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Create a virtual box for virtually anything!
Create a virtual box for virtually anything!

 2003 SIA Nominees and Winners

Listed below are the nominess and winners for the 2003 Shareware Industry Awards! Winners were announced at the Shareware Industry Awards Banquet on Saturday, July 19, 2003.

See the previous year winners

Best Overall Utility

Winner! ClipMate by Thornsoft Development, Inc.
File-Ex by Cottonwood Software
WinRAR by Rar Labs
WinZip by WinZip Computing, Inc.

Best Application

NoteTab Pro by Fookes Software
Winner! TextPipe by Crystal Software
Turbo Demo by Bernard D&G
UltraEdit by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.

Best Graphics Program or Utility

ACDSee by ACD Systems
Easy Imager by Fookes Software
IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan
Microangelo by Eclipsit Corporation
Winner! Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software

Best Sound Program or Utility

Winner! Blaze Media Pro by Mystik Media
GoldWave by GoldWave
NewsAloud by NextUp.Com
TextAloudMP3 by NextUp.Com

Best Vertical Market Program or Utility

Atrex by Millennium Software, LLC.
Help And Manual by EC Software
Winner! InnoSetup by Jordon Russell

Best Business Application or Utility

Business Card Designer Plus by CAM Development
MyInfo by Milenix
Notepager Pro by NotePage, Inc.
Winner! PayWindow by ZPay

Best Educational Program or Game

AceReader Pro by StepWare, Inc.
TypingMaster Pro by Typing Master Finland, Inc.
Winner! WinFlash Educator by Open Window

Best Hobby or Personal Interest

CollegeBAR by Pracx Software
Movie Collector by Collectorz.com
Personal Trainer One by SLShareware, Inc.
Winner! Trip Pilot by GPS Pilot.Com

Best Internet Enhancement A Tie!

CuteFTP by GLobalSCAPE
Winner! Dewq's No More Spam by Dewq's
Winner! FTP Voyager by RhinoSoft.Com
Group Mail Free by infacta, Ltd.

Best Internet Communication

CallStation by Impulse Technology
ICUII by Cybration, Inc.
mIRC by mIRC Co. Ltd.
Winner! Trillian by Cerulean Studios

Best Web Enhancement

Just Buttons Pro by Lincoln Beach Software, Inc.
NetCaptor by Stilesoft, Inc.
SiteSpinner by Virtual Mechanics
Winner! The Bat! by RITLABS

Best Non-Action Game

Winner! Kyodai Mahjongg by Cyber Namida
Pocket War by MetalShard
Pretty Good Solitaire by Goodsol Development
SolSuite by TreeCardGames.Com

Best Action/Arcade Game

Bubble Shooter by Absolutist.Com
Quake 3 Arena by id Software
Winner! Solid Spheres by Addictive 247

Best Program for PDA's

CacheMate by Smittyware.com
TealDoc by TealPoint Software
TealGlance by TealPoint Software
Winner! World Atlas by HandMap

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