This single is just horrible. The Pussycat Dolls in themselves are a wildly ridiculous mesh of vocals and dress sense, and whilst this single will probably go top ten, it's still bad, bad, bad. As awful as debut single 'Dontcha', there is simply nothing to enjoy about 'Buttons'.

Snoop Dogg's role in the track seems to be as the object of affection for the girls, who ask him to "loosen up [our] buttons" and to not "leave [us] asking for more." The sexual vibe has never been stronger than when worked by these girls, but it leaves the listener feeling somewhat sullied.

Although 'Beep' was a grower of a single, 'Buttons' has no redeeming features, and although it will be great fun for many on a Friday night out, there is nothing less likely to get me on the dance floor.