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01/18/06 breadfan, take it all away, never give an inch

...hello all, and I start with an apology about the delay of the holiday treat. The treat is ready to go and has been for a while now, but I've been forced to cool it until some issues have been dealt with. Not tech issues, just 'suit-and-tie' stuff thats beyond my reach to speed up. Im waiting on word because there is a chance the treat I made will have to be replaced with something else - but do not fret, it will be cool either way, not a re-hash or random goofiness. I realize this isnt the first time that you the loyal =w= fans have been asked to chill and be patient, and it was never my intention to cause another waiting game sitution. I have been dying to share the fun for 2 weeks now, but I, like you must wait and see.

...reminder: tomorrow! - Scott Shriner's MC'ing this months installment of Rock N' Roll bingo, a charity bingo series where rock stars, celebrities, and other cool cats volunteer their time and bingo refereeing skillz for charity. Scott will be calling out the numbers on the night of Jan 19th in Hollywood. Check the details here.
Please note - this is not a musical performance - Scott will not be playing bass or any other instrument, aside from his, er, bingo voice. Come down for fun and to support the charity, and perhaps Scott's number calling will hook you up with a bingo victory!

...*updated* speaking of Scott, if you are attending this year's NAMM show in Anahiem, you might want to stop by the Ampeg booth to meet the Shrine-dog and get a exclusive color picture signed in person...Scott will be there along with Tom Araya (bass and vocals for Slayer!), on Saturday Jan 21 from 1-2 PM.

...if you haven't peeked at Pat's The Special Goodness site, do so now for, uh, 'Pat as John Cale', in "Factory Girl".

...'Make Believe' was recently awarded the RIAA's platinum sales award (1 million+ units scanned at retail, from CD, LP, and digital sales), the first Weezer album to do this since The Green Album did it in 2001. Thanks to all who believed in the Weez in '05! Make Believe jumped back up to a respectable #74 last week, beating the curve during the holiday rush after 34 weeks on the chart. And meanwhile, it looks like 'Beverly Hills' was the second most downloaded track on iTunes in '05...right behind 'Hollaback Girl'!?! Holy cow! (hat tip: Ron W.) Not to over-toot the ol' horn or anything, but this sort of success is a real blessing given all the mystery and uncertainty that preceeded the creation and release of the album. Kudos.

...reminder time - please vote for "Perfect Situation" on the TRL webpage. Your vote counts! The single is holding steady at #4 on the modern rock chart, and has finally cracked the top 50 on the Digital Songs chart!
I was told the "Perfect Situation" video would be available on iTunes by now, but I don't see it yet. It's also coming to our streaming media page sometime soon (yes, a lot later than I was originally informed, sorry), but don't know when yet. It's still available to stream on the Yahoo! Music pages. (best in IE, Firefox doesnt seem to like it).

...coming up on Feb 8: The Grammys. "Beverly Hills" has been nominated in the Best Rock Song catergory for the 2006 Grammy Awards, up against U2, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Bruce Springsteen. The Grammy Awards take place on Feb 8th at the Staples Center in L.A.

...Ozma, the band Rivers has been quoted as saying "beat me at my own game", is back! Check it out!

Large size picture link: here.

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my frnd will bone u

hey well my frnd her name is cheeris she will bine u if u tell her that u are a fan of weezer well calll her she lives in new mexico usa are code 505 well the number is 795-6568


pat was on vh1 top 20 count down did any one else watch?


1/26/2006 4:16:47 PM - by Christalmeth

Rivers is engaged!!!??? why hasn't it been spread all across Yahoo news?"

Probably because no one really cares. Not celebrity newsworthy enough.


i believe its a metallica song.


does any of you kiddies even know what the post title is? if you dont know then leave...leave now find out...and come back


stop wasting board space, a petition is for something you can change, you can't change this, it's a waste of time and just plain annoying.




thanks tnicole1976 I did know rivers was in a relationship but I didn’t know he was that committed


i seriously thought that everyone knew by now about rivers' engagement. the entire lead-up to it was in his blog. well, most of it. he hasn't officially said he is, but the link i posted the other day is from someone that was on tour with them and on rivers' blog it says "in a relationship" instead of "single" like it did before the japanese tour. i'm sorry if i sound tacky, but really did think everyone one knew by now. anyway, read his blog. most of it's still in there.


namm isn't open to the public. Is there any weezer fan out there you think will go to a namm show? Hey if you got tickets- hook it up! : ) Rivers is engaged!!!??? why hasn't it been spread all across Yahoo news?

in response

actually, it was not directed toward karl. However, I was aware that it may be taken that way and that people would react by saying "Lay off of Karl." So in fact, I am not complying because I was never on Karl in the first place.


ha duffman, you say your post isnt directed twoards karl but you say you will "fail to comply" with any requests to "give karl a break". you are a certified tool


rivers is engaged. if you go back a couple of posts to where karl thanks everyone. actually here is the link. just scroll down to the dec. 23rd post and it is right there.




Where can I sign the SFTBH petition????

Visit me at


Exactly. Just to clarify, my lost post was not directed at Karl in any way shape or form. This is out of his hands now. I saw this kind of outside interference coming once the new website was launched almost a year ago. Geffen should really stop meddling with things like this and stick to dealing only with business issues.


I heard rumor the rivers is engaged does anyone know if this is true


I think the British fans should stop bitching, they get all the singles when they come out. If all you miss is one video you see what it's like in America, when the singles are released we never get them and all the goodies that come with them. I feel no pitty for you.


we all know it's not karl's fucking fault, show us one post here that says "karl hurry up" etc.

we know karl is one of the most important and genuinely soundest guys you'll meet so we aren't taking it out on him.

he's bound to do whatever geffen say now so we are taking out frustration out on them not karl.


talk about some inpatient greedy motherfuckers. Karl already apologized for the delay. Its not his fault it hasnt been released. so chill the fuck out. I am anxious to see what it is as well, but seriously stop bitching about it being late. It doesnt help the situation. Karl may see all the complaints and say fuck it, im not posting anything.

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