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 Austrian broadcaster explains withdrawal

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Written by

Roel Philips


20/Jun at 15:21


Roman Horacek, Edgar Böhm (ORF)



No Austria in Greece

Austrian broadcaster explains withdrawal

Last Saturday we already reported about the Austrian withdrawal from next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Greece. Today ORF elaborated on its decision in a reaction to esctoday.com.
"We could see again that the musical quality at the Eurovision Song Contest is not the most important factor anymore," says ORF Head of Entertainment, Edgar Böhm. " It's all about performance, outfit and marketing. The concept has become more important than the song itself." "With the group Global.Kryner we had exceptionally good musicians in Kyiv, Edgar Böhm continues. "They also have success on the music market and because of their skills they have a big fan community. Our aim is to represent Austria with high-quality music. As we can't succeed with this concept, we won't participate in Athens." Austria earlier withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest. The Austrians deliberately stayed at home in 1969,1970, 1973, 1974 and 1975.
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marcella busuttil
Mon 26 Sep 2005 20:00:14

that eurovision is a show contest and marketing i agree with them!!!Malta had the best song this year..greece won because of marketing and publicity and because helena is pretty!
Is this a beauty contest or song contest!!
Chiara had a better song than previous eurovision winners especialy ruslana's victory marie n's victory and sertab erener's victory!
Mlata is participating because it's an opportunity for us but i f chiara did not win it no one does!!from malta...great voice!!

Diego D.
Sat 6 Aug 2005 03:20:14

From my point of vew "Y asi" of Global.Kryner was an interesting proposition. I think the deserved at least to get to the final. However I never imagined taht they could become the winners. On the other hand, even if we don't like, ESC is meeting the expectations of most the the European teleaudience and that is why the performance is getting more important. I liked Global.Kryner performance it but different people - different test. I think the best is to accept the result in a natural way, even when that is painfull, but is the reality.

Easily 77
Sun 3 Jul 2005 00:08:59

Poor Austria... Poor, poor Austria...

Jean-François DOMINIQUE
Tue 28 Jun 2005 11:41:31

False problem is the case of ORF withdrawal from the ESC that consist to find an “excuse” to explain ORF Program director made decision to withdraw from the “stupid” event or because the ESC dont fit anymore withe ORF programs TV and the future of the Austrian music. Indeed! ORF works, at the moment, on a new concept of the program “Musikantenstadl” National festival that will cost very expensive for the channel next year. ORF cannot simply afford two great festivals like Eurosong and the Musikantenstadl as from now. They only choose the Musikantenstadl Festival ever instead Eurovision...

Atreyu 71273
Sun 26 Jun 2005 23:51:40

@Martin Marquiz

Just because YOU don't like "Austrian Songs" in ESC, doesn't mean they are bad. Think about my statement very hard. Try at least. I know it is difficult.

Well, at least we got more points than the so-called Big Four even if it was the semis. Call them the "Small Four" heheeee..... Oh yes, uuummmm, Austria is not ORF. Try that as well.

I don't know, why can't people argue properly in English if they are going to use this forum. JESUS!!!

Atreyu 71273
Sun 26 Jun 2005 23:34:07

What's good and whats bad is relative. Most people think that Eurovision is all a bunch of nationalistic patriotic crap....so....according to them our taste is all crap and all the songs are crap. I suppose we don't like hearing these generalized statements because we like ESC.... Say "Spanish songs are always crap", "Greek songs are always crap" etc. These are superficial statements. Perhaps the person just does not like the countries or the politics and/or the mentality of the country they are "not really attacking".

We humans are really good at prejudice, because we can build our ego by pointing at others using general statements without reasoning them, and it may seem that a country like Austria may not be important as far as politics, ESC friendship or mentality is concerned, especially after a few years of very turbulent politics.

But to point at something and say something is not good, full stop, is too easy. To reason empty statements is a bit harder and this is to all those who like to critisize without reasoning: ARE YOU DOING THIS JUST TO PICK ON SOMEONE TO NEGLECT YOUR OWN HUMAN FAILURE IN LIFE?

DK-Eiler Yiha
Sun 26 Jun 2005 17:51:44


set your top 10 for the ESC years 1998 - 2005!

Martin Marquez
Sun 26 Jun 2005 12:36:37

A real shame that a country with such tradition has decided to withdraw. However the explanations are basically untrue and pathetic. The songs ORF has sent in the last few years can be described as anything but "quality songs". The excuse that quality music is no longer the point of Eurovision and it's all about coreography etc is also a huge lie. This year we have 3 ballads with very little or no coreography at all in the top 5 (Malta, Israel & Latvia)! So go if you are bored with the whole thing but don't give us that bullshit. Austria has nobody else to blame but the low quality of their songs for their poor results!

Miguel Loredo
Sun 26 Jun 2005 02:06:26

"....To promote good music"???? And what about Alf Poier???? Are Austrians trying to say that Elena Paparizou, Chiara or Shiri Maimon are NOT good performers???

Stupidity has no limits....

Atreyu 71273
Sat 25 Jun 2005 15:46:39

@W. Tukker

It is great to see people like you writing sensible stuff like this. I know which Greek person you mean. These sort of people should be banned here if they can't be constructive and fair to others and other nations.

My fav Austrian numbers are 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2003 (hehe...)....but my top fab is 1966,....also something to be proud of.

--------From Vienna with luv XXX -------------------

Adrian Collins
Fri 24 Jun 2005 19:39:34

I'd rate 1980's Du Bist Musik as my fave, followed by 1984 Einfach Weg (in a minority on that one I know)

Robert Opratko's Only Fan
Fri 24 Jun 2005 14:01:58

A final reaction on the WW2 topic which so many of you love:

Well, I have been accused of a lot of mean things on this forum. And mainly by people whose understanding of the English language is below par - judged from the fact that they clearly hadn't read my statements well before giving their reaction.

What I wanted, was to criticize a Greek who made comments about the level of democratic tradition in Austria. Because these comments of his were ridiculous - that was about it.

And to "Oi mate", who said: "Greece invented democracy". Well, it depends on the way you define democracy - only a very small minority of ancient Athenians was allowed to participate in the "boule", the council. No slaves, no women, no "metoiks" ... But I disagree with you that because of the fact they are the "inventors" of democracy, all Greeks should be allowed to make nasty statements on the Austrian democratic tradition.

But I think I had better stop, because probably this mail will provoke all kinds of irritation again. Maybe we'd better enter on a discussion on the best Austrian entries ever (less political sensitivities). I would put the 1963 entry by Carmela Corren on the no. 1 spot.

Neil G
Thu 23 Jun 2005 15:14:54

@ easily 77,

I'm sorry if I've offended you in any way, but to be honest, at least I (and I'm not alone in this opinion, I'm sure of it) find the Baltic states somewhat Nordic, and somewhat Eastern European. Same thing with countries like France, Western or Southern Europe? Austria, Western or Central European? Czech Republic, Central or Eastern European etc .. it all depends on your own point of view and in which context. For instance, the Netherlands (where I am from) is considered by some to be Western European, others will say it's Northern European .. whatever the label, it's not Southern or Eastern :)

I know that the Baltic states are culturally different than the Scandinavian countries (and even that 'group' consists of different countries depending on whom you ask this), but it's not out of the realm of possibilty to group the Scandinavian and Baltic countries as 'Nordic' ...

But I'm more than happy to rephrase my argument for you if that's less offensive to you: " .... after four Irish victories out of five years, and two Scandinavian and two Baltic victories ... "

Easily 77
Thu 23 Jun 2005 14:20:07

Mr Neil G, please don't call Estonia a Nordic country. It isn't...

Slobodan Todorovic
Thu 23 Jun 2005 13:41:08

Neil G,i agree absolutly with you!!!

Slobodan Todorovic
Thu 23 Jun 2005 13:39:02

Andreas,I understand what you want to say!It is perfectly clean that bad results don't mean bad songs,and I wrote that!
I just want to say that IF AUSTRIA HAD BETTER RUSULTS FOR A YEARS,ORF WOULDN'T NEVER CONSIDER FACT ABOUT WITHDRAWAL!!! (I excuse if I didn't write correct,cause my english is not perfect!But I hope that you will understand!)
I'm wondering what should do Finland or Portugal for example?!
Once again,EBU have to change some rules,and it is emergency,but I do not agree with the withdrawals!!!

Slobodan Todorovic
Thu 23 Jun 2005 13:34:31

Andreas,I understand what you want to say!It is perfectly clean that bad results don't mean bad songs,and I wrote that!
I just want to say that IF AUSTRIA HAD BETTER RUSULTS FOR A YEARS,ORF WOULDN'T NEVER CONSIDER FACT ABOUT WITHDRAWAL!!! (I excuse if I didn't write correct,cause my english is not perfect!But I hope that you will understand!)
I'm wondering what should do Finland or Portugal for example?!
Once again,EBU have to change some rules,and it is emergency,but I do not agree with withdrawal!!!

Neil G
Thu 23 Jun 2005 13:19:00

I'll say it again, the Austrian broadcasting company is a bad loser and arrogant on top of that.

We all didn't really seem to be bothered by the fact that Ireland won four out of five times or that between 1999 and 2002 there had been four Nordic winners ... but now that three countries won that happen to be geographically in the eastern regions of Europe (although I consider Greece to be a western nation), everybody is crying foul?? please ..

have some dignity, dear Austrian broadcaster, and just participate. It's very arrogant to claim you have sent the best artists (which is disputable by itself at the very least) but then withdraw because you don't like the way a contest goes (same applies for Italy btw).

Marion v. Schaefer
Thu 23 Jun 2005 12:25:01

Austria is absolutely right!

Global.Kryners are one of the few real Musicians this year and didn´t came through to the final. Even they hadn´t serious songs in all the past years, but if you say Alf Poier you have to mention Udo Jürgens too!

The EBU must act now!

Urshi .si
Thu 23 Jun 2005 11:30:40

I definately agree with you Andreas,
good song does not mean a good result at the end of contest, it has been a long time since the best song performed by a great vocalist won and neither originality counts anymore.
For example this year Helena had one of the most ordinary pop song, with no originality, only few ethno sounds...but a great dance show and huge promotion before contest...so it is beter have not so good song but many other factors have to play imoportant role. I think they should change some rules so we could get more fair results at the end and then say someone was last because of the bad song was chosen at the national final. Now it is better not to blame anyone because everyone who knows something about music could tell that quality at the Eurosong doesn't win at all.

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