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SCCA Announces 2007 Hall of Fame Class
SCCA Staff Writers
TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 22, 2006) – Sports Car Club of America, Inc. announced today the five individuals that will be inducted as the third class into the SCCA Hall of Fame.

Marge Binks, Marc Gerstein, Carl Haas, Curtis LeMay and Ted Robertson will join the 15 individuals inducted in 2005 and 2006, during the February 3 enshrinement ceremony that will close the 2007 SCCA National Convention in San Antonio, Texas.


Marge Binks: Marge Binks was actually involved with the San Diego Region years before becoming a member in 1965, serving as the region’s membership chair and Chief Communicator beginning in 1962. A license holder in virtually every specialty throughout the years, Binks served as the grid chief for the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Long Beach and Las Vegas and has served as race chairman for over 175 events, including SCCA, Formula 1, IMSA, Champ Car and USAC. A former San Diego Regional Executive, Binks became the Club’s first female Chairman of the Board (1995-1996) during her two-term stint on the Board (1991-1996). She was bestowed with SCCA’s highest honor, the Woolf Barnato Award, in 1999 and has also received the San Diego Worker of the Year award, Wolfgang Krause Achievement Award, Dave Morrell award and Cal Club’s Lifetime Achievement award.

Marc Gerstein: Recognized with Vern Jaques (HoF 2005) and Grant Reynolds (HoF 2006) as one of the fathers of the Solo program, Gerstein was at the forefront of safety programs for both Solo I (now Time Trials) and Solo II. Throughout the years, he has been an active participant in Solo, Hillclimbs and Club Racing, still holding official licenses in all three programs. For his contributions to SCCA, Gerstein received the Solo Cup in 1978 and was the recipient of the Woolf Barnato Award in 2004.

Carl A. Haas: Initially a Club Racing driver, Carl Haas was a sports car racing pioneer, becoming the importer for Lola cars and building many successful race teams in Formula 5000, Can-Am (both first and second generation), Super Vee and (currently) Champ Car racing. Haas took time out from his business to serve the Club on its Board of Directors for a total of 12 years, acting as its Chairman for four. He was bestowed SCCA’s highest honor, the Woolf Barnato Award, in 1985.

General Curtis E. LeMay: When the era of early street road races ended abruptly in the early 1950s, sports car owner and enthusiast General Curtis LeMay, head of the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command, opened up facilities of SAC bases to racing. While the “SAC era” was brief (from 1953 through 1955), it came at a crucial time for the Club as it transitioned to newly-built racing facilities. For his contributions, LeMay was presented the Woolf Barnato Award in 1954.

Theodore F. Robertson: Ted Robertson is considered by many to be the founder of Sports Car Club of America. Described as a virtual automotive encyclopedia, Robertson served as the Club’s first president (1944-1947) and designed the SCCA wire wheel logo, still used today.

The five 2007 inductees will join the two previous classes, including:
2005: Cameron Argetsinger, A. Tracy Bird, John Fitch, Arthur Gervais, Harry Handley, Vern Jaques, Bill Milliken, Sue Roethel, Art Trier and Rob Walker.
2006: John Bornholdt, John Buffum, Mark Donohue, Denise McCluggage and Grant Reynolds.

The Hall of Fame formation was announced February 7, 2004 at the National Convention. Hall of Fame inductees are selected for having made a significant contribution to the development and/or the preservation of SCCA that had a direct impact on the Club being the organization it is today.

Nominations were submitted to and reviewed by the Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Committees. Of the nominated individuals, five were selected for the 2007 Class.

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