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 Enemy Territory News
Cup Update 2006-11-06 18:41:52
by: Venom
Signup Cut-Off

The signups for the above cup will be closing on Sunday 12th November 2006 at midnight.

Any clans that still wish to participate in this cup then please register before the end of Sunday, applications after this time will not be accepted.

All CLís from the respective clans that have registered, please make sure you are listed as CL for your clan as an email giving further instructions, schedules, maps etc will be sent to this address. Those clans that donít have a registered member designated Clan Leader will be removed from the cup prior to seeding and bracket draws.

The schedules and seedings (if any) will be drawn up over the following week and the relevant schedules posted here.

Good Luck


uQ Seasons Autumn Cup 2006-10-03 14:18:04
by: Venom
uQ.Gaming Seasons ET Cup

Its been crazy times recently in ET, with a second quakecon and CPC over in europe. All this activity has stired a name not seen in ET for a while.

I can confirm that uQ-Gaming are once again going to support Enemy Territory.

uQ.Gaming in association with Savageleagues have decided to run there seasons cups .We have put forward £300 (440Euros) as a prize fund for a cup within ET. Already some other sponsors have put forward interest in supporting an online event, and so we can expect more than just the cash by the time the cup starts.

Since we only got the support confirmed a few days ago, its still early in the planning stages, but so far i can confirm the following:

The prize pot is a minimum of £300 (440Euro)
The cup will support 6v6
The size of the cup will depend on the amount of sign ups we get.
It will start within the next month.

#uQ.Gaming are looking for people who can offer support or admin experience for the cup, so if you can then please pm uQ-Venom in irc.

I can also confirm that if this cup is a success, uQ will forward at least the same prize fund for repeat events, with the idea of making a seasonal cup.


The map list is looking like:
fueldump_te (we are looking at one of the new fueldump versions)
This list is by no means set in stone yet.

Depending on the amount of teams we get will depend on the timescale in which this cup will run.

The config is likely to be the same as the one currently used by Clanbase with ET 2.60b and ET-Pro 3.2.6..

Signups will work like this:
Signups are effectively open now, for three weeks (although we may well keep them open longer)
This IS NOT a 1st come 1st served basis.
We will look at how many teams want to participate in the cup and work out a way to let as many teams as possible qualify. We expect there to be a lot of teams wanting to play, and so some teams may end up dissapointed.

If your team is interested in taking part them please send follow these instructions:
1) Your team must first register HERE
2) Once this is done then you may register for the cup HERE

Roster info is not needed at this stage, all we need to know is that your team is interested in playing. Once we know how many teams we have we will start to organise the groups and announce the teams.

We will try and give as many teams as possible the chance to compete, but it is likely some teams will be seeded.

Teams will have at least three weeks from now to signup, and maybe longer depending on the interest we recieve.

Week 11 Predicitions 2005-06-28 18:04:42
by: vowel
This weeks maps are SW_Goldrush_TE and Dubrovnik.

Division 1:

UKEG vs Signum

UKEG are top of the league and with these maps look the favourites to win this one. However, Signum donít look to bad on Dubrovnik so I wouldnít rule them out just yet. But I will, 2-0 UKEG.

D2A vs s0

Both teams are well prepared for Dubrovnik from what I have seen, so that map is bound to be intresting. Goldrush on the other hand maybe a bit one sided, and D2A are most likely to take it so it will come to Dubrovnik to see what happens to the scores. I believe D2A will take that as well, 2-0 D2A.

SG vs one.soldier

This is possibly the game of the season in my opinion. SG have been doing very well through out the season as have one.soldier. I have no doubt that SG will put up a great fight, but I believe that one.soldier will just out aim them and take a 2-0 victory.

Division 2:


Bottom of the table vs top of the table, so not much to say here. Although DOW are great guys I just donít think they can take LGND here. So Iíll have to say that LGND will take both maps for a 2-0 win.


TFA still impress me with every match they play, I doubt this will be an exception. With all due respect for OcUK, I donít think they will give TFA a very hard fight. 2-0 TFA.

Week 10 Predictions 2005-06-19 15:51:57
by: vowel
Week ten maps are Battery and Braundorf_b2.

Division 1:

Mafia vs Senf:White
Mafia are currently struggling to get players, so they may not even get 6 for this match. With that in mind this is a short prediction, 2-0 Senf:White.

nC vs signum

With normal maps I would say signum hands down for this one. However, these maps are far from normal. So I will say nC for battery and Signum for Braundorf, 1-1 draw.

nC vs signum will be shoutcasted by rG (uQ and UK team captain) on Pure Gaming Radio. - #pg-radio . Be in for the link to the shoutcast

UKEG vs s0

s0 having been improving lately, wither or not that will be enough to take down the mighty force that is UKEG will remain to be seen. UKEG are UKís most respected clans, and for a good reason and I think they will walk away with a victory on Tuesday. 2-0 UKEG.

D2A vs one.soldier
Here is the match I have been waiting for. Both clans are evenly matched and will come down to the fact the maps are Battery and Braundorf. Who is better prepared? I really have no idea and donít know which way this one will go. So why not say a draw? 1-1.

Sg vs m00!

SG are looking to reclaim theyíre spot at number one in the league, if D2A slip up that could happen. SG are a great team and have been proving that all season, not to put down m00! as they are also a good team having a good game every time they play. However I donít think m00! can hold up against the impressive SG, 2-0 SG.
Division 2:

=ABS vs goD
goD are only one point behind =ABS= in the table and will need a win to take over. I doubt =ABS= will let that happen without a good fight so this match will be one to remember. This maps make it hard to do predictions, but I will have to say 2-0 =ABS=.

[TFA] vs NW

Match of the week! Both just out of reach of number one spot and are both looking to get one step closer to LGND (who have a default win this week, not helping these teams.) Now, I have seen both these teams on battery and I will say that it will be close, maybe to close. Braundorf is something different however and once again will come to who has prepared for it more. Who will take this? I canít say I know, but since I have to say or it just wouldnít be a prediction. This time, not a draw but 2-0 to [TFA] as they impress me more and more each time I see them.

Week 9 Predictions 2005-06-12 15:21:14
by: vowel
Maps for this week are Fueldump and Nachteinbruch. After skipping Week 8's predictions due to not having the time to do them. Division One:

Mafia vs Signum
Under normal serum stances this would be a game to see, but Mafia have been having some problems as of late which will likely cause a defeat against the strong force that is Signum. 2-0 Signum

nC vs s0

Not the first time these two teams have met, although s0 have yet to beat nC in an official match they have done so on Nachteinbruch so this one could go either way. However nC have a strong record with s0 so I will say 2-0 nC.

UKEG vs one.

Two great games to be played this week in division one, this is one of them. It will really depend on Nachteinbruch as I believe UKEG may take Fueldump but it will be close. This one is hard to decide so Iíll go with a draw 1-1.

D2A vs SG

The other great game of tonight in division one and could set the winner of season five. SG has only lost one round in savage so far, D2A have lost two so if D2A win they will take the lead. Two interesting maps for a game like this, my money is on D2A for Fueldump and SG on Nachteinbruch. So a draw, 1-1.

Division Two:

`EU vs goD

`EU, now going back to theyíre name AiA is confusing the hell out of me to be frank (but Iím not frank, Iím vowel.) So I do not know what to expect from them here. Randomly saying stuff now from `EUís (AiAís? :S) games they stand a good chance against goD. Only three points separate these two clans in the table, and I believe that is how it will stay. 1-1 draw with `EU taking Fueldump and goD taking Nachteinbruch.

=ABS= vs OcUK

This seems to be a good week for good games. Both teams are mid table and not wanting to stay that way. Fueldump, the snowy map from hell with all its spam can be very awkward to attack by any clan along with Nachteinbruch, tactical warfare with lotto spawn times. These maps with these teams could end up not seeing the carpet with the bloody mess left on the floor. I will have to say =ABS= will out spam OcUK here. 2-0 =ABS=.


Both of these two teams have yet to lose a map this season, so this will be the match of all matches for them. The winner of this one has the best chance of winning the season. Now, I have no idea how these two teams do on these type of maps; so Iím going to take a wild guess and say that LGND will take this one but will not be an easy victory. 2-0 LGND.

Week 7 Problems 2005-06-02 14:38:16
by: vowel
On Tuesday Punkbuster decided to update with a big fault in the update causing savage games to be cancled. So, week sevens matches will now be played on week twelve (a week after savage is supposed to end.) Except for this, the league will continue as normal meaning this week is still week eight.

Week 7 Predictions 2005-05-31 09:33:15
by: vowel
This weeks matchs are to be played on Radar and Dubrovnik.

Division 1:

Mafia vs one.soldier

One.soldier when on form is very hard to beat, but Mafia have the experience on Dubrovnik as one. had a default on it last week which could make all the difference. I will have to say 2-0 to one.soldier though.

nC vs SG

SG have yet to lose a map in savage league this far and I donít think this game will be any different. If nC can sneak radar they might get a draw. 2-0 SG.


This one could be very interesting. UKEG no doubt the most respected UK squad should be able to take radar. This one will come down to the fast map of Dubrovnik and who has prepared for it most. UKEG have the aim advantage but D2A the ďpractice makes perfectĒ theory. 1-1, I think D2A will take Dubrovnik.

SenFW vs m00!

If m00 can pull it together and get theyíre best squad on they might be able to pull this one off. SenF|White have good team work and skill but Radar is such an awkward map, and m00! could steal it if they arenít careful. Iíll go with my gut and say 2-0 to SenF|Whitethough.

Division 2:


Good match here, both teams have been around for quite some time and both around the same skill wise. This could be tuff for both teams with these maps it is hard to make a good prediction. I will say 2-0 to OcUK however.

`EU vs [TFA]

These two teams have met before on this map, Radar in the Unter semi finals. Of which `EU are seeking revenge for. [TFA] seriously not wanting this to happen should be able to hold of `EU. 2-0 to [TFA].

Web Server Maintenance .. 2005-05-27 10:23:30
by: Slave
A quick post to let you all know that our web server will be down, for approximately an hour, starting from 10pm BST tonight ..

Patch/Etpro update 2005-05-26 21:22:02
by: vowel
As most of you may already know, etpro realised a new official version (3.2.0) for the new patch (2.60.) Savage Leagues will be updating to the new patch and etpro for week 8 and onwards. This week however is week 7 and we will be remaining on the current versions of etpro and patch which are currently 3.1.0 and 1.02. Now, along with the new etpro there are several new features. Some of which will make it into the new savage config for 3.2.0 some will not. Below you can see what will be added and what will not be.

Shrugging has been disabled.

Hit sounds will be turned on server side so you can still have them on or off client side. However, Etpro has made it so only bullets can have hitsounds (i.e. grenades have no bullets so no hitsounds.)
The much talked about Rate of Fire will remain the same as always.

Charge transfer has been disabled, so you may not drop a mine and let someone else try and arm it on a surface it may not be armed so he can get his charge up faster.

Mortar pitch has been set to 10. This means when on a slope the mortar may not go under 30 degrees.

Distance damage fall off and been removed. This means the damage from a distance is the same as it is up close.

Helmet protection shall remain on, this means when you have your helmet on you receive 40 damage instead of 50 unlike when you have it off. Also means it remains 3 headshots per kill instead of 2.

Flushitems I could not figure out what it did, so it isnít even going into the config for the time being. I have asked on baniís forum what it does, hopefully weíll get a reply and we will see what happens. If it goes in the config it will be posted in along with week 8ís predictions.

Week 6 Predictions 2005-05-22 23:38:52
by: vowel
The maps for week 6 are sw_goldrush_te and Dubrovnik.

Division 1:

Mafia vs sg

This match has been rescheduled for Thursday. Anyway, with sg on top of the division one table without a single loss as of yet I doubt Mafia can touch them. 2-0 SG.

nC vs D2A
nC only 3 points behind D2A want that difference gone, but D2A should prove to much for nC. 2-0 D2A.

UKEG vs m00!

UKEG should take sw_goldrush without to much hassle, but this one will come down to Dubrovnik and how the teams handle it. UKEG arenít much for custom maps and have not had a win on one yet may just lose them this one. However, Dubrovnik has a good aim side to it and UKEG has that advantage over m00! 2-0 to UKEG.

Signum vs Senf|White

This should be a very interesting game. Signum have been having roster problems lately and I have no idea how they are getting on just now. Senf just keep getting stronger and stronger every week, this one could be close. I will say Senf will take sw_goldrush and signum Dubrovnik, 1-1.

Division 2:

DOW vs [TFA]

TFA are another team that just keeps getting stronger, keep an eye on them or they will bite you and bite you hard. Usually dogs do the biting but I believe TFA will be doing it this time round, 2-0 TFA.

=ABS= vs NW

NW having been holding strong at the top of the and when on theyíre game they are quite hard to beat. 2-0 NW

goD vs LGND

LGND, the other team on the top of the table and looking at both clans history this one could be good. LGND should take sw_goldrush but if goD can pull it togther they could take Dubrovnik. 1-1 draw.

Week 5 Predictions 2005-05-14 11:15:02
by: vowel
This weeks maps are Maps: Oasis & Nachteinbruch.

Division 1:

Mafia vs D2A

D2A/Relic looks to be in good form after scrimming them only a few days ago. If they can stay in that place D2A shouldnít have a problem beating Mafia. 2-0 D2A

nC vs UKEG

In UnterElite nC won Unter and UKEG only a few days ago winning the Elite, this is truly UnterElite (accept no imitations.) With UKEG not caring much for custom maps, nC maybe able to take a draw on Nachteinbruch. However, UKEGís experience will give them an extra edge. Iíll say 2-0 UKEG.

One. vs doGma

One.soldier is another clan that has been looking good lately. With a map like Nachteinbruch they should have little trouble from dogma. Although I havenít seen much of doGma as of late, 2-0 one.soldier.

s0 vs Senf|White
With s0 yet to win a game will be looking to snatch this one from Senf|White. Senf|White have played against nothing but the top teams in the league this far and pulling out draws will most likely take this one. 2-0 Senf|White.

Signum vs m00

This is my match of the week. Signum although have had roster problems can still hang with the best of them. The Sinister Cows should give them a run for theyíre money. I honestly have no idea how this one will end, and because of that I have to say 1-1 draw.

Division 2:

`EU vs =ABS=

`EU, another clan that has been having problems fielding a team, if they can get theyíre squad together on the night they should be able to take this win. 2-0 `EU.


Now heres a good match that LGND have to win to stay top of the table as NW have a default win this week. Again, this will come down to the rather chaotic map that is Nachteinbruch and who has prepared for the map more. Iíll go with my gut here and say 2-0 LGND.

Good luck, to those I said would lose. I challenge you to prove me wrong!

Week 4 Predicitions 2005-05-05 07:51:00
by: vowel
I have finally gotten round to doing predictions, even though it is now week 4. You will see weekly predictions posted here each week; these are just my personal opinion on the outcome of these matches and are not to be taken seriously as it is a bit of fun. I am NOT a fortune teller, but I will take your money; if you wish of course.

Maps: Seawall Battery & Braundorf_b2

Division 1:

Mafia vs UKEG

This will be an interesting match, UKEG could beat mafia on any standard map but they dislike customs so Mafia could come out with a draw. I will say 2-0 to UKEG however.

nC vs m00

These two clans have clashed a few times before and has always been a good battle on both ends. However nC have yet to win against m00! in official competition. Battery should be close and I have no idea how these teams will do on Braundorf. It looks like a draw 1-1.

SG vs doGma

SG have been on they're A game lately and should break through doGma with little trouble. 2-0 to SG.

one. vs Senf|White
Match of the week, two evenly matched teams on two interesting maps. This one could go either way. Once again I'll have to say a draw, 1-1.

s0 vs Signum

Both clans have had a couple of tuff matches so far and are struggling to get out of the bottom end off the table. Signum have been having roster problems as of late but I doubt this will stop them. 2-0 Signum.

Division 2:

DOW vs =ABS=

With these maps this could go either way, I have not seen much of these clans this season but from the past I can say it maybe a close match. 1-1 draw.

`EU vs NW

Yet another good game here, I believe this one will come down to shooting as both clans are equal in team play and tactics. It will come down to Braundorf and who has prepared for it more, 2-0 to NW.


The battle for top spot, LGND vs [TFA] will set who is on top and who is not (along with NW, if NW win they're match.) I have not played much with either of these clans and from what I have seen of them this will be a tight game. A 1-1 draw here I reckon.

goD vs =SIE=

=SIE= have dropped out of the league.

Season Starting 2005-04-15 20:21:42
by: vowel
Savage League ET sign ups are now closed. The season will start next week on Tuesday the 19th and matches will be on every Tuesday there after. Maps to be played this season are the 6 standard ET maps with an exception of goldrush which is being replaced with sw_goldrush_te. These maps will be along side 4 custom maps; these are as follows, Supplydepot 2, Dubrovnik_final_1104, Braundorf_b2 and Nachteinbruch. Links are available for each on the right of this page along with the season 5 config. Division two games will be played at 8pm and division one games at 9pm (British standard time.) The fixtures and divisions will be up on Saturday. The first weeks maps are Oasis/Radar, prepare well. Remember to be in IRC 15 minutes before match start, check which division you are in on Saturday for match start time. Each clan will have a week off during the league as having 11 clans in each division, five games per division will be played a week and one clan a week off.

Season Five starting 2005-03-30 04:44:45
by: vowel
Well, it is that time again. Thatís right Season Five is upon us and will be starting on the 19th on April. As always we will be having matches every week on Tuesday and keeping the flow going of last season, we will be having two maps per week. Sadly with the arrival of SW_Goldrush_TE the standard map Goldrush will not be played and will be replaced with the SW version. Except for this map it is unknown which custom maps will be played this season so please have a look at this forum thread to suggest which maps should be played. Sign ups for season five are open until Tuesday the 12th of April at which time they will be closed. Please keep in mind that whenever you sign up people to your team they are unable to play for eight days, so donít cut it to close.

I have written a new config for this season which is still in the testing stages, more updates on that to come. What will be in it for sure though, medics will have level one so it is not harder for the attacking team due to lack of ammo for the medics, and there will be six mines. The mine choice seems logical as when at seven they were used too much and set everywhere, with five they are hardly used at all. So letís bring in mines again without making it too hard for the attacking team.

Donít forget, signups close on the 12th of April and the season starts the week after.

Anyone that is interested in helping out by being a match admin please contact me via IRC on QuakeNet.

ET Season Five Sign ups open 2005-03-20 00:10:52
by: vowel
As some may already know, EllTee has not been around for quite some time so I (vowel) will be running this season after asking the Savage Council. Since there are at least three other leagues going just now we wonít be starting right away, but sign ups are open. Keep checking here for more updates. Any questions I am in on quakenet.

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