CAROLINE COVENTRY arrived Lyttleton 8 6 1869
Cabin passengers Messrs H Powell, E H Hart, G Wontner, E Waites, H W Lee and Brother, Mrs Page and two children, Miss Patrick, Mr Clifford and family, Dr and Mrs Campbell, Mr Macdonald, Mr Colquhoun, Mr Wilmer, Mr Sterrm Government Immigrants Families and children Single Women Ploughmen General Servants Thomas Young and wife, Kent Sarah Jane Black, Tyrone David Richards, wife and four children, Carmarthenshire Frances Alexander, King's County Abel Joy, wife and child, Bedfordshire Emily Field, Rose Whatton, Middlesex William Dalzell, wife and two children, Antrim Augusta Buckthought, Cornwall Esther Jones, Glamorganshire Farm labourers Louisa Webb, Armagh James Downing, wife and four children, Bedfordshire Elizabeth Coleman, Monaghan Allan Johnston, wife and two children, Antrim Margaret Miskelly, Susan Miskelly, Mary Jane Flyn, Down Henry Toomer, wife and five children, Somersetshire Margaret Irwin, Armagh Ephraim Toomer and wife, Staffordshire Eliza J Charlton, Londonderry Sarah Simpson, Antrim Single Men Sarah J Branagan, Tyrone Agnes Johnstone, Cork Ploughmen Minnie Walsh, Galway James Burrows, Bedfordshire Mary Gibson, Down William Turnbull, John Kelly, Isle of Man Jemima Toomer, Rhoda Toomer, Emma Merson, Staffordshire Robert Hay, Donegal Ann Clarke, Tyrone John James Black, Tyrone Charlotte Mason, Bedfordshire Robert Dalzell, Down Farm labourers Cooks Charles M'Annelly, Tyrone Elizabeth Pidgeon, Middlesex Joseph Smith, Down Harriet A Winter, Somersetshire Francis Wilson, Armagh Thomas Alexander, King's County Housemaids John Toomer, Henry Toomer, Staffordshire Emily LeMan, Middlesex Samuel Busby, Tyrone Maria Garland, Jersey Samuel Busby, Tyrone Julia Downing, Staffordshire Labourers Hannah Wilson, Armagh John Brown, Antrim Albert Toomer, Staffordshire Matron Sarah M Creasey Engineer John Fraser, Inverness Gas Fitter John Garland, Jersey Source: The Star, Christchurch, 9 6 1869