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In all seriousness

Sunday August 20, 04:23 AM

The real Lola Kutty stands up
I identify with the character, for it's witty and wise at the same time. Lola Kutty represents every man. She's both cool and conservative,'' smiles the beautiful Anuradha Menon, talking about her hit show, Lola Kutty, on Channel V. Anuradha was part of the play Sammy, in which she plays the elegant and fiery Sarojini Naidu, a powerful role, which Menon simply loves. ''Not many know of her and my research threw up so many interesting facets about Naidu, her approach. She was so ahead of her times.'' And it's quite a shift from the bespeckled Malayalee, silk-saree adorned, oiled hair stuck to her scalp Lola that she plays on TV. And yes, not to forget that quintessential accent. ''The role reversal gives me balance, and theatre keeps me sane, so I have to be on stage,'' says Anuradha. ''Lola is special, for I've created the character and it's quite touching when people love you in the role and appreciate you for it, and the self-deprecatory humour is so much,'' smiles Menon.

As for the accent being offensive to some, Menon asserts it's not about the accent, for Lola is funny as a person, not as a region, ''there's nothing to shy away from here and no one should be offended, for it's about a cross-section of people,'' adds Menon. And is she as funny in person, as she's in her talk show? ''Well, I would like to think so, and everyone loves to laugh, though in India, we don't like to laugh at ourselves, and you can't 'joke' about many things here. But one thing I know, I've broken a trend by being a woman who's humorous, that too without being fat or ugly. I'm at the moment working on my third season of the show, which is all about fun you can relate to,'' says Menon, who studied theatre in London.

Menon loves stand-up comedy and at the moment, is taking life as it comes, ''I have my hands full, there have been some film offers, but nothing absorbing and then theatre is priority,'' smiles the pretty lady.

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