Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations
New York
Permanent Mission address: 150 East 42 Street, Level 33, New York, New York 10017 - Telephone: 1 212 351 6600 - Fax: 1 212 351 6610


The Australian Mission to the United Nations in New York is one of four posts (along with diplomatic missions in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi) representing Australia's interests in the United Nations system.

The Australian Mission is headed by our Ambassador and Permanent Representative, HE the Hon Robert Hill, and staffed by officers from the Department of Foreign Affairs, AusAid, the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police as well as locally engaged employees. The Mission provides the nucleus of Australia's delegation to UN conferences and meetings in New York, including regular and special sessions of the General Assembly. It also participates in the ongoing work of the UN's other organs, such as the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council, and follows the activities of the UN's specialised agencies and programs.

Australia is firmly committed to the UN system. As a middle-sized nation, our interests are served by functioning, effective mechanisms for multilateral cooperation that complement our bilateral and regional relationships. The UN's importance to Australia can be seen in core areas, such as international peace and security (including arms control and disarmament) and the development of international legal instruments and norms. It is also found in the work of the UN's programs and technical agencies which deal with issues such as the provision of humanitarian assistance, assistance to vulnerable groups such as women and children, and protection of the environment and sustainable development.

In recent years, one of Australia's main priorities in the UN's agenda has been the question of Timor-Leste. Australia actively supported the UN popular consultation process and subsequently led InterFET, the multinational force authorised by the UN Security Council to restore order and stability in the territory. Australia was a major contributor to UNTAET (the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor) and to the UN Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET), providing funding, personnel and logistical support for the UN presence. Australia's commitment to East Timor continued with our participation in UNOTIL, the United Nations Office in Timor Leste and our current involvement in UNMIT, the United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste.