Christopher Schmidt: Web Development Services


I am a web developer with several years of experience in creating websites which generate and maintain a dynamic user experience. I have experience in using and modifying open source packages to achieving a number of different tasks -- taking available code and modifying it to fit the needs of the user running it. These changes can then be contributed back to the main package, or used only locally.

In addition to standard web development, I have experience in LiveJournal development. This allows me to offer a number of relatively uncommon services as a developer or consultant.


You may have stumbled into me because of seeing some of my photography. I'm an amateur photographer, and most of my photos can be found online via my Flickr Account. Note that any public photos are released under a CC-By-SA license. This means that you can use them in any way you wish, so long as you allow others to do the same, and give credit to me.

I do ask that if you use my photography, you drop me a note to let me know when and where you're using it - I do love to see people getting use out of my work.


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