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News update! - At shortly before 1300 GMT on Monday 12th December 2005, the Ice Challenger and her team arrived at the South Pole in an impressive 69 hours - smashing the prevoius world record of 24 days! Congratulations to the team, we look forward to seeing you at home very soon!

Voyage Concepts presents Ice Challenger, a world record attempt for the fastest overland crossing to the South Pole.

The 1,200 km route will mean that the team will have to negotiate deep crevasses, climb steep ice slopes and cross rugged fields of rubble ice to get to their goal of the South Pole. They are planning to do this in a record breaking 60 hours in December 2005 which will mean constant driving, no sleeping and will push both man and machine to the limit to achieve success.

The World Record

This expedition has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as an attempt. The current record is:

The Japanese adventurer Shinji Kazama travelled to the South Pole from Patriot Hills on the Antarctic coastline on a specially modified Yamaha motorcycle in 24 days from 10 December 1991 to 3 January 1992. He was supported by a snowmobile that carried emergency supplies and offered occasional assistance over rough terrain.

In addition, in 1958 there was an expedition led by Sir Edmund Hillary using tractors with tracks and they took 82 days to get to the Pole.

Real time tracking

World record attempt from the coast of Antartica to the South Pole

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Ice Challenger status

Current status of the team:
(see key below)
0 - Double sat phone failure but all OK
1 - All OK
2 - Technical problem with vehicle but we are trying to fix it, no assistance needed
3 - Require re-supply of fuel, weather suitable for flying and landing
4 - Require re-supply of fuel, weather NOT suitable for flying or landing
5 - Medical problem, require non urgent aircraft for assistance, flying and landing conditions good
6 - Medical emergency, aircraft needed urgently, flying and landing conditions good
7 - Medical emergency aircraft needed urgently, flying and landing conditions NOT suitable
8 - Poor surface conditions at vehicle position, either slow travel or not suitable for aircraft
9 - Vehicle damaged beyond field repair, crew requires pick up ASAP

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