Narragansett Tribal List 1881

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Final List of the Members of the Narragansett Tribe Entitled to a Share of the Purchase Money 1881.

(Please note, there are no names beginning with -- D, E, I, K, L, Q, U, V, X, Y, or Z)
Gideon L Ammons68Charlestown, RI
Joseph Ammons70Charlestown, RI
Candis A Ammons31Charlestown, RI
Alexander R Ammons32Providence, RI
George G Ammons24Westerly, RI
Mary E Ammons23Westerly, RI
Clarence G Ammons3Westerly, RI
Josephine Ammons30Stonington, CT
Emma J Ammons22Greenwich, RI
Hettie Ammons4Greenwich, RI
Hannah Brown69Carolina, RI
Lewis C Brown22Carolina, RI
Mertie P Brown26Carolina, RI
Elliot E Brown5 monthsCarolina, RI
Laura P Brown20Carolina, RI
Ellen T Brown18Carolina, RI
Catherine Brown40Carolina, RI
Winfield S Brown26Carolina, RI
George A Brown24Carolina, RI
Esther R Brown27South Kingston, RI
Esther Brown3South Kingston, RI
Henry H Brown29South Kingston, RI
Sarah A Brown25South Kingston, RI
Thaddeus Brown7South Kingston, RI
Frederick V Brown5South Kingston, RI
Theodore D Brown3South Kingston, RI
John E Brown33Providence, RI
Isabella E Brown19Providence, RI
Betsey Bent39Bristol, RI
Joseph Bent49Charlestown, RI
William H Bent38Providence, RI
Ida F Bent5Providence, RI
Joseph Brant8Charlestown, RI
Anna Babcock37Hopkinton, RI
D. A. Babcock18Hopkinton, RI
Emma Babcock14Hopkinton, RI
Charles Babcock12Hopkinton, RI
Anna Babcock8Hopkinton, RI
Minnie Babcock5Hopkinton, RI
Cora Belle Babcock2Hopkinton, RI
Francis Babcock6 weeksHopkinton, RI
Edward S Cone58Wakefield, RI
Mary E Cone49Wakefield, RI
Etnah Cone7Wakefield, RI
Annie M Cone20Wakefield, RI
Sarah C Cone20Providence, RI
Mary R Cone25Providence, RI
Francis Cone6Providence, RI
Charles H Cone32Providence, RI
Henrietta F Cone10Providence, RI
Fred Cone8Providence, RI
Mary Jane Cone44Providence, RI
Lydia Champlin39Charlestown, RI
Samuel R Champlin31Charlestown, RI
Henry Champlin66Charlestown, RI
Sarah Champlin76Charlestown, RI
Mary R Champlin29Charlestown, RI
Hannah F Champlin33Westerly, RI
Elizabeth Champlin70Westerly, RI
Mary Champlin40Westerly, RI
Betsey Champlin63Westerly, RI
William Champlin35Westerly, RI
George H Champlin23Westerly, RI
Ida Champlin21Westerly, RI
Abraham L Champlin44South Kingstown, RI
Sarah Champlin37South Kingstown, RI
Henry H Champlin15South Kingstown, RI
Abraham L Champlin13South Kingstown, RI
Charles A Champlin11South Kingstown, RI
Freddie D Champlin9South Kingstown, RI
James H Champlin5South Kingstown, RI
Gracie Champlin1South Kingstown, RI
Benjamin/Samuel Champlin29unlisted
Priscilla Champlin46unlisted
Susan Champlin42unlisted
Benjamin R Champlin38Providence, RI
Ellen M Champlin17Providence, RI
Jane R Champlin14Providence, RI
Walter H Champlin9Providence, RI
Mary A Carpenter48Providence, RI
Lizzie Congdon32Westerly, RI
Matilda Congdon73Charlestown, RI
Samuel Congdon43Charlestown, RI
Mary A Congdon25Charlestown, RI
Hettie L Congdon2Charlestown, RI
William H Congdon7Charlestown, RI
Victor E Congdon5Charlestown, RI
Oseola Congdon4 monthsCharlestown, RI
Martha Crieghton58Providence, RI
Charles Clark40Richmond, RI
Charlotte Conway53Westerly, RI
Samuel Conway12Westerly, RI
Gideon Conway14Westerly, RI
Susan Conway16Westerly, RI
Ruth Crandall99Charlestown, RI
Nancy Crandall32Charlestown, RI
Sarah Ann Crandall11Charlestown, RI
Oliver Crandall6Charlestown, RI
K. G. Crandall3Charlestown, RI
Francis (probably Frances, a female) Cooper49Norwich, CT
Ida Cooper20Norwich, CT
Addie Cooper17Norwich, CT
Nancy Ann Fairweather52Kingston, RI
William Fairweather17Kingston, RI
Hannah Fairweather47South Kingstown, RI
William R Fairweather21South Kingstown, RI
Sumner Fairweather18South Kingstown, RI
George E Fairweather16South Kingstown, RI
Martha A Freeman49Charlestown, RI
Hannah S Gardner39Westerly, RI
Avaldo C Gardner16Mudville? (prob Montville), CT
Benjamin G Gardner53Providence, RI
John B Gardner27Charlestown, RI
Ella I Gardner18Charlestown, RI
Mary M Gardner5 monthsCharlestown, RI
Alexander K Gardner37Charlestown, RI
Fidelia Green34Charlestown, RI
William Green17Charlestown, RI
Henry K Green9Charlestown, RI
Leanora H Green7Charlestown, RI
Alice M Green5Charlestown, RI
Augustus F Green3Charlestown, RI
Charles F Green8 monthsCharlestown, RI
Hannah M Hazard28Providence, RI
Harry N Hazard5Providence, RI
Grace E Hazard1Providence, RI
Sarah Hazard46Providence, RI
Howard B Hazard20Providence, RI
Minnie B Hazard13Providence, RI
Frank Hazard30Ashaway, RI
Perry G Hazard43Westerly, RI
Caroline Hazard33Westerly, RI
Amy Hazard78Westerly, RI
Lucy Hazard35Westerly, RI
James M Hazard54South Kingstown, RI
William H Hazard58Charlestown, RI
Sarah M Hazard53Charlestown, RI
Mary Jane Helm28Narragansett Pier
Mary F Helm5Narragansett Pier
Abbie F Helm33unlisted
Elizabeth R Helm32Charlestown, RI
George H Helm6Charlestown, RI
Ethel Helm4Charlestown, RI
David A Helm1Charlestown, RI
George C Henry32Westerly, RI
Mary E Henry9Westerly, RI
Charles H Henry4Westerly, RI
George T Henry6 monthsWesterly, RI
Mary Ann Hopkins54Newport, RI
Nathaniel Hopkins69Charlestown, RI
Annie M Hopkins19Charlestown, RI
Amy Hopkins15Charlestown, RI
Mary C Hopkins13Charlestown, RI
Sarah T Hopkins10Charlestown, RI
Susan F Hopkins8Charlestown, RI
Adelaide Hopkins3Charlestown, RI
Nellie M Hopkins11 monthsCharlestown, RI
Luke H Hopkins65Charlestown, RI
Dudley Hopkins58Charlestown, RI
Charles H Holmes58Charlestown, RI
Lydia Harris26Providence, RI
Eliza L Hilton32Providence, RI
Clarence Hilton12Providence, RI