Cena to 'Eat Fresh' with Jared Fogle
By Kara A. Medalis
November 28, 2006

Subway restaurants was so thrilled with John Cena’s first commercial shoot for the sandwich chain, they invited him back just one month later to do another TV spot. This time, Cena stars with Subway’s famous, slimmed-down spokesman, Jared Fogle.

Before the commercial shoot in Long Island City, N.Y., Cena admitted he was psyched to work with Subway again and especially excited to meet Fogle.

“He turned his life around in the healthy aspect, but in the process became a household name and a celebrity. So that’s always cool – I get to meet somebody famous,” Cena told WWE.com.

Prior to filming, Cena and Fogle posed for photos with the WWE Championship. The normally mild-mannered Fogle showed his tougher side, scowling while holding the Championship on his shoulder. But as soon as the cameras stopped clicking, the two were all smiles and Jared exclaimed, “That’s awesome!” about holding the WWE gold.

“It was really neat to hold the WWE Championship,” Jared confessed. “Growing up as a kid I was a huge WWE fan. Seeing those guys carry those Championships, to actually get to personally hold it and put it on my shoulder was quite an honor and something that I’ll remember for a long time to come.”

Cena and Fogle shot the 30-second commercial in just a few hours. The instant camaraderie between them let the filming flow with ease. Unlike Cena’s first commercial, which was for regional markets, this one airs nationwide in two weeks. It highlights the low-fat, six-inch Subway Club sandwich. While Fogle touts the sub’s low-fat goodness, Cena says the sandwich’s double meat fills him up without slowing him down. The two begin a playful argument when Fogle asks to see the WWE Championship and Cena declines. The spot highlights their two different personalities, which makes for a comical combination.

“I think it’s very much two opposite people playing off each other. So even if you don’t know WWE or you don’t know who I am next to Jared, it’s such an opposite personality that it becomes entertaining,” The Champ said. “So hopefully we do what we need to do, and that’s attracting new WWE fans.”

Kim Hennig, Subway’s Director of Brand Management, told WWE.com that Cena did such a great job filming his first Subway commercial, he immediately came to mind when the sandwich chain wanted to do another spot with an athlete.

“He was just such a joy to work with. He just has a charisma about him, and it really comes through on the camera,” Hennig said.

Fogle agreed that Cena is a great representative of the Subway brand.

“He stands for keeping his body healthy, keeping himself fit and active and that’s really what the message of Subway is all about – a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, John lives that to a T. I think he’s a great ambassador for Subway,” Folge said.

The Subway spokesman, who lost 245 pounds by exercising and eating healthy Subway sandwiches, proclaimed he was a huge WWE fan growing up, so meeting Cena was a thrill.

“My favorites were Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Then I sort of picked it up again with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, and now with John,” Fogle admitted.

“I cannot wait for the John Cena/K-Fed match. You have no idea. January 1 – that will be on my calendar. I don’t care where I am, I’m going to be watching that match and cannot wait for it!” Fogle exclaimed.

Little does Fogle know, The Champ has another idea: Cena vs. Fogle in a Subway-on-a-Pole Match at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit.

“I figured K-Fed had the guts to challenge me to a match on Jan. 1, so I think Jared’s just biding his time,” Cena joked. “He’s probably going to opt for a WrestleMania match. We’ll have like a 12-inch Subway sandwich on a pole.”

“So we’ll see how it pans out,” Cena laughed.” I’m never one to back down from a challenge.”


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