Air Transportation
The Town of Buckeye is well served by air service. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States, is a 35 minute drive from Downtown Buckeye. In addition, the Phoenix Goodyear Airport, which is a reliever airport for Sky Harbor, is located approximately 10 minutes from downtown Buckeye.

In addition to these larger airports, the Town of Buckeye is home to the Buckeye Municipal Airport. The airport is located approximately 1 mile south of Interstate-10 at the Palo Verde interchange. Currently, our Airport is equipped with a 5,500 ft. north/south aligned runway designed for use by small, general aviation aircraft. The figure below illustrates the current layout of the Buckeye Municipal Airport.

Although the Buckeye Municipal Airport is currently used for small, general aviation aircraft, its size (800 acres) and location (1/4 mile from a major interchange off of Interstate 10) give it the potential to be an exceptional commercial airpark. It is already the home of the Groen Brothers Aviation Company flight testing operation, which has created approximately 45 high-tech aviation jobs at the airport. In the "Sites Available" section of this web site, there is a detailed plan featuring available commercial and industrial areas at the Buckeye Municipal Airport .