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thumbnail of Pershore war memorial War Memorials holds an extensive (but by no means complete) listing of the names on War memorials from Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and a handful from Warwickshire and Herefordshire
(picture of a typical list) Church name lists - When I'm looking for war memorials, I often find listings of previous incumbents of churches. Someone might find these useful...
map square
Maps (1) are browsable extracts of 19th century English county maps.
Maps (2) are the full maps (each map is 2-4 MB in size: not recommended on a slow connection)
Fleabag My Cat I believe this is a compulsory requirement on personal Web pages. Her name's Lucy. Other names include Fluff-for-brains and The Flea Sanctuary
Other Stuff: Thorne Smith
Thorne Smith died in 1934, so all of his work (excluding posthumous publications) is now Public Domain in all countries where copyright lasts for life+70 years or less. Here are online electronic versions of four of his humorous fantasy novels

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