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Q. What are the minimum specs for Call Of Cthulhu for PC?
A. Call Of Cthulhu requires a PC with minimum specifications of P3 500, a 32mb Direct 3D compatible graphics card and 128mb RAM. The game is designed to allow users of lower end machines to thoroughly enjoy the game, while higher end users can take advantage of some of Call Of Cthulhu's advanced features.

Q. What is the 'Sanity' system?
A. The 'Sanity' system is a representation of Jack's sanity in the game. This can be unbalanced by what Jack sees, hears and reads as he explores Innsmouth, and can be restored through finding areas of sanctuary or destroying evil creatures. A loss of sanity can be represented in many ways -- such as hearing mysterious voices, hallucinating or suffering visual impairments (double vision and inability to focus).

Q. What is so special about the health system?
A. The health system represents accurately the physical state of Jack Walters. The health system is much more advanced than a standard health meter. Jack can suffer injuries that will genuinely affect the gameplay. Break a leg and Jack will limp as he walks, wincing with each footstep. Break an arm and Jack will find it very hard to shoot accurately. Poison will sap Jack's stamina, and bleeding wounds must be tended to before Jack bleeds to death. Even getting wet and staying in a cold area will see Jack shivering from hypothermia. Luckily, there are many 1920s medical devices in the game, each with a real function, and Jack will be able to make use of these to heal most injuries.

Q. What weapons are in the game?
A. Call Of Cthulhu features a wide array of weapons, from the basic to the obscure and wonderful. The weapons of the 1920s are faithfully reproduced in Call Of Cthulhu and Jack can use such weapons as the Colt Revolver, the Mauser and the Springfield m1903. In addition to these, there are also more mystical weapons to be found, in deep dark places, but we'll leave these for you to find out about...

Q. What creatures can be found in Call Of Cthulhu?
A. Call Of Cthulhu boasts a wide variety of creatures and characters -- both hostile and friendly. Creatures range from the mutated Hybrids, grossly misshapen humans, to the sinister Deep Ones. Jack will encounter the mysterious Yithians, fight off hordes of deranged Cultists and work with a squad of brave Marines. Creatures and characters are drawn from the rich Cthulhu Mythos.

Q. How many levels are in Call Of Cthulhu?
A. Call Of Cthulhu features 16 levels of action-adventure, each containing many hours of gameplay. The levels range in location from a mysterious house atop a Massachussetts cliff, to the secretive town of Innsmouth, to the horrifying city of the Deep Ones, before finally culminating in a great battle at sea.

Q. What will make Call Of Cthulhu replayable?
A. Call Of Cthulhu features a system whereby players can gain Mythos Points. These reflect a level of knowledge that Jack has gained and are used to access bonuses, such as additional information and items. Players will want to keep playing to keep trying to get all of the Mythos Points, and uncover the full truth of the dark history of Cthulhu.

Q. What is the Cthulhu Mythos?
See the Cthulhu Mythos section of this site for more info (link).

Q. What sets this game apart from its competitors?
A. Call Of Cthulhu presents the player with an environment so complete that the player can approach the game with their own style of gameplay. The player can adopt the course of gun-blazing action to achieve their goals, or they can utilise stealth and cunning. Call Of Cthulhu also features one of the most advanced graphical engines around, capable of rendering scenes that will draw the player into the shadowy world of Innsmouth.

Q. When will Call Of Cthulhu be available?
A. Call Of Cthulhu is now available for the Xbox.

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