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Edgar Cayce
Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant
Edgar Cayce Chronology

. On March 18, Edgar Cayce born near Beverly, 8 miles south of Hopkinsville (Kentucky).
. On February 22, Gertrude Evans born in Hopkinsville.
. On June 18, Edgar witnesses the horse accident which causes the death of his grandfather Thomas Jefferson Cayce.
. He starts school in Beverly.
. An angel appears to him. Then, he discovers that he is able to memorize his school books by sleeping on them.
. He quits high school and works on the farm of his paternal grandmother. She dies in August.
. In January, the family moves to Hopkinsville. . Edgar is hired at Hopper Brothers bookstore.
. On March 14, he becomes engaged to Gertrude Evans.
. In June, he loses his job and works in a dry goods store.
. In July, he is employed in a large bookstore of Louisville (Ky), J. P. Morton & Co. . He comes home for Christmas and decides to stay in Hopkinsville. He forms a partnership with his father, Leslie Cayce, then insurance agent.
. Edgar travels from town to town selling insurance, as well as books and stationery for J. P. Morton & Co.
. In March, a partial paralysis of the vocal cords makes him unable to speak beyond a whisper.
. In the Fall, the Hopkinsville photographer offers him a job as apprentice in his studio.
. Hart, a traveling hypnotist and showman, makes him speak normally under hypnosis.
. On March 31, Edgar gives his first psychic reading: with the help of Al Layne, he diagnoses his own difficulty and regains his voice.
. He starts giving readings for Layne's patients.
. In May, he accepts a job in a bookstore in Bowling Green, sixty miles away.
. In August, Layne calls him back to Hopkinsville regarding a little girl called Aime Dietrich. Her case will play an essential role in the history of the Cayce readings.
. Layne visits him every Sunday to continue the readings for his patients.
. On June 17, he marries Gertrude Evans in Hopkinsville. They go and live in Bowling Green.
. Layne leaves Hopkinsville in order to become a professional osteopath.
. In September, Edgar opens a photographic studio with Frank Potter.
. On January 30, Gladys Davis born in Centerville (Alabama).
. Local medical doctors study Edgar's psychic ability.
. In December, a fire destroys art work he has on consignment.
. On March 16, Hugh Lynn born - Edgar and Gertrude's older son.
. In September, another fire wrecks the studio. His partner withdraws, but Edgar reopens it alone.
. Gertrude and Hugh Lynn return to Hopkinsville, while Edgar stays in Bowling Green to pay off the debts generated by both fires.
. In August, Edgar pays the last bill and leaves Bowling Green. He spends some time in Hopkinsville with Gertrude and Hugh Lynn, then finds a job in Alabama as a photographer.
. At Christmas, he meets Dr. Wesley Ketchum during a short visit in Hopkinsville.
. On October 9, 'The New York Times' publishes a long article on Edgar Cayce's psychic powers.
. Edgar comes back to Hopkinsville and opens a photographic studio.
. With Dr. Wesley Ketchum, Albert Noe and Leslie Cayce, he forms the 'Psychic Reading Corporation'. For the first time, he gives daily readings on medical cases.
. In February, 'Hearst's Chicago Examiner' publicizes Edgar Cayce. In March, Edgar, L. Cayce et A. Noe go to Chicago for a few days, and Edgar gives readings for the paper.
. On March 28, Milton Porter born - Edgar and Gertrude's second son. The baby dies on May 17.
. Edgar helps solve George Dalton's case, due to an accident on a construction site.
. Gertrude develops a severe tuberculosis. The readings save her life and will allow her to fully recover.
. In January, Dr. Hugo Münsterberg, of Harvard arrives in Hopkinsville to investigate Cayce's psychic talent.
. Edgar breaks his contract with Ketchum and Noe. He goes again to Alabama to work as a photographer.
. He acquires his own studio in Selma (Alabama).
. In the Fall, Gertrude and Hugh Lynn move to Selma.
. In January, Hugh Lynn severely burns his eyes while playing in the studio with flash powder. He regains his sight thanks to the readings.
. On February 9, Edgar Evans born - Edgar et Gertrude's younger son.
. In order to raise money for building a hospital, Edgar forms a partnership with others seeking oil in Texas. He spends four years there, unsuccessfully.
. Edgar returns to Selma.
. On September 10, he hires a permanent secretary, Gladys Davis, then 18 years old. From that time on, she will be part of the family.
. Turning point in the readings: Arthur Lammers, from Dayton (Ohio), requests a reading on astrology. It mentions the concept of reincarnation.
. In November, Edgar and his family go to Dayton, invited by Lammers. He gives readings on philosophical, metaphysical and astrological topics.
. Morton Blumenthal, a New York stock broker, accepts to finance the hospital in Virginia Beach (Virginia), place recommended by the readings.
. In September, the Cayce family and Gladys Davis move there.
. On October 26, Edgar's mother, Carrie Cayce, passes away.
. On May 6, the 'Association of National Investigators, Inc.' is founded.
. On November 11, the Cayce hospital is inaugurated.
. In October, the stock market crash marks the onset of the Depression.
. On September 22, 'Atlantic University' opens its doors.
. On February 26, the organization is dissolved. On the 28th, the hospital closes.
. On June 6, the A.R.E., 'Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.' is created.
. By the end of the year, the university stops its activities.
. On April 11, Edgar's father, Leslie Cayce, passes away.
. In October, Hugh Lynn Cayce marries Sally Taylor.
. In June, Edgar Evans Cayce marries Kathryn Bane.
. On October 7, Charles Thomas born from Hugh Lynn and Sally. The readings indicate that he is the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson Cayce, Edgar's grandfather.
. In March, Edgar Cayce's biography "There is a River", by Thomas Sugrue, is published.
. On June 29, Edgar Evans Jr. born from Edgar Evans and Kathryn.
. On September 17, Cayce gives his last psychic reading, for himself.
. On January 3, Edgar Cayce dies at the age of 67.
. On April 1, Gertrude Evans Cayce dies at the age of 65.

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