Air Cleaner Medium, Photocatalyst Air Cleaner Medium, Photocatalyst
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Air Sanitizer, Nano Silver Photocatalyst
Air Sanitizer, Nano Silver Photocatalyst

[ Specifications ]
100 ~ 1000ml. in variety; Net Weight: 1.5kg /pc, 25kg /tank
[ Functions and Features ]
Nano silver photocatalyst keeps the features of common air sanitizer. Because of adding nanometer Ag, etc. the air sanitizer has capabilities of stronger oxidation reductive reaction, sterilization, deodorization, decomposing and adsorption, but also has the efficiency of persisting in sterilization (Can sterilize even in the conditions of no light) and keeping moisture within 24 hours.
[ Instruction For Use ]
Same with air sanitizer and notice: 1.Protect children from eating in error. If happen to spray into eyes, mouth, noses or on skin, should wash and clean with clean water. 2.Befor spraying should lightly shake and use after it is equal.
1.Ensure dry of the treated fabric
2.Spray antifouling composition through spraying and coating on the surface of the fabric needed treatment and water content is not lower than 20%. (Also adopting soaking method)
3.Airing or drying the treated fabric
4.Iron the treated fabric at high temperature. Adjustment of the temperature accords with the principle of not damaging the fabric. Temperature is higher, better effect.
5.The treated fabric is not suitable for washing with hand. When being washed more than 50times by washing machine the antifouling effect may keep over 95%.
Purifying accessible indoor office and household goods, such as telephone, computer keyboard, mouse, table, cabinet, chair, armrest, doorknob, lamps and lanterns and button of elevator, etc.

If you would like to know more about our product, please click (" Air Sanitizer, Nano Silver Photocatalyst ").

If you have any question, feel free to contact us (" ") or click (" Contact Us ") to submit your advice.
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