Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Ministering to Those
Serving on Capitol Hill
The Distinguished Christian Award 2003 - Kay Coles
Make no mistake: she is anything but apologetic about her views. However, unlike many of her political counterparts, her views have been a help, not a hindrance. As a member of a Christian speaker's bureau, her socially conservative beliefs have landed her leadership positions in a number of high-profile organizations and public service agencies.

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Kay Coles James, the 2003 Distinguished Christian Statesman, is among the highest-ranking women in government today. Named in Helen Hosier’s book 100 Christian Women Who Changed the Century, she has made the overall welfare of this nation a priority through more than 20 years of public engagement.

Setting an Example for Others to Lead

Roll Call AdMrs. James demonstrates the type of leadership needed in our world right now. Leadership based on character and integrity instead of power and personal pursuits. No matter where she serves, her calling is the same—to use her abilities for service. She challenges other Christians to do likewise.

“I believe as Christians we are called to be salt and light,” said James. “We’re also told to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. What belongs to Caesar? If you live in a participatory democracy, that’s your vote, your intellect, your time, your initiative, and your resources.”

Mrs. James sets this example by combining her public service with a clear commitment to Christ.

The Beginning of Transformation

A noted commentator, lecturer, and author of books like Never Forget, and Transforming America, this Christian statesman makes it clear that the only way to transform any culture is from the inside out and that “the children of God will be called upon to lead the way.”

Mrs. James and her husband Charles are the proud parents of three grown children Charles Jr., Elizabeth, and Robert.

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