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The Center for Security Policy Military Committee

Since its founding, the Center has worked to alert the American people to the increased and diversified threats emerging to U.S. national security and interests. The public and their elected representatives failed until recently to appreciate the dangerous implications associated with allowing our military simultaneously to be over-committed, under-resourced and overly downsized.

This has been due partly to a sustained failure of leadership over much of the past decade.Worse, a growing majority of Americans lacks any first-hand connection to or appreciation of the military and its functions.Worse yet, the roughly 40-60 million Americans who do have some direct or dependent relationship to the U.S. military have become less and less engaged and, therefore, less influential in the policy-making deliberations.

The Center for Security Policy developed a mechanism to educate and mobilize the military-related constituency to help renew a commitment to putting U.S. national security once again on a sound footing.

The Center for Security Policy's Military Committee was founded in 1999 under the chairmanship of former Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Carl E. Mundy, Jr. The current chairman, Major General Paul Vallely, is a past deputy commander of all U.S. Army forces in the Pacific. General Vallely is working with other members of the Committee - many of whom are among the foremost national security practitioners and thinkers of our time - to engage the military community, and those attentive to its views, as catalysts for renewing America's defense capabilities and adopting effective peace-through-strength policies to guide their use.

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