I just upgraded my Dell XPS 1710 Laptop from the last interim build to Windows Vista RC2. My first thoughts on the build is that it represents exactly where Microsoft needs to be to remain on track for RTM. Build 5744 responds fast - a lot faster than previous builds. Thumbnails load up quite a bit faster and going from one folder to another is also faster. The Windows Shell alone feels far more concrete and stable. I’m impressed. No driver issues and no application issues after the upgrade. It simply is just responsive and stable.

I have quite a bit more testing to do. This weekend I will be turning my x64 from Build 5728 to 5744. I also want to test out the new fingerprint reader stuff as well. Look for more posts this weekend.

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  1. 1 donavon

    I have RC1 installed on my system but I didn’t recevie an invitation to try RC2, so I did a bit of digging. First I went to the RC1 download site at http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc1/en/download.htm. I discovered that if I simply changed the URL to say “rc2″ that I could downoad the RC2 beta!

    So.. if you are in the RC1 beta and want to try RC2 (but didn’t get an email) you can go here and download it: http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/rc2/en/download.htm

  2. 2 Peconi

    I am downloading right now. RC1 was a bit slow in parts you mentioned, so I cannot wait to see how RC2 Performs. Vista is definitely getting super ready for shipping!

  3. 3 CQ

    Just installed RC2 on my Fujutsu Celsius Mobile notebook. Upgrade from 5728 went smooth. Except for my Media Center Link appearing twice in start menu…

    But next to that it seems that some language and translation issues (German version) were fixed. And yes, i agree with Brandon, that the ui is responding faster.

    WoW is still the same though…but that was fine since Beta 2 anyway ;)

  4. 4 BBQ

    Heh, RC2 feels and looks the same to me, no speed improvements, and I still cannot use an external monitor as primary, plus, in this build the no gui boot causes me a blue screen, I didn’t know so I made a clean install, installed updates, rebooted, and finaly the no gui option in msconfig and bam, there it was.

    It still doesn’t allow me to use my PCMCIA datacard, and it is obvious I’m having driver issues with my graphic so i’ll have to go back to XP.

    Mobility is reduced due to the high cpu/gpu usage of vista and incompatible driver for the PCMCIA card, driver issues cause the external monitor weirdness(turns off if set to primary), and a few issues with some other important software, guess i’ll have to wait for RTM.

  5. 5 Matt

    I cant load Aero.

    Going to try a re-install.

  6. 6 CQ

    CanĀ“t agree with you, BBQ. At least on my Celsius mobility is not reduced at all. Actually Vista makes up for another 15 mins of battery life where XP gave up at 60 Mins total.

  7. 7 Sidebar Geek

    Battery life on my Dell XPS from XP to Vista is about the same.

    BBQ, sorry your PCMCIA card isn’t work - have you submitted that as feedback? Perhaps its still something that can be fixed.

    Peconi, I agree - this build demonstrates that Vista is almost there.

    Matt - let me know after re-install if you still can’t get Glass!

    - Brandon

  8. 8 Chris

    Several sites have already tested the “vista sucks more power” myth and have found that it was completely unfounded with aero and glass running full tilt the power usage was exactly the same as XP.

  9. 9 Paul

    Still doesn’t like RAID setups on Nforce4. Default drivers cause BSOD on first reboot during insall NF4 RAID 0 (DFI Ultra D). Dreaded 0×0000007b stop error. Able to install using procedure at http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/image-vp560067.html

    Hard crash when playing videos (screen corruption then reboot).

    Wont install on Dell M1210 - was fine with previous builds. Cites BIOS incompatibility.

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