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Crossing Over: The Stories Behind The Stories, published by Jodere Group.

This biography of John begins where One Last Time left off and documents his life and career through the present day. Crossing Over is a biography that covers the last three years of John Edward's life, including his work on his smash-hit TV series. Buy it! »
In his first novel, John tells a story about one family and their way of dealing with life, love, and death over the generations. John draws upon his vast experience with individuals throughout the world - and their loved ones who have crossed over - to create a timeless tale that will touch the heart of anyone who reads it. Buy it! »

This is John's remarkable true story. He came to realize that he shares a special connection with the other side — and could allow those left behind one last visit with those they had lost. John's extraordinary gift has opened a window to the spirit world through which come messages of love, peace, and reconciliation from those who have passed over. Buy it! »
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John Edward is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium who can communicate with the world beyond. Deeply compelling, often startling and even humorous, his honest and almost skeptical attitude regarding psychic phenomena has made the staunchest of skeptics take notice and listen. It has also earned him an enormous following from all walks of life and ages.

His autobiography, One Last Time, received rave reviews and has been on the New York Times best-seller list. Two years ago, when he made an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live to promote the book, the switchboard could not handle the volume of calls John's visit generated and was blown out for hours after the show ended. Since July 2000, his television show, Crossing Over With John Edward, which airs Sunday through Thursday on SCI FI at 11PM ET/PT, has become the highest-rated daily show in SCI FI's late-night history.

John was an ordinary kid growing up on Long Island. He played ball with his friends, ate pizza on Friday nights, had out-of-body experiences, visions of dead relatives he had never known, and predicted phone calls and surprise visits. At least, he thought that's what everyone else did. He did not understand how unusual this was until he was fifteen years old and was read by a psychic himself. She let him know that he was special and that his life's work would be about bringing comfort and hope to people here in the physical world by reuniting them with those they had loved and lost.

In the years since that reading, John has expanded his work tremendously. Starting with private readings in his home and moving to radio appearances on such popular morning shows as New York's WLPJ and Los Angeles' KROQ, he has become a highly sought-after guest around the United States. He has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, The Crier Report, The Maury Povich Show, Leeza, Charles Grodin, and most recently, CNN's Showbiz Today and Live With Regis. In addition, he appeared in the critically acclaimed HBO special, Life After Life: America Undercover. John has been interviewed extensively by the The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Associated Press and numerous independent writers.

Incredibly driven to get his message out to those who have lost their loved ones, John has produced a series of instructional audio tapes, such as "Developing Your Own Psychic Powers," in which he explains how to tap into one's own abilities to communicate with the other side. His second book, What if God Were the Sun, and his third book, Crossing Over, are available now in bookstores everywhere.

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