PeaceMaker - A Video Game to Promote Peace

PeaceMaker: A Video Game to Promote Peace


Eric Brown and Asi Burak founded ImpactGames for the continued development of PeaceMaker and future titles.

Eric Brown - ImpactGames, CEO

Eric Brown founded and co-managed for several years Issue Design Build in Seattle, Washington. Eric gained experience in interactive educational design while volunteering with the development of the Aviation Learning Center and then working at Aerospace Camp at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Eric Brown holds a Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon and received a BFA in Painting with focused studies in education and computer graphics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Photo of Eric Brown

Asi Burak - ImpactGames, CCO and Executive Producer

Asi Burak was VP of Marketing and Product Design at Axis Mobile LTD., where he helped to introduce new and innovative mobile games to a world-wide market while fostering relationships with companies such as Motorola and MTV. As a former Senior Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Asi was first introduced to advanced systems for communication and analysis as a Captain in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He holds a Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon and a BA in Design from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.

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Joe Stafura - ImpactGames, VP Marketing and Sales

Joe has over 30 years of experience in the application of technology and operational solutions to the areas of communications and business. Joe worked as a field engineer for NASA in support of the SkyLab and LASER Ranging Programs. Joe worked as the Director of Technology for Eagle Printing Company, a privately held publishing and printing firm in the 80's. In the 90's he began his career as an entrepreneur filling key roles in the start up of four companies over the last 15 years, including Electronic Images, which was sold to USWeb in 1997 and Cepstral, a Speech Technology Company. His roles have involved technical, financial, marketing, sales and operational planning.

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Tim Sweeney - Lead Game Designer

Tim Sweeney is the lead designer for PeaceMaker. Tim has done designs for collaborative applications at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA. He has also been perfecting several original interactive simulations as part of his own experiments in the field and writing essays on them as a continuation of his thesis work. Tim holds a Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Psychology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Patrick Bannan - Artist

A recent graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Patrick Bannan holds a BS in Media Arts and Animation. His passion for art and contributing to socially responsible endeavors has kept him focused and involved throughout his college career, and continues to guide his daily efforts. Amidst excelling in school and volunteering on many varied projects, Patrick found himself contributing to the prototype phase of the PeaceMaker game, and has since been hired on at ImpactGames as the artist for assorted game assets.

Photo of Patrick Bannan

Tim Tournay - Software Engineer

Tim Tournay graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Computer Engineering in 2002. Previously he worked in Johnstown, PA as a contractor creating military simulation software on projects involving training. One project, for example, was software for the Nation Training Center in Fort Irwin that taught soldiers how to deal with social and political implications when securing civilian towns and cities. Recently he has spent a year working for NATO at their programming center in The Hague, Netherlands helping to enhance software for NATO activities.

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PeaceMaker is designed and built with the help of advisors and content experts in the US, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The team thanks all those who have invested their time and expertise in the project. We hope to list more advisors in this area in the near future.

Bing Gordon - Co-Founder and CCO, Electronic Arts

Bing Gordon has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Electronic Arts since March 1998. Prior to this, he served as Executive Vice President, Marketing since October 1995. From August 1993 to October 1995, he served as Executive Vice President of EA Studios and as Senior Vice President of Entertainment Production since February 1992. He also served as Senior Vice President of Marketing, as General Manager of EA Studios, as Vice President of Marketing, as Director of Advertising and as Vice President of the former entertainment division while employed by the company.

Gordon holds a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Stanford University. He is a trustee at the Urban School of San Francisco and is a board member for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team. He launched and co-taught Videogame Prototype Design at Stanford University.

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Don Marinelli - Executive Producer, Carnegie Mellon - the Entertainment Technology Center

Don is a Professor of Drama and Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon. Dr. Marinelli served as the Assistant Head of the Drama Dept. (1980-86) and later the Associate Dept. Head (1986-95). During that time he helped to establish the joint-degree Master of Fine Arts in Acting Program between Carnegie Mellon and the world renowned Moscow Art Theatre School of Russia. Professor Marinelli has led an effort to develop innovative, interdisciplinary curricula in the area of drama and interactive multimedia.

Most recently, he has accepted an appointment as a researcher in the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, devoting his energies to the Informedia Project, applying dramatic and cinemagraphic theory to multimedia interface and application design.

Photo of Don Marinelli

Laurie Eisenberg - History Department, Carnegie Mellon

Prof. Eisenberg is a historian of the modern Middle East. Her areas of research and publication include the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab-Israeli peace process, and the interaction of multiple Middle East actors, particularly Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories. Current undertakings include a second edition of her co-authored textbook on the Arab-Israeli peace process, on-going research projects about the legacy of Jordan's King Hussein, and the June 1967 war.

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Carnegie Mellon Team

An early version of the game was created by an interdisciplinary team of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), with the advice and support of faculty advisors.