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The following are audio excerpts from songs and instumentals I've written and recorded.

falling snow "Egypt Lane", a fairly recent song. WAV (235KB).

Francis Bacon"Francis Bacon", an agéd tune. WAV (449KB).

Who in the Heck Are You?"Who In The Heck Are You?", an R&B; romp in the Dismal Swamp. WAV (215KB).

Lifted "Lifted", a not-so-recent song. WAV (395KB).

Optisuite "Optisuite" uses a multi-sampled Optigan organ sound (the low fuzzy tremolo). WAV (351KB).

Resurrect "Resurrect", an instrumental. WAV (333KB).

Hommage to THE WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS "Hommage to The Wild World of Animals": a tribute to the music of the 1970's nature TV show. (A complete piece, not an excerpt.) WAV (514KB).

All Lyrics and Music ©1993-1997 Kevin R. Seward.

For new age/space music fans: Twilight Extended.

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