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You can use this form to get in touch with Simon and Matt, who run ELATED. Simply choose who you would like to contact and type in your message, and it will be emailed to us straight away!

Note: If you want to ask a question regarding web design or development you will get a better, quicker response if you post your question on our Webmaster Forums, as we don't always have the time to answer such questions by email. Thanks!

Photo of Si

Simon creates the PageKits and deals with most of the design work on He's ELATED's resident Photoshop and Mac guru. He is also the guy to speak to if you want us to build you a website, as he does sales stuff too!

PLEASE NOTE: Simon will be away between Thursday November 16 and Friday December 15 2006.

Photo of Matt

Matt makes the ActionKits and most of the ImageKits and Tutorials. Matt works on the techy stuff and wrote the back-end database code and CGI scripts for Matt also deals with site promotion and advertising, and is ELATED's Press Contact.

General contact

General contact. If you're not sure which of us you'd like to email, then you can send us a general message by clicking this option, and either Simon or Matt will read it.


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