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 Austria withdraws from 2006 Eurovision Song Contest

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Written by

Roel Philips


18/Jun at 19:51





ORF announces withdrawal

Austria withdraws from 2006 Eurovision Song Contest

Breaking news reached us from Austria. In the Austrian newspaper Kurier, national broadcaster ORF announced that Austria will not be taking part in next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Greece.
The decision to withdraw from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest was taken yesterday and is a consequence of the bad result of Global.Kryner in Kyiv. Global.Kryner did not succeed in qualifying Austria for the final of the contest. With Y así, the band finished 21st in the semifinal. A first reaction from ORF program director Reinhard Scolik states: "In the beginning we could show Austrian music to the whole of Europe at the Eurovision Song Contest. By now, the event has become an absurd competition in which the Austrian music scene is completely irrelevant." Esctoday.com has asked the Austrian broadcaster for a more detailed reaction.
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Isabelle Zammit
Thu 1 Sep 2005 09:48:01

This is weird :S I hope that no more countries will withdraw..What is happening to the Eurovision ?? :S

Well, check out this website if you want. I liked it ^_^ haha [url= www.isabelle-malta.(...)w.isabelle-malta.com

Atreyu 71273
Wed 17 Aug 2005 14:47:11

Eurovision is going to the dogs anyway; mostly narcisstic, superficial crap, and that's it.

Kandinsky's Kid
Thu 28 Jul 2005 12:35:53

I fear that we all must be a little more composed to all these reactions I've read all this days. We must NOT forget that it's all about a song contest, a show, that we all enjoy to watch.

I have a cogent principal: If a song in the ESC is crap DO NOT demand any votes from any country. OK grievances are still taking a strong role. Who could ever think that the Dutch 2005 entry could not make it in the Semi Finals? But...it's all a point-mania matter between countries.

Yes Austria has a historic role in this contest. Is Austria expecting any good ranking with awfull Ya'si's??? Are you serious?? If Austria cannot stand this situation has either to prepare a very good entry for 2006, or quit. But it's unfair to expect points with shit songs.

I agree with some of you that the vote is political. It's obvious that it is so. A major example is our neighbours Turkey. Countries which deny strongly the Turkish entry in the E.U give them 12s or high score points (France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands...) and countries that are either indifferent in the entry or are in favor, they seldom vote for Turkey (Sweden, UK, Spain, Portugal, Ireland)

A major problem is the ex CCCP countries. If we consider that Armenia and Georgia will enter...then we will have a total of...9 countries give points one to another and the country which gains more, obviously is Russia!

WE MUST NOT FORGET that this contest is an opportunity for the Eastern countries to be known by more people and show if they do deserve something in this global marketing. Who could ever pay attention to Moldova, or F.Y.R.O.M, or Ukraine, Belarus, Albania,..., etc...

That annoyed me as a Greek in this year contest. We wanted so much this victory! Why? Why we acted like primitives? Greece held last year the most succesful Olympics ever and needs now ESC to prove what?? It's Power? Well although we are not a big country, we managed to get through a major event, ESC is just a TV Show men!!!

Speaking about quality of songs there are only two songs that I've adored all these yaers. First of all "Nocturne" in 1995 and last year's Serbia & Montenegro entry, which was absolutely brilliant. All the other songs were and ARE pop chewing-gum trash hits.

Tina Jouras
Sat 16 Jul 2005 20:51:22

I actually liked Austria's performance this year ... it was a nice way to start the 1st night's competition. Pretty girl with a great smile singing a happy song and wearing a nice outfit. I do not know why, but Austria absolutely should NOT have withdrawn from the ESC. Please reconsider, since it is rather disrespectful for any full E.U. country to be out of this competition. This mean that I am still hoping Italy will COME BACK to the ESC! Anyway, Greece will be a fabulous host at the Athens 2006 ESC. Hope to see you there, Austria!

Erik Larsson
Sat 16 Jul 2005 15:11:17

austria sucks as a eurovision country!!!!!!

Neal Widmer
Tue 12 Jul 2005 23:42:37

But the "stupid" man in red was the best entry in the last years for austria.
Austria please wake up.
I said it all Time Global Kryner is nothing to come into the final.

harry amato
Tue 12 Jul 2005 19:03:22

well no country can except a respectable placing with a stupid song!!! austria wake up

Adrian B.
Tue 12 Jul 2005 00:46:45

Man we must to admite that Austria has bad songs :that stupid man in red from photo,a very booring ballade and now a kitsch "a la espagnol with swiss " !
And you aspect to be in top 10 ???
It is true that the vote isn't correct but man give us a song!

stephen hardiman
Thu 7 Jul 2005 16:54:01

well some country had to start with drawinng at some stage. The bad news for Austria is that there song deserved to come where it did, they just needed to realiase that. ESC is goin in the right direction but we need a new voting procedure to stop neighbourly voting. I mean fyr macedoina had an appaling entry and only got threw to the final because of its neighbours voting who were all ready in the final. And we lost good entrys and performances from the likes of Iceland and Ireland for example. Austria will be back when they reliase the type of songs they need to enter. Greece copped on to it and did it eventually.

Marcopolo ...
Tue 5 Jul 2005 12:57:58

What a pity! I do not agree that after the lost You should withdraw from ESC! It is and it will be just Eurovision.

Jean-François DOMINIQUE
Wed 29 Jun 2005 09:12:27

False problem is the case of ORF withdrawal from the ESC that consist to find an “excuse” to explain why ORF Program director made decision to withdraw from the “stupid” event, or because the ESC dont fit anymore with the ORF’s TV programs anymore, or the future of the Austrian music becomes definitively irrelevant due to the contest, etc.... Indeed! the truth is that ORF works, at the moment, on a new concept of the program “Musikantenstadl” National festival that will cost very expensive for the channel next year. ORF cannot simply afford two great festivals like Eurosong and the Musikantenstadl as from now. They only choose the Musikantenstadl Festival ever instead Eurovision...

drusus 1
Sat 25 Jun 2005 18:53:24

But Carlos, everyone is free to decide if he/she sings English at the ESC or not. That`s a much better solution than a EBU rule which forces the countries to sing in their native language even if they don`t want it.

Barbara Mercurio
Thu 23 Jun 2005 22:32:05

Excuese me ,"Say a word " was the most disgusting song of 2002 together with the Swiss one. Yeck !

Carlos Murias Telletxea
Thu 23 Jun 2005 15:56:06

Well, I hope that Austria comes back to the ESC again...I'd miss their entries very much, perhaps not because of the quality of some of the songs, but because they are a part of the contest. I have to say that perhaps we don't understand the music they present in the contest but I also think and say that very good songs (at least in my opinion) like "All to you", "Zuzammen Gehn" or "Say a word" deserved a better position.
I totally agree with the people asking for a jury (at leat to vote the 50% of the national votes of each country) and also with changing the rule concerning the language...stop using English all the time, I love English language but Europe has a huge culture and lots of languages...show the diversity!!!.
Peace to all

Marion v. Schaefer
Thu 23 Jun 2005 13:03:44

the austrian song this year was excellent, but not well performed.

And: Nobody isn´t interested any more in serious muscial standards in ESC thats for sure!

Noel Farrugia
Wed 22 Jun 2005 09:40:17

austria's song was suicidal

Jonathan Moles
Tue 21 Jun 2005 18:44:25

With regards to the comments on Greek students, there is an extremely large number of Greek students in the UK. And no doubt they all voted for Greece. But there are huge numbers of Greek and Turksih Cypriots that ahve been living in the UK since the seventies and we do not massivly vote for Cyprus. I am sure the Greek students do help the Greek vote I do not think ti is sufficient to explain the UK giving Greece 12 points two years on the trot. MAybe Greece just had a good song two years running so we voted for them?

no more boring ballads in eurovision
Tue 21 Jun 2005 17:58:14

i had austrias to win this year best song in the contest but i knew it wouldnt get through its just too good for the contest.miss you next year austria

F. E.
Tue 21 Jun 2005 17:05:11

excuse me, Austria...
You don't really want to tell me that your 2003 entry was quality, do you????
and how about 91?

Are you kidding me???

You can say something about the neighbouring votings but please don't use the 'quality' excuse...


Noar *
Tue 21 Jun 2005 15:09:34

the austrian song this year was dumb!

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