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"STOOLTIME COUNSELING" is an award winning, main-stream, self-help website engineered to: 1) Inform and educate the reader. 2) Evoke positive thought. 3) Provide a forum that invites readers to "ASK THE COUNSELOR".

Mental health articles and Professional Replies are personally written by a Licensed Professional Counselor, who is also a Nationally Certified Sports Counselor.

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Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
P.O. Box 46693
Mt. Clemens, MI. 48046.


What's on your mind? What's the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions? How can we view our problems from a different perspective to find a solution? How can we begin to improve the quality of our life? What is human potential in relation to our strengths and limitations? Need help sorting through questions like these? Ask the counselor. The forum I use to communicate with you is the written word. No face-to-face contact with this professional. Rather, you write to me about a personal concern, I write you back with my Professional Reply. If I'm not comfortable responding to your letter, I will tell you. If you are in crisis, there are other forums of counseling from which to choose. My areas of specialty: mental health, self-esteem, stress management, pre-marital and sports counseling. Elsewhere on this website, read self-help articles I have written. Read about our human condition from the perspective of a counselor. Let's get growing, I mean going!

* 1977. Associates degree. General Studies. Macomb Community College. Warren, MI.
* 1981. Bachelor of Science. Human Resources Development. Oakland University. Rochester, MI.
* 1988. Master of Arts. Counseling. Oakland University.
* 1987. Apprentice Substance Abuse counseling certification.
* 1988. Registered Social Worker. State of MI.
* 1990. Licensed Professional Counselor. State of MI.
* 2000. Certified Sports Counselor. Diplomate status.
* 1980-1982. Recreational Therapist. Glen Eden Psychiatric Hospital.
* 1982-1989. Mental Health Worker. Psychiatric Center of MI. Hospital.
* 1984-1985. Nautilus/Aerobics/Stress Management instructor. Salt River Racquetball club.
* 1985-1987. Adult Education teacher/counselor. L'Anse Creuse Public Schools.
* 1989-2000. Mental Health Clinician/Team leader. Oakland County Community Mental Health.
* 1991-Now. Private counseling practice.
* 2000-Now. Mental Health Clinician/Team leader. Easter Seals.
* 2001-Now. Mental Health Therapist. St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, Macomb.
* 2003-Now. Pre-Marital Counselor. Prepare/Enrich/Mate Program. Holy Cross Catholic Church.
* 8/05. Member of Human Development Steering Committee, StatueOfResponsibilityFoundation

Please send $15.00 per request for a "Professional Reply." Send your letter (list concern, tell me about yourself) to my P.O. Box. Include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. If I am unable to reply to your concern, I will send back your $15.00, guaranteed.

E-mail questions or comments to: stooltimecounseling@msn.com Thank you!

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Mark S. Rogers, LPC.
Licensed Professional Counselor and
Nationally Certified Sports Counselor, Diplomate.

* Copyright. 2001-2006. Stooltime Counseling. All rights reserved.

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