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Belcourt Castle Exterior is designed in the style of Louis XIII (French King from 1600-1643)

Figure 1 Aerial view with Belcourt Castle in the center,
Almy Pond at the right and Bailey's Beach upper left

Orignally built on the land between "Belcourt" and Almy Pond, bordering on Wheatland Avenue (now Rovensky Avenue) until after 1933.

Early sketches for "Belcourt" resemble the stick style of Hunt's earlier work in two very distinct and different styles: the north wing French Renaissance, and the south, east and west wings half-timbered, like Norman, Elizabethan English and country German styles. With small high windows, the first floor was all for the horses. Inside were thirty horse stalls separated by carved teakwood partitions. In its day the Belmont stable was the envy of Newport "society".

On the second floor of the south wing are now some 20 rooms. What had been servants' quarters for 17 grooms, coachman and gardener was converted to apartments in 1940. Since 1956 the area has been continually reconfigured into comfortable living quarters for the Tinney Family and members of the Castle staff.