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'Pardon Our Dust'

Spike Jonze does The GAP...

Nostalgia that's still fresh

Spike Jonze has done funnier (Beastie Boys' "Sabotage") and more artistically interesting (Pharcyde's "Drop") videos, but this one makes me feel warmer inside than either of those.

His video for Weezer's "Buddy Holly" track is a triumph of editing, special effects and love for its subject matter. The set of Arnold's Diner from Happy Days was meticulously recreated, and interspersed with footage from numerous episodes of the series.

I loved Happy Days as a child and still do (well, before the series Jumped the Shark, anyway), so this video gave me a real nostalgic feeling when I first saw it. It's now ten years old, and watching it again reminds me of when I first saw it, so there's another helping of nostalgia for you right there.

Buddy Holly

Visit 4 info

If you ever need to research a particular ad campaign or creative ad agency the site below provides a huge catalogue of TV adverts, Cinema adverts and Press ads from recent times. Each entry contains a description of the campaign, production info, other related ads and links to related online creative.


Basically a really comprehensive site which contains all the classic campaigns that I can recall including the gorgeous recent Honda campaign - Yume no Chikara/Power of Dreams. The one with the air balloons popping out from people's ears.

Sugar Water

We all (should) know that Michel Gondry is one of the finest exponents of the art of the music video that this world has produced. He's recently directed the acclaimed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", but I hope he continues making short films, like my personal favourite, the promo for Japanese duo Cibo Matto's "Sugar Water".

The film is split in two, with each side following the exploits of one of Cibo Matto's members. One is playing forwards, one is in reverse. When the two people come into each other's lives, the forward-moving film changes into reverse, and the reversed films moves forwards.

It's a masterful piece of work, all the more amazing considering it's one continuous shot. I've watched it many times now, and I STILL can't quite figure out how it was put together.

This video has recently been hamfistedly homaged (read: ripped off) by a mobile phone/cameraphone ad, but with none of the charm, love or attention to detail.

Highly recommended is Michel Gondry's compilation DVD, with some other awe-inspiring work for The White Stripes, Chemical Brothers and more. In the meantime, check out the rather small Quicktime vid I've managed to find.

Click the 'Mov' link on the right of the page this link links to

Oh - and watch out for the cat moving from one film to the other. Magic.

Hello Tomorrow

Adidas_1Advertising agency TBWA San Francisco enlisted director Spike Jonz to complete the new adidas commercial entitled Hello Tomorrow. The award winning director of Fatboy Slim's 'Praise You' and 'Weapon of choice', promotes "the world's first smart shoe," a sneaker with an embedded microchip that adjusts to its owner. The commercial shows a dream-like world that's entirely customizable.

"No product has existed like this before. It's sort of like you're creating a whole new world with every step," says Creative director Chuck McBride of the idea behind "Hello Tomorrow". Influenced by his teenage memories of navigating boats at night McBride stated "From there, I had the idea of someone waking up in pitch black, in a floating bed, and having them take their first steps again."

Desperate? I am...

Desperatehousewives...for these opening titles for Desperate Housewives, ABC's current season TV hit.  yU + co is the design studio responsible for these sequence titles. They offer a comic look at the history of female angst told through animated images drawn from famous works of art to show how women from Eve to the present have strained under supposed marital bliss?!

"The sequence begins with a famous Renaissance painting of Adam and Eve animated by yU + co artists in the manner of a pop-up children’s book. In a Monte Python-esque moment, Eve lowers the boom on her disagreeable hubby with an apple the size of a Volkswagen. Similar visions of feminine rage are acted out through animated images drawn from Egyptian hieroglyphs and a Jan Van Eyck painting of a man and his pregnant spouse. The farmer in Grant Wood’s American Gothic is portrayed as a man with a wandering eye, while a woman in a Roy Lichtenstein-style pop art drawing retaliates against her boorish partner with a sock in the jaw. The merriment comes full circle with a pop-up reveal of the Desperate Housewives cast—all clutching bright, red apples."

I really like Yolanda Santosa's (lead designer) comment about adding humour to old masters, saying, “It was really hard to make the farmer in the Grant Wood painting smile.” Check the picture above and I can see where she's coming from.

For more commentary and and a streamed clip of the titles go here.

Fame! I'm going to live forever

Nike's recent TV ad campaign, 'Keep Up' by Weiden & Kennedy, for their sub brand Nike Women was a real eye catcher for me. The ad features French dancer Sofia Boutella keeping up with the ever manic electronica being blasted from hoovering bass bins. The music and dance combine to form a really expressive piece of 60 second film.
Obviously hooked, I decided to check out the accompanying website and was impressed with their Flash and video integration for a section on learning some of the dance moves featured in the ad. The video lays over the background seamlessly with no obvious borders, enhancing the overall layout of the site.


Studio aka

Studio_aka_lipstick_1Studio aka (London based production company) are responsible for some of the best TV ads for Orange, MTV, Natwest, Compaq etc. You can see lots of their brilliant work online - and a lovely animated cloud of icons on their homepage. Great 3D illustration too, go to Vodafone under 'Commercials' to see these hot club babes in action.

Out with the old, in with the new

Or is it? I came across this posting of the 'new' (modified) Channel 4 logo for 2005. I can't help but be reminded of the original logo they started out with. I've always been a fan of the Channel 4 identity so am going to hold judgement until I've seen it in use as this version thrown up here doesn't really do it justice.