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A Guide To Censored Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies


Cartoon titles in red are either new or updated entries!!

"Sahara Hare" (Freleng; 1955):

"Satan's Waitin'" (Freleng; 1954):

"Scalp Trouble" (Clampett; 1939):

"Scaredy Cat" (Jones; 1948):

"The Scarlet Pumpernickel" (Jones; 1950):

"Scent-imental Romeo" (Jones; 1951):

"Screwball Football" (Avery; 1939):

"September in the Rain" (Freleng; 1937):

"The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives" (Harman and Ising; 1933):

"Sheep Ahoy" (Jones; 1954):

"A Sheep in the Deep" (Jones; 1962):

"The Sheepish Wolf" (Freleng; 1943):

"Show Biz Bugs" (Freleng; 1957):

"Sinkin' in the Bathtub" (Harman and Ising; 1930):

"Skyscraper Caper" (Lovy; 1968):

"Slap Happy Pappy" (Clampett; 1940):

"The Slap-Hoppy Mouse" (McKimson; 1956):

"The Slick Chick" (McKimson; 1962):

"Snow Business" (Freleng; 1953):

"Snow Excuse" (McKimson; 1966):

"The Sour Puss (Clampett; 1940):

"Southern Fried Rabbit" (Freleng; 1953):

"Speaking of the Weather" (Tashlin; 1937):

"Spy Swatter" (Larriva; 1967):

"A Star is Bored" (Freleng; 1956):

"Stop, Look, and Hasten" (Jones; 1954):

"Strangled Eggs" (McKimson; 1961):

"A Street Cat Named Sylvester" (Freleng; 1953):

"The Stupid Cupid" (Tashlin; 1944):

"Stupor Duck" (McKimson; 1956):

"The Stupor Salesman" (Davis; 1948):

"Swooner Crooner" (Tashlin; 1944):

All images (c) Warner Bros.
Thanks to Brian Cruz for images from "The Stupid Cupid"
Thanks to DON3k for image from "The Scarlet Pumpernickel"
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