Nalimov Endgame Table DLL

Future versions of Frenzee will be loading an external library to access the table bases.
The library is dynamicly loaded so the engine can play fine without it.
The main idea is to make clear in some way what is my code
and what is other peoples code, while still offering egtb support to the those that want it.

The dll project contains an example project to demonstrate loading and probing.

Download egtb dll

Rotated Bitboard Move Generator

I've written a few different move generators for chess.
The rotated bitboard move generator as used in Crafty is one of the more difficult ones
to get working correctly. I remember it took me ages and I tried a bunch of other things like
reversed bitboards and direct algorithmic computation. However all that was way slower
than real rotated bitboards so I can honestly recommend any bitboarder to try them.

It's not thoroughly optimized but it should be enough to illustrate the idea.