George Clooney's Potbellied Pig Dies

LOS ANGELES (December 2, 2006) -- George Clooney's good buddy Max is now in hog heaven.

Max, the nearly 300-pound potbellied pig who has shared George's home for nearly two decades, died on Friday, according to reports.

The celebrity swine died while Clooney was out of town promoting his latest film, "The Good German."

"He just died, like an hour ago," Clooney told USA Today. "He was as old a pig as the vets had ever seen. I was really surprised, because he's been a big part of my life."

Clooney gained custody of Max about 18 years ago, after breaking up with then-girlfriend-and-now-Mrs.-John-Travolta Kelly Preston.

Max (pictured above)first grabbed headlines in January 2005 with premature reports of his demise, prompting Clooney to release a statement asserting the pig was still alive. However, Max did have some serious health problems, as he suffered from arthritis and was partially blind.

He was seriously injured in 2001 when one of Clooney's friends accidentally ran the pig over with his car.

But now that Max has gone to the big pig pen in the sky, will Clooney get another one?

"No," he told USA Today. "I think Max covered all my pig needs."

"The Good German" Junket: George Clooney


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