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Welcome to our free PageKits (website templates). Click the thumbnails below to view them. Click "Download PageKit" to download a template, including HTML and graphics, in .zip format. You can also download the Photoshop PSD files for that PageKit, so you can customise the menu options and images to suit your site.

The PageKits are in chronological order (newest first).

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If you need any help with any of our website templates, check out our PageKits help articles, or you can post your question on our Webmaster Forums. We'll do our best to help you out there. Good luck with your site! Featured PageKits


Free PageKits

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Stylish and original, with atmospheric design and lots of CSS goodness. :D

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Windswept plains, plus all-HTML text and CSS positioning!

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Mean, moody and full of class. A great choice for gamer/clan sites!

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Amazing what you can do with a bit of driftwood on a beach!

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Dark, moody and slick - the twisters are coming to get you!! :-/

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The Doors

The Doors.
Full-screen template with a nice splash page and great distorted doors photo!

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Hang A Right

Hang A Right.
Funky extreme sports template, with a snowboarding motif.

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Nice modern PageKit with khaki colours and a Soho feel. Cute mini-frameset design!

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Cars and Gangs

Cars and Gangs.
Mean, moody and magnificient! A gritty template with an urban feel.

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