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Welcome to InterTools page. This is an archive of interactive tools for discrete optimization algorithms to be used through the Internet.

We believe in the importance of actual (software) realizations as a useful technique in the experimental analysis, empirical verification and tuning of algorithms. These realizations help to assess the relevance or limitations of theoretical models and to create bridges toward applications in different domains.

The tools permit to send descriptions of problems to our server and to receive solutions, both by email and on the client browser. They are intended to be used by researchers and practitioners to:

Our work is just beginning, at the moment the following tools are available:
Of course, the tools are available for free and without warranty of any kind; see our disclaimer for details.
Note: at the moment the only browser working with our interactive pages is Netscape, version 2.02 or higher. Hopefully future releases of other browsers will support the File Upload and the "Browse Button", see RFC 1867 document and Coguar page at W3C.

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