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Past Champions


Year Champion Runner-Up Finals Score Most Valuable Player
2006 Saginaw Valley State
Newman 2-0 Cory Simmons, Newman
2005 Lindenwood Fresno State 2-0 David O’Sullivan, Morehead State
2004 Kansas Saginaw Valley State 2-1 Rhino Page, Kansas
2003 Wichita State Morehead State 2-1 Melissa Bellinder, Fresno State
2002 Western Illinois Purdue 2-1 Derek Sapp, Western Illinois
2001 Western Illinois Florida State 4-3 Derek Sapp, Western Illinois
2000 West Texas A&M Erie CC 3-4, 4-0 D.J. Archer, West Texas A&M
1999 Western Illinois Nebraska 2-1 Jeremy Sonnenfeld, Western Illinois
1998 Wichita State Michigan State 416-368 Joe Ciccone, Arizona State
1997 Saginaw Valley State West Texas A&M 409-330 Scott Shimer, Indiana State
1996 Nebraska Saginaw Valley State 380-342 Kurt Pilon, Saginaw Valley State
1995 Wichita State West Texas A&M 474-454 Josh Hale, Wichita State
1994 Wichita State Nebraska 19,209-18,259 Tony Manna Jr., Nebraska
1993 Wichita State San Jose State 399-343 Tony Reyes, San Jose State
1992 William Paterson Wichita State 452-439 David Garber, Wichita State
1991 Saginaw Valley State Wichita State 393-384 Chris Sole, William Paterson
1990 Nebraska Wichita State 393-379 Pat Healey, Wichita State
1989 Cal State-Fullerton Washington State 387-375 Chris Sole, William Paterson
1988 Erie CC Wichita State 521-430 Justin Hromek, Wichita State
1987 Wichita State Houston 332-315 Rick Steelsmith, Wichita State
1986 Erie CC West Texas State 211-148 Rick Steelsmith, Wichita State
1985 Wisconsin-La Crosse West Texas State 202-200 Scott Thomsen, Washington State
1984 Buffalo State Wichita State 143-133 Dan Nadeau, Erie CC
1983 Vincennes Arizona State 233-179 Mike Jasnau, Wichita State
1982 Washington State Michigan State 192-168 Tom Crites, Hillsborough CC
1981 Arizona State West Texas State 235-196 Bud Loveall, West Texas State
1980 Wichita State Washington State 180-165 Jeff McBeth, Wichita State
1979 California SW Missouri State 216-176 Mike Stout, Vincennes
1978 Minnesota Armstrong State 347-337
1977 West Liberty California-Davis 168-166
1976 South Carolina Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2,384-2,327
1975 Wisconsin-La Crosse Rochester Tech 2,405-2,227


Year Champion Runner-Up Finals Score Most Valuable Player
2006 Lindenwood
Central Florida 2-0 Lindsey Coulles, Morehead State
2005 Wichita State West Texas A&M 2-0 Anita Manns, Wichita State
2004 Pikeville Wichita State 2.5-.5 Maggie Smith, Wichita State
2003 Central Missouri State Florida State 2-1 Kristina Boehm, Kansas
2002 Morehead State Wichita State 2.5-1.5 Stacey Bokina, Morehead State
2001 Nebraska Arizona State 3-4, 4-1 Amy Rocco-Stolz, Arizona State
2000 Morehead State Fresno State 4-2 Cathy Krasner, Fresno State
1999 Nebraska Fresno State 2-1 Kelly Kulick, Morehead State
1998 Morehead State Central Missouri State 390-374 Kelly Kulick, Morehead State
1997 Nebraska Erie CC 398-295 Jennifer Daugherty, Nebraska
1996 West Texas A&M Nebraska 399-397 Karen Stroud, West Texas A&M
1995 Nebraska Wichita State 414-373 Jennifer Swanson, Sacred Heart
1994 Wichita State Nebraska 19,830-19,576 Melinda Johnson, Morehead State
1993 William Paterson Morehead State 404-357 Elizabeth Johnson, Morehead State
1992 West Texas State Nebraska 339-327 Stacy Manley, Sacramento State
1991 Nebraska West Texas State 376-354 Kim Berke, Nebraska
1990 Wichita State West Texas State 390-382 Leslie Beamish, Wichita State
1989 Morehead State Penn State 414-392 Sharon Todd, Morehead State
1988 West Texas State San Jose State 374-340 Lisa McGinnis, Morehead State
1987 West Texas State San Jose State 386-282 Robin Davis, West Texas State
1986 Wichita State West Texas State 181-174 Julie Bishop, West Texas State
1985 West Texas State Indiana State 167-137 Lynn Pruitt, Indiana State
1984 Indiana State Fresno State 195-152 Connie Haycock, Boise State
1983 West Texas State Indiana State 182-175 Cathy Dyess, West Texas State
1982 Erie CC Arizona State 205-193 Patty Bowie, Arizona State
1981 Arizona State Penn State 181-167 Patty Bowie, Arizona State
1980 Erie CC SUNY-Buffalo 182-170 Barb Walker, San Jose State
1979 Penn State Hillsborough CC 192-180 Valerie Bright, Penn State
1978 Wichita State Hillsborough CC 403-384
1977 Wichita State San Jose State 165-157
1976 San Jose State Wichita State 2,149-2,075
1975 Wichita State San Jose State 2,123-2,115