This directory contains a number of pictures from old Tintin albums. In the beginning of the 60's some books have been (partly) redesigned. The Crab with the Golden Claws had several fragments redesigned and The Black Island was completely redesigned. Also part of Land of Black Gold was redesigned, some drawings from Tintin in America were redesigned and there are differences in various editions of Cigars of the Pharaoh. The pictures are from the older versions of the books. In all cases the numbers refer to the page where the picture occurs. In some cases a letter suffix occurs if more than one scan is taken from a page. In all cases the scans are from the Dutch version, so you probably will not be able to read the text.

Also in later years some changes have taken places; those are also indicated here.

In addition it contains the file Haddock which contains the terms Captain Haddock uses (this one is in Dutch).

Tintin in the Country of the Soviets

1929 Issued in periodical.
1979 First Dutch editition (black-white facsimile edition). Before that time only illegal editions.
The cover shown is of an illegal issue from the beginning of the seventies.

Tintin in Congo

Tintin in Africa

1930 Issued in periodical.
1946 First Dutch edition.
1954 Dutch edition under new name.
One page was redesigned to make it more friendly to animals, the old version is represented here in two parts: africa.56a and africa.56b.

Tintin in America

1931 Issued in periodical.
1946 First Dutch edition.
1981 Edition with new drawings (there are earlier editions with slichter adaptions).
Three drawings were made more PC.
The negro received thinner lips later.
america.29 and america.47.
Redesigned to make black person white.

Cigars of the Pharaoh

1932 Issued in periodical.
1955 First Dutch edition.
1956 (or perhaps second edition of 1955) Corrected version.
Three drawings were redone. Two are non-consequential (a changed map, a changed book shown to Tintin). One is amusing because the original has a blatant error. It is reproduced here.
The error was corrected later.

The Blue Lotus

1934 Issued in periodical.
1946 First Dutch edition.
1984 Edition with corrected cover.
In the first edition one of the legs of the dragon on the frontcover had one toe too many. Look here for a scan:

The Broken Ear

1935 Issued in periodical.
1945 First Dutch edition.

The Black Island

1937 Issued in periodical.
1947 First Dutch edition.
1966 Redesigned edition.
Completely redesigned and modernized. No drawing was left as it was. Although in nearly all cases the drawings are literal redrawings of the originals there are a few exceptions to this. In most cases this consists of a slightly different layout (the old album had on every page four strips, in the new version double height strips can be found). The most interesting differences are included here.
Front cover of original.
A strip showing the changed clothes. The clothes he has in the new version where chronologically introduced at the end of The Secret of the Unicorn.
See the differences in cars. Old taxi (of unidentifiable make) and saloon (Bentley or Lagonda I think) vs. new taxi (Vauxhall?) and new saloon (Jaguar Mk?).
Some evolution in fire extinguishers equipment.
island.30a and island.30b.
The only place where there is a slight difference in the story. This version is 'educationally less correct', I think. (I would not like to be Snowhite here.)
Evolution in airplanes. Note the complete analogy between the drawing in the old and in the new version! (And what kind is the airplane?)

King Ottokar's Sceptre

1938 Issued in periodical.
1947 First Dutch edition.

Land of Black Gold

1939 Issued in periodical.
1950 First Dutch edition.
1971 Redesigned edition.
In the album version Haddock does occur, so that it ought to follow logically after the following.
One portion of the book was redesigned. While part of it only was a renewal of ship scenes, the other part was redesigned to elide the 1948 Palestine question out of the story. The scans are for the elided part of that story. The following pages were redone: 6-17, 19 and 20. Pages 6 to 14 upper half were only improved ship scenes, the following pages contain the elided story (a is upper half, b is lower half).
gold.14b, gold.15a, gold.15b, gold.16a, gold.16b, gold.17a and gold.17b.
Most of the changed story.
Old page 18 became new page 17, new page 18 and pages 19 and 20 were redone to better continue the story. Of these the following old page is present:
gold.19a and gold.19b.
the old page 20 was only reconstructed.

The Crab with the Golden Claws

1940 Issued in periodical.
1953 First Dutch edition.
1963 Edition with new drawings.
Redesign was on instignation of the American publishers to make the books more 'politically correct' before the term was even invented. All modified drawings are included.
crab.14, crab.16, crab.17 and crab.18.
Redesigned to make black person white.
crab.19 and crab.25.
Redesigend because drinking directly from bottle was not allowed.
crab.53a, crab.53b, crab.53c, crab.54a, crab.54b, crab.55a, crab.55b, crab.56a, crab.56b and crab.57.
Redesigned to make black person white.

The Shooting Star

1941 Issued in periodical.
1946 First Dutch editiion.

The Secret of the Unicorn

1942 Issued in periodical.
1946 First Dutch edition.

Red Rackham's Treasure.

1943 Issued in periodical.
1945 First Dutch edition.

The Seven Crystal Balls

1943 Issued in periodical.
1948 First Dutch edition.

Prisoners of the Sun

1946 Issued in periodical.
1949 First Dutch edition.

Destination Moon

1950 Issued in periodical.
1953 First Dutch edition.

Explorers on the Moon

1952 Issued in periodical.
1954 First Dutch edition.

The Calculus Affair

1954 Issued in periodical.
1956 First Dutch edition.

The Red Sea Sharks

1956 Issued in periodical.
1958 First Dutch edition.

Tintin in Tibet

1958 Issued in periodical.
1960 First Dutch edition.
1963 Modified edition.
In some of the pictures the text "Indian Airways" was replaced by "Sari Airways", including the logo's. Scans will become available.

The Castafiore Emerald

1961 Issued in periodical.
1963 First Dutch edition.

Flight 714

1966 Issued in periodical.
1968 First Dutch edition.

Tintin and the Picaros

1975 Issued in periodical.
1976 First Dutch edition.

Tintin and the Alfa-art

Never completed.