Press Officer: Robin Webb
Postal Address: Animal Liberation Press Office
Telephone / Fax: 01 623 746 470
Cellphone: 07 752 107 515

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The Animal Liberation Press Office, formerly the ALF Press Office until its name was amended to recognise its use by the Animal Rights Militia, Justice Department and other radical groups, and to protect it from possible attack in the future under the Terrorism Act 2000, exists to highlight the always immoral and often illegal use and abuse of our brothers and sisters of other species and to explain why many compassionate commandos are driven to work outside parliamentary legislation to achieve justice for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Originally an integral part of the ALF Supporters Group, the press office was discontinued following the politically-motivated Sheffield and Cardiff trials of the mid-1980s thus avoiding further charges of conspiracy and incitement. That situation allowed animal abusers almost free reign within the news media, the only supportive quotes coming from ‘ex-ALF activists’ (i.e., those who had been convicted and served their time) who were not always easy to track down at short notice. Less radical ‘national’ groups were responsible for the infamous “setting the movement back ten years” and similar unhelpful comments, which ignored the reasons for ALF actions ... the terrible suffering behind closed doors.

Recognising the advantages of a readily-available spokesperson it was decided to revive the press office as a unit independent of the SG but with its full approval and moral support. This would, hopefully, protect the SG’s vital prisoner support work from the unwanted and unwarranted attention of the authorities. So, the press office was relaunched in October 1991 with then-RSPCA-council-member Robin Webb as press officer (not to be confused with another Robin Webb who owns the Vegetarian Shoes company).

The press office in 1991 regularly received anonymous claims of actions that were then released to the wider news media. However, technology has increased to such an extent during the intervening period with voice recognition, facial mapping, DNA testing and much more that such contact can now represent a threat to activists security. The press office will still accept anonymous claims but every possible precaution should be taken to protect the security of both activists and this office.

The press office may be contacted as detailed above for comment on individual actions, animal welfare and liberation matters generally, proposed restrictive legislation or any other relevant matter. Speakers are also available for radio and television interviews ... even BBC2 TV’s ‘HARDtalk with Tim Sebastian’ has featured a full interview with the press officer.


What actions will the press office cover? In short, all and any. The policy since October 1991 has been quite straightforward. We will explain and seek to justify any action, whatever it may be, so long as it appears to have been carried with the sincere intention of furthering animal liberation.

During that time it has refused to handle only one claim, after consultation with the two previous press officers (Ronnie Lee and Robin Lane). The claim was subsequently found to have come from a paid police informer and agent provocateur.

The Animal Liberation Front itself has had, from the very beginning, a policy of non-violence. With dealing also with groups such as the Animal Rights Militia and Justice Department and being a bona fide news service the press office has no policy on such matters. It reports, leaving the wider news media to add either positive or negative comment as they wish.


Robin Webb has been active in the animal liberation and welfare movements for many years and has held, among other positions, a seat on the RSPCA’s national council, vice presidency of the Vegan Society and been the assistant director of Animal Aid.

As press officer he is a member of the National Union of Journalists, which once described police harassment of him as constituting an “extraordinary vendetta”. The subject of many arrests by various police forces, including the anti-terrorist squad, 1995 saw him held in Winchester prison for some seven months without trial after a senior officer told him they were “going to lock him up to shut him up”. The only UK citizen known to be the victim of quadruple jeopardy Robin Webb continues to speak out against injustice, a newspaper in the USA (following his arrest and enforced exile in that country during the winter of 2002-03) quoting that he would return “if there is a necessity to do so to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, our brothers and sisters of other species. I would come back because it’s always important to speak out for the weak and innocent, whoever they are or wherever they may be.”

As with all his roles in campaigning, except a short time with Animal Aid, the press office is a voluntary position carrying no remuneration.


The press office is an independent unit and receives no financial support from the SG or any other source except when undertaking educational or similar work, which comes under the SG’s remit.

Its continued work relies on donations. Cheques/POs should be made payable to ‘ALF Press Office’ and crossed ‘a/c payee only’. Please send to the BM4400 address given above. Should you wish to support the press office with a monthly standing order please write, requesting a mandate form. Thank you.


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