The Detoxification System

Environmental Toxins
Environmental toxins are a considerable health problem in New Zealand.

What are they?
They consist of agricultural sprays, horticultural sprays, mercury in the form of amalgam in our teeth,  radiation, heavy metals, petrochemicals, solvents, fluoride, viruses, bacteria, amoeba etc, so it is no coincidence that New Zealand has one of the highest cancer and asthma rates in the world.

Where are they?
Environmental toxins are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat , the houses we live in and the chemical medicines that our medical system provides for us.

How do they enter our body?
At any given time the average person has absorbed 800 to 2000 pollutants through their skin, lungs and digestive tract.

Where do they go?
Generally speaking toxins absorbed with our food are more easily broken down by the digestive system and passed out via the bowel -providing it is functioning correctly.
Toxins absorbed through the skin or lungs or given via injection become more dangerous to the body as they are not easily assimulated through the normal channels  (eg by the liver) so they enter other body organs and systems such as glands, muscles, bones, lymph circulation, connective tissue, nervous tissue, liver heart and kidneys.

What damage do they do?
In 'normal healthy circumstances' (that are unfortunately not so normal today), the human body should generally eliminate toxins. However, today we are exposed to ever-increasing amounts of poisons that are now combining with other toxins to create deadly chemical compounds.
Add noise, static electricity, radiation, and the stressful pace of life to the equation and the body is left with little opportunity to defend itiself.
Toxins - the 'in' word for them being FREE RADICALS - are the unstable chemical molecules that are now found in great numbers in our environment as part of the pollutants. These free radicals damage the cellular DNA of our genes. Our gene patterns become distorted so that our cells cannot be replicated correctly.  This causes illnesses such as cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, arthritis, lupus, polymyalgia, migraine headaches, hyperactivity in children, psychiatric disorders, and over 1500 other 'mutated gene' disorders.


An everyday example of free radical damage is clearly demonstrated when an apple is cut and left in the open air. It rapidly goes brown indicating that cell damage is occurring through oxidation – a process where toxins in the air ( free radicals) excise themselves into the apple cell genes causing pandemonium.

 This can be prevented by squeezing lemon juice, which is anti-oxidant, onto the cut apple.  Instead of entering the apple’s genes, the unstable free radicals combine with the anti-oxidant lemon juice making stable chemical compounds that are no longer dangerous and destructive to the apple cells.
A similar reaction occurs when our bodies are subjected to toxic free radicals. That is why in today's poisonous world anti-oxidants are an important diet supplement for minimising cell damage that causes old age and illness.




Unfortunately the children of today are born inheriting the distorted gene patterns so their immune systems are weakened so that their chances of successfully dealing with the vast numbers of toxins are greatly reduced.

How do we know which toxins we have?
All substances have an energy field. Each energy field is unique to that one substance making it different to all others.
That is why hydrogen cannot be oxygen, nor can glass be concrete or silver be gold.
Some substances are solid so that we can see them. Others are not within the range of our visual field because they vibrate too quickly for our eyes to perceive them. 
However this does not mean that these substances do not exist. 
These 'non-visible' toxic substances are just as detrimental to the body as the visible ones.  In other words, all toxins are detrimental to the body no matter what form they take.

Despite often being well-hidden in a body's tissues, toxins and their unique, individual energy field can still be measured.

How do we measure the presence of toxins?
At Healing World Clinic, John Godwin the Isopathic Practitioner, uses a Theratest machine. It is a highly sophisticated bio-electrical machine that functions by measuring minute electrical impulses that travel throughout the body meridians via the acupuncture points found on the skin surface.  
Testing is usually done on the fingers and/or toes.
Together with the use of numerous test vials containing homoeopathically-potentised substances, the machine can test for :
*  The presence of both physical and vibrational patterns of toxins, allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.
*  Where pollutants are located in the body.
*  How successfully or unsuccessfully the body is dealing with these invaders.
*  The state of health of the body organs and systems.
*  The balance of the energetic fields of the organs that is so necessary for good health.
*  Nutrient levels - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants. 

How do we remove the toxins?
Toxins layer themselves into our body tissues. To remove them successfully with the least disturbance to a person's life, John has researched an Isopathic detoxification programme called The Toxic Pecking Order (TPO).
This entails removing the worst, most deadly toxins first and moving through to the weakest ones. 
This method is similar to peeling an onion - peel it layer by layer, removing the complete outer layer each time and all of the skin can be removed without trouble.
Trying to peel inner layers first results in incomplete removal and the task is done piecemeal. This is also the case with toxins.  If the lesser toxins are addressed first they will only be removed piecemeal and the person will not experience full recovery.

(See  'Forward to Isopathy'  page for full explanation)

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