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An Introduction to Matchbook Shannon

Matchbook Shannon had its punk roots in Omaha, NE. Bassist/vocalist Corey Beckman and guitarist/vocalist Jon Hansen, both natives to the Omaha area, have been making music together in various bands since the late eighties. In 1994, with the desire to streamline the roster of previous projects the two hooked up with long-time friend drummer Doug Kabourek, and immediately started writing songs. The three friends, who had met almost a decade ago while skateboarding, found that their song-writing styles complimented each other as much as their personalities did, and the punk-pop trio was formed in the midst of the same scene that forged other regional heroes, such as Mercy Rule, Frontier Trust and Mousetrap. "Cuddle-punk" soon became the descriptor for Matchbook Shannon's blend of sugary-sweetness with vengeful bursts of volume.

The only thing that was left was a name, and fate would provide that soon enough. While sitting in a Perkins in Omaha (38th and Dodge), brainstorming names for the new bandling, a waitress approached the groups table and handed them a matchbook which she had apparently been instructed to deliver to them. Inside of the matchbook was a telephone number and the name "Shannon" in red ink. The band saw this as a sign which could not be ignored and named themselves after the event. Numerous attempts were made to reach "Shannon" and thank her for her inspiration, but, oddly, all attempts failed, only adding to the mystery of the name.

Matchbook Shannon called it quits a while ago. Sob Stories is the legacy left behind by this important band. Doug Kabourek has moved back to Omaha and on to be the driving force behind The Laces and Fizzle Like a Flood. Jon Hansen continues to be active in the music scene in Iowa City, Iowa performing with The Slats and Psychosom@ic.

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