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Stop the Beltway, Go the Betterway

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A proposed superhighway in the quadrant is less about transportation, and more about the governor, Jefferson County Commissioners and Arvada City Council wanting to promote development at tax payer expense. The Colorado Department of Transportation is proposing a shameful waste of taxpayer's money (probably over $1 billion) for this unnecessary superhighway, money that could go to other badly needed transportation projects.

Before Governor Owens and Jeffco Commissioners claim to be a fiscally conservative, they should consider our real transportation needs, and balance it with real fiscal responsibility.

A 4-lane parkway down SH 93, and a 4-lane parkway down Indiana-McIntyre are the best solutions because they may cost less, and will improve traffic flow by relieving congestion over a wider area.


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The Betterway

The green hash lines represent the proposed 4-lane twin parkways that we believe are the best solution. They will likely cost less and benefit us more by spreading out the traffic flow.

CDOT's Beltway Proposal

The thick red line represents the 6 to 8-lane superhighway, estimated to cost over $1 billion to construct.

Twin Parkways Super Highway - Toll Road

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