huskers could face the sooners for a real championship match. thanks to the aggies ,and more likely a sad showing by the horns, its one game away (go sooners).but here's to hoping colt will be ok. that was the saddest hit on a player i've seen in a long time and heard deserves to be sent home and told to go for good.the last cheap shot that bad i can remember is from k-state in the mid 90s when they got tired of losing 25 straight to the huskers. now for the astros. dont believe for a second that they signed woody to be a #2. drayton knows 4 a fact that andy will be back for spring training and clemens will back in june. im willing to bet he told them to sit tight and watch what his willing to do to get them offensive help.lee signing also provides flexibility to trade some outfielders and maybe a minor league pitcher for wells or crawford.

Posted by: lyndon at November 25, 2006 05:10 AM

What I love most about aggy fan is that they love to call Ut classless. Umm...pot this is the kettle...kettle this is the pot. You guys won. Great game. We will get even next year.

UT is the defending National Champions and lost a once in a lifetime player and we finish 9-3 and are disappointed. This has been a crappy year for UT football. Aggy goes 9-3 and they are back. Your defensive coordinator thinks that we are now even. What a joke.

Posted by: Harv at November 25, 2006 07:21 AM

Kellen Heard needs to be disciplined for that
cheap shot on Colt McCoy. It is not the first time either. This was the third time this season
that Heard played his best ball after the pass was thrown. it really hurt us against Neb. and
gave Texas more chances. Let's see what Fran and the university do about this. It cannot
be ignored or forgotten.

Posted by: michael at November 25, 2006 08:17 AM

All the tu fans crying about the Sweed td call...remember the Championship game vs USC when vy tossed a td pass with his knee on the ground. tu won that game on a blown call. USC is the real national champ not tu.

Posted by: Dub at November 25, 2006 08:26 AM

Bottom line it;

When you allow 250 yds rushing, it's obvious that the opposing team just manhandled you at the LOS. That's what should really get under the players skin. The ags just dominated-even when the UT players knew what was coming. So much for the #1 ranked rushing D in the country. Oh well, you know what they say about statistics...???

Posted by: Jimmy at November 25, 2006 08:43 AM

To all of the doubters out there:
The Ags had there plan, run te ball, and dared tu to stop them. They ran the option play like five times in a row on the game winning drive, yet texas still couldn't stop it. As for Heard, he will soon find himself on the bench after this recruiting season. Darnell is crazy, but he gets the job done, much respect to him.

Gig Em'

Posted by: Alan at November 25, 2006 09:02 AM

It doesn't appear we have many knowledgeable football fans here.

What conclusion would a real football fan draw from these stats?

1. 51 rushes for 244 yards
2. 35:58 time of possession
3. 11 of 16 third downs converted to first downs or touchdowns

Pretty basic. One team beat the other. Now what were those excuses?

Posted by: Ag at November 25, 2006 09:04 AM

great game aggies, congrats on the victory. hookem. happy for you CPT.

Posted by: jason mcmeekin at November 25, 2006 09:44 AM

You know sometimes you just have to say something. I watched your game yesterday. The Aggies won. They payed a better game than Texas.

But, from what I see and hear is a lot of excuses, whinning and finger pointing from Texas.

There is always going to be some calls that one side sees as questionable or costly or defensable.
That is football! As far as 'cheap shots' - I didn't really see where it was that way. How about getting killed in Iraq by insurgents? Is that 'cheap' enough for you?

Bottom line: Texas lost the game. Get a life in the 'real' world. Hopefully, there will be more games. And Aggies - enjoy your win and stop
critisizing Texas and your coach - there will be more coaches.


Posted by: TOM at November 25, 2006 09:45 AM

Okay, wake up kids. The PI call was obvious - the defender's head snapped back. Uh, was that a cheap shot? No, a mistake they paid for. As for the "late" hit, the ball was still in play and Heard did exactly what he's been trained to do on an interception since Pee Wee football - closest guy to the QB takes him down. Cheap shot? No. Mistake? Yes. Big mistake? Yes.

Funny thing about being an Aggie during nearly a decade of woeful FB teams... you learn to watch games passively, without much emotional bias. Guess what? The officials get it right nearly 100% of the time. Even if it goes against your "special" team.

Longhorns, if you don't get another VY recruit -- and I doubt Colt's that caliber of a leader -- then you may just discover what I learned about watching games passively. Well, that's if you keep watching at all.

Pretty simple, Aggs. All the play-makers on the maroon side today were kids... they'll only get better.

Posted by: Old School at November 25, 2006 09:52 AM

Boy we sure had a weak schedule this year! Only could score 12 on texass and just barely beat army. Guess beatin rice and north texas really prepare pony and mack for the non rivalry game with the AGGIES. Keep living the fantasy blowhorns and enjoy the rotten bowl!

Posted by: phil at November 25, 2006 10:04 AM

Boy we sure had a weak schedule this year! Only could score 12 on texass and just barely beat army. Guess beatin rice and north texas really prepare pony and mack for the non rivalry game with the AGGIES. Keep living the fantasy blowhorns and enjoy the rotten bowl!

Posted by: phil at November 25, 2006 10:12 AM

Cheap shot? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know the facts and bet most others do not either. Pass interference? Maybe, maybe not. The game still had too much time to play to definitively say that affected the outcome. Sweed scores, then maybe Kerry Franks doesn't fumble and UT doesn't score again.

It was a great victory for the Ags and blaming officials won't change that (look at the consistent holding by NU against the Ags this year; if some of those would have been called A&M; probably would have won). Look at the Rose bowl last year when VY pitched after his knee was down. There was another call, or lack of, that may have had an impact on the outcome but I forget the exact play. OU has a legitimate grip this year but UT/A&M; do not for any losses.

In closing to the Ags: don't gloat. We've won one game since 1999 and have not been in the same class as UT for a while, in football. Don't write disparaging remarks. You only make your school look bad. Wish Colt the best of luck. Look forward to next year when hopefully we will do equally as well record wise with a much tougher schedule.

In closing to the Longhorns: you've still dominated A&M; in recent years. You won it all last year. Don't call all players classless because of one player's actions. Don't say we play dirty because you'd be hard pressed to find any team that goes a whole season without at least one player making a questionable hit. Don't complain because you look like sore losers. And don't say it's not a rivalry. From my recollection at A&M; in the late 80s/early 90s none of us said it wasn't a rivalry when we won 10 out of 11 years.

To All: you represent your school when you make comments. Everyone needs to think harder before they press the "Post" button. You only make your school look bad when you curse, use disparaging remarks, name call, etc.

Posted by: Marc at November 25, 2006 10:18 AM

As an Ag, the win was great, but I am not happy about the one cheap shot. That is not how Texas and A&M; play the game. I hope there is some type of team punishment.

Before the Texas crowd gets too worked up on the second hit, NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Last year Huff broke the jaw of the Colorado quarterback late in the game on an intentional hit to the chin well after the ball was thrown. In fact, before the championship game against USC, Huff was bragging how that a hit to the lower jaw causes people to drop the ball.

Concerning the pass interference call, a close review of the tape shows the receiver pushing off on the facemask of the defender. Hand checking is one thing, but hands to the face will get you flagged every time.

Posted by: AgsWin06 at November 25, 2006 10:50 AM

Good game for tamc. However based on the two chronicle writers we now have the dawn of a new era. tamc the new king oh wait you will have to include kst since they whipped the Horns a lot better than the ags did. For that matter you maybe should throw in txtech and neb since they both could stand nose to nose with Texas. GIVE ME A BREAK. Texas was over rated this year. Not a bad team, but definitely not a top 10 team. The have been staggering on the ropes for most of the and it finally has caught up with them. As for the late hit I personally didn't see it, but it did make for bad pr for the ags- based on all I have read or heard. Not exactly the image they should be trying to put forward nationally.

Posted by: BD at November 25, 2006 11:01 AM

Mack Brown has never been a very good coach until a year ago "he could never win the big one" and he didn't a young kid from H-town (Vince Young) won the big ones for him by single handedly taking over big games against Ohio St., Oklahoma, and USC. Those wins had absolutely nothing to do with X's and O's or preparation. In fact Mack Brown is forever indebted to his Heisman Trophy winning meal ticket, Ricky Williams, who opted to forefo the draft as a junior and instead stuck around for Mack Brown's first year as coach of the Longhorns. The Longhorns ability to outrecruit every major college in Texas with the demise of A&M; over the the following decade should have netted the Longhorns multiple national titles if it weren't for his lack of ability to coach and his insistence on sticking with bigger name inferior products on the field (Chris Simms). Eventually he will be discovered for what he is, a choker.

Posted by: francisco franco at November 25, 2006 11:24 AM

One last time: The Heard hit was AFTER THE PLAY! Quarterbacks can/should get killed on plays like the all time DURING the ACTUAL PLAY. It's ILLEGAL and completely DIRTY to do it after the play.

Too bad we still have some "fans" who feel differently about this issue. It was dirty. Period. If it was legal, or even borderline, why was he ejected? People don't get ejected for plays that are just "part of the game."

I bet all of you defenders also think that Albert Haynesworth's head stomping was "borderline" as well. I suppose you feel that's just "part of the game" as well. Tell me what the difference is between the two incidents.

Posted by: MRM at November 25, 2006 11:40 AM

Read John Lopez blog about all of the questionable calls the blowhorns have gotten this year and last and that should shut the whiners up.

And the best most honest coverage of the game is in the Austin American Statesman, believe it or not. Highly recommend it

Posted by: phil at November 25, 2006 11:55 AM

Heard is about as representative of A&M; as the guy for UT who was arrested for drugs and a gun and missed the OSU game earlier this year. Neither program is perfect and Heard will face punishment just as the UT player did.

That being said, the hit by Micheal Bennett was clean. If Colt McCoy wasnt already hurt he would have gotten up and nothing would have been said about that hit. If he cant take a hit then thats another story for Mack Brown to sort out.

If we are going to talk about questionable calls how about the replay offical coming out and saying that if replays had been working correctly in the Rose Bowl then a UT touchdown gets overturned. A&M; lost on a PI noncall against OU...its just karmas way of correcting it self. I am sure there are plenty of calls or noncalls that have allowed u to get to where u are.

Quit being poor losers and just admit that this year you lost

Posted by: Matt at November 25, 2006 11:58 AM

Someone write there aren't enough excuses to overcome the 12-7 score. Here we go...

12-8: Blown PI call by the official in the back of the endzone who couldn't even see whether Sweed phantomly placed his hand on the receiver's helmet. He just made a stupud call because he wasn't paying attention. It's as if the back judge had a little too much tryptophan the previous day.

12-9: Not calling a 15-yard facemask when Limas Sweed's face was nearly separated from his body with four DB's hanging all over him. It's as if the field judge had a little too much tryptophan the previous day.

12-10: Not calling offside on the very next play when two A&M; D-Linemen jumped in the neutral zone. This was a recurring theme for anyone who was on the 50 yard line watching the game from the sidelines. It's as if the line judges had a little too much tryptophan the previous day.

12-11: Not calling a 15-yard personal foul penalty on the hit on McCoy leading with the helmet with 20 seconds left. It's as if the referee had a little too much tryptophan the previous day.

OK, so A&M; still won on the strength of its overpowering running game. It's funny, the only reason why Texas's Run Defense was #1 in the country was because teams had too easy of a time throwing it all season. They didn't need to run the ball. When A&M; was ready to run the ball, they moved it at will. Gene Chizik doesn't need to be concerned about a head coaching gig at a big time school. He needs to be worried about keeping his job.

Posted by: James Caldwell at November 25, 2006 12:50 PM

I did not see any t-sips complaining when the officiating was bad in the National Championship game. Oh, that's right. The calls were in your favor. Vince's knee was down. In the long run, it all evens out.

The bottomline is we came into your house and ran the ball down your throat. More impressively, we held your high octane offense to 1 TD.

I did hate to see that A&M; took some cheap shots on Corky..uh, McCoy.

Posted by: Kyle at November 25, 2006 01:02 PM

Glad Drayton had the smarts to not let an inflated market scare him away from making the neccessary move in the outfield. but $16 million for an average left-fielder? guess all of you who were glad we did not pay beltran what the mets did two years ago are regretting it a bit now.

Posted by: odam at November 25, 2006 01:05 PM

[UT] finish 9-3 and are disappointed. This has been a crappy year for UT football. Aggy goes 9-3 and they are back.

Without a dog in this hunt, I nevertheless find it simple to point out that UT has gone from 13-0 in 2005, to NO BETTER than 10-3 (assuming it does not play in the Big 12 Championship game, and wins its bowl game).

TAMU, meanwhile, has gone from 5-6 last year, to NO WORSE than 9-4, even if it loses its bowl game.

Therefore, UT will have LOST THREE MORE GAMES this season than last, and TAMU will have WON FOUR MORE GAMES this season than last.

So it's not so much a question of UT and A&M; having identical records (though that TAMU win over UT can't be discounted so easily as you suggest), but the DIRECTION OF TRAVEL.

UT appears on the way down, and A&M; on its way up. Not the same by any stretch.

Posted by: fool at November 25, 2006 02:25 PM

"Can the Longhorns really be expected to take this "rival" seriously when we lead the all-time series 73-35? I mean, come on."

Jeff: As we demonstrated on Friday, wins in the past don't do anything to help you win on gameday. So keep repeating that number in your head if it makes you feel better about losing NOW.

The ultimate irony of the weekend was seeing 200-300 horn fans show up to yell practice and all start chanting "we're not rivals." Hmmmm 300 teasips show up to tell some Aggies that they don't care. Right. Horns who say crap like that make themselves look like arrogant imbeciles. Thanks for the good laugh boys!

Posted by: travis at November 25, 2006 03:55 PM

OU winning the Big XII South is bad news for t.u.
but good news for Colt McCoy. He should be healed by bowl game time.

Posted by: michael at November 25, 2006 04:52 PM

Interesting fact: when Longhorn fans attempt to annoy Aggie fans by intentionally misspelling the word "Aggie" as "Aggy," Longhorn fans actually annoy no one and only manage to appear borderline illiterate and incapable of correctly spelling a pretty simple word. Which does not annoy Aggie fans so much as amuse Aggie fans.

Thanks for the laughs, teasippers! 12-7!

Posted by: AggieDem '99 at November 25, 2006 06:00 PM

Last time Aggy won a National Champ ---- 1939 LOL

Posted by: jeff H at November 25, 2006 06:36 PM

Texas wins and they all but credit the Hand of God.

Texas loses and they turn into the biggest bunch of whining titty babies on earth.

But then, they are a bunch of liberals. What else would you expect?

Posted by: Kelley at November 25, 2006 06:45 PM


Posted by: Matthew at November 25, 2006 06:52 PM


Yes, Heard is a thug. Sorry, I love A&M; as much as anyone, but that play was inexcusable. If it had happened within one second of the interception, we'd still be arguing it. However, it took place much longer after the play. Heard has no place on the team. He pulled this garbage earlier in the season and got benched. He should be booted. A&M; does not need anymore negative press than they usually receive. This kid is bad news. The footage of his teammates chewing him out on the sidelines in the early season game and the one against Texas should give you an idea. No place in football for that kind of garbage.


What are you smoking besides a turkey? You really should consider 'hooked on phonics'.

Posted by: LongTimeFan at November 25, 2006 06:54 PM

I think the fans are brainwashed by MLB ownership into worrying too much about the money. All you hear about is "man I'm glad we got Lee, BUT we overpaid". Give me a break. These franchises are worth from 1/2 to 3/4 Billion. You think these guys(owners ) are overpaying, they're business people. So don't lose sleep over them spending "too much money". I'm just gonna enjoy having Lee and Williams added and watch the wires hoping to see more moves. I'm interested to see what Pettitte does. I think he is the key to what else happens. I'd like to see him in. If not look for Burke to go to Colorado for Jennings. Catcher spot will stay the same Ausmus/Quintero..3rd Ensberg/Lamb. I'd like to see trade with Tampa for Crawford, proven young guy with legitimate 5 tools. If Pettitte is in, Burke could lead a package to Tampa that would really smoothe out the edges on this team.

Posted by: Joe at November 25, 2006 09:50 PM

Harv "UT is the defending National Champions" The proper word is deposed Harv.

Posted by: Ag at November 25, 2006 10:19 PM

With Vince- National championship.

Without Vince another Holiday Bowl

Was it Vince and Vince alone?

Posted by: Martha at November 25, 2006 10:21 PM

If this is not a rivalry, why are all the 'Horns whining? Surely, this would not happen if it were just another game - in that case, the defending champs would have overcome a TD being called back when their WR got caught with his hand in the DB's facemask. I went to TAMU in the 70's, this game meant more to TAMU than Texas then. Jackie changed that. Kinda rubbed in at MSU as well - remember the "bull incident". It lost some luster this decade - VY was an incredible player - his OC Greg Davis was voted the top assistant in the nation, won the Broyles award and now folks at 40 acres want to replace him. The talent at Texas is deep - but any opponent who looks across the field and sees Mack with a headset on knows they have a chance. Our DC yesterday looked a lot smarter than your's. Mack and Texas win the recruitung title every February - the talent at Texas is incredible. Yet, "J Train" left Griffin and company with skid marks on the back side of their uni's, and Goodson was the best TB on that field. Your 270 pound back could not make a foot. McGee is a gamer and put his team in a position to win. Give TAMU some credit, after trailing for the first time all day, they chewed upon 9 minutes and 88 yards on the #1 rush D in the nation. TAMU owned 3rd down - on both sides of the ball - they dominated the LOS. TAMU ran at will Friday, 'Horns did not have any will - so from that standpoint maybe Friday's game in Austin was not a rivalry game after all.

Posted by: Spike at November 26, 2006 02:41 AM

Though I didn't have a problem with the personal foul penalty on Heard (you can get personal fouls during play), I still think it was borderline and no way he should be suspended.

Colt was running up after the INT, next time maybe he should just go down to the ground in the fetal position. Then, if he gets hit, it will be a clear penalty. There's no rule that says the QB has to try to make a tackle, but if he does, he's fair game.

Does Colt have the toughness to lead a team contending for the national championship? Doesn't look like it from this game...

Posted by: Robert at November 26, 2006 04:37 AM

The officials need to start penalizing the coaching staff for unsportsmanlike conduct such as the two hits, one late and one spearing, on McCoy. I'm not a Texas or an Aggie fan but a fan of fair/clean play.

Posted by: Bill at November 26, 2006 08:15 AM

UT is whinning. I think not. The game as usual is discussed. You win it's calling being obnoxious, you lose it's called whinng. All informed fans of either side knows it is what it 12-7 (no excuses, no redo). No one knows better than UT that it is the final score that counts. ATM probably did us a favor. The way we have been playing Neb would have kicked our butts in the Championship game. This is to take nothing from ATM, but when you score 7 points against the what at best is an average defense you better go back to the drawing board. Oh well at least round ball season is starting, we get to be the underdog for a change.

Posted by: BD at November 26, 2006 08:52 AM

Justice, weren't you the one who six weeks ago wrote that the Sooners were looking up at the Longhorns? I will not take anything away from the Aggie win - they obviously wanted it more, but the fact of the matter is that they were one questionable call away from losing again and what would you have written then? Good grief, at least be consistent!

As far as Texas fans grousing about their coaching staff, it's all that is wrong with the Internet and college football. Had Texas won by two, the grousing would have been just as bad. The continual griping (not just Texas, but all programs) and sportswriters that are more than willing to stop thinking and follow that lead take all of the fun out of the game.

Posted by: Jim at November 26, 2006 09:31 AM

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