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Sherwood Fonts for December

P22 releases some beautiful OpenType Sherwood Fonts for December. #

Sherwood Fonts for December permanent link 04 dec at 13:37 by Jason [0]

Bearskinrun @ Coudal

Guest editor Kevin Cornell's inline sketches at are fabulous -- you'll miss the overall effect if you're feedreading.

Bearskinrun @ Coudal permanent link 04 dec at 06:02 by Cameron [2]

Avoiding "Developer UI"

Avoiding "Developer UI". Joseph Cooney: "A developer needed a screen for something, one or two text boxes and not much more, so they created 'the dialog', maybe just to 'try something out' and always with the intention of removing it before the product ships. They discovered they needed a few more parameters, so a couple more controls were added in a fairly hap-hazard fashion [sic].... The developer thinks of new parameters that would make the 'feature' even more powerful and so adds them to the dialog."

Avoiding "Developer UI" permanent link 30 nov at 09:35 by Cameron [0]

Transcending CSS - A peek inside

A peek inside Transcending CSS and the official book site. This could very well be the one resource that bridges the editorial gap between design book and CSS book.

Transcending CSS - A peek inside permanent link 30 nov at 06:51 by Cameron [2]

Click here and other meaningless link phrases

Many sites use link phrases that are anonymous and meaningless. Help improve the Web by making yourself and your clients think before you link.

Click here and other meaningless link phrases permanent link 28 nov at 12:56 by Roger [0]

SXSW sessions published

Speaking of SXSW, a preliminary list of sessions has been published. (If you STILL don't have a hotel at this point, you might as well book in Houston.)

SXSW sessions published permanent link 28 nov at 11:08 by Cameron [0]

Safari typography better than Firefox?

Zeldman: Safari [typography] better than Firefox? "Both browsers fake the italics. But Firefox does the job crudely: a child could tell that its 'italics' are faked. (Firefox slants the roman text.) By contrast, Safari fakes its italics so well (by substituting a true italic from the next available listed font that contains one) that only graphic designers and type hounds will realize that the font they’re viewing contains no true italics."

Safari typography better than Firefox? permanent link 27 nov at 17:08 by Cameron [0]

Sample CSS-based forms

Big list of sample CSS-based registration and feedback forms, many of which link to tutorials. (Why they qualify as part of the "Web 2.0 era" is perplexing.)

Sample CSS-based forms permanent link 27 nov at 08:51 by Cameron [0]

Win a MacPro and two 30 inch Cinema HD Displays

Create something spectacular based on one to five stock images and win a MacPro with dual Cinema Displays, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook, or an iPod.

Win a MacPro and two 30 inch Cinema HD Displays permanent link 23 nov at 20:38 by Roger [2]

Anatomy of a Drag and Drop

Anatomy of a Drag and Drop. "The mechanics of a drag and drop are pretty interesting and most library implementations do similar things, albeit to various extents. As I explain the inner workings, I'll touch on Yahoo's, Mootools', and' implementations, what to expect, and how they differ."

Anatomy of a Drag and Drop permanent link 22 nov at 06:37 by Cameron [0]

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New Firebug is here

Now you can add/edit/delete anything on a page. Tons of new features and still free.

New Firebug is here permanent link 05 dec at 19:39 by Stoyan [0]

A list apart (228)

"User-Proofing Ajax" and "Avoid Edge Cases by Designing Up Front" are the themes of the new editiion

A list apart (228) permanent link 05 dec at 11:36 by niko [1]

Born again designer

Is the fear of being born comparable to going freelance as a designer?

Born again designer permanent link 05 dec at 01:36 by Rhett [0]

AntiFlash Folks Stop

Thoughts on moving on from the anti-flash argument.

AntiFlash Folks Stop permanent link 04 dec at 16:47 by P.J. Onori [0]

Flickr Inspiration

"The following are 28 wonderful inspirational photo pools found on Flickr which could be of some use to those looking for some inspiration." Via Cameron Moll.

Flickr Inspiration permanent link 04 dec at 15:52 by Joseph S. [0]

Online News Design

Awful or brilliant? I've posted screenshots and stats of 29 of the leading news outlets for you to see. One thing is for sure, no one does online news like those crazy Scandinavians!

Online News Design permanent link 04 dec at 14:25 by Luke Stevens [0]

Development Forums

Mint Pages is a private community for forward thinking designers and developers to engage in discussions of design and development related topics. Apply for membership NOW!

Development Forums permanent link 02 dec at 11:24 by Brett [7]

24 Ways

24 Ways is back again this year.

24 Ways permanent link 01 dec at 18:40 by Tyler [3]

25 for Christmas

One beautiful site a day until Christmas.

25 for Christmas permanent link 30 nov at 21:15 by Matthew [0]

HTML Mastery

A new book by Brit Pack member, Paul Haine, called HTML Mastery.

Excellent reference for people starting out or those experienced who will rediscover the lost gems of HTML!

HTML Mastery permanent link 29 nov at 17:26 by Mah [0]

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