2006-2007 State Arts Education Policy Database

This searchable database contains information on state arts education policy gathered in Summer 2006. The database contains information collected primarily from state departments of education. The source of the information was principally the arts education consultant within the department of education. In some cases, responses came from other state department of education representatives, state arts council representatives and other state arts education sources.

The database contains summaries of state policy on the following topics:

  1. General authority for arts education
  2. State standards for the arts
  3. State assessment measures in the arts
  4. Arts requirements for high school graduation
  5. Arts requirements for college entrance
  6. Licensure/certification requirements for arts teachers; implementation of INTASC arts standards.
  7. Licensure/certification requirements for general (elementary) classroom teachers
  8. Arts requirements for pre-service teachers
  9. Professional development requirements for arts teachers
  10. Current or recent state-appointed task forces or commissions relevant to arts education
  11. Chief State School Officer statement supportive of arts education
  12. State Education Department's website
  13. Contact Person

A note on terminology: "Four content areas" of the arts refers to dance, music, theater and visual arts. For consistency, "theatre" has been changed to "theater" in all instances except for direct quotations.

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The Arts Education Partnership thanks those who responded to the survey and spent time researching their state policies. Special thanks to Lisa Swanson who worked as a consultant on this project and created the database.