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In an age of increasing chemical exposure from an industrialised world, more people are suffering from fatigue than ever before. The reasons behind this epidemic can more often than not, be contributed to the toxic world in which we live.  
Loss of healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and bowel), immune, hepatic,(liver) lymphatic, mental and emotional systems, leads to a variety of sometimes vague but often severe symptoms of unwellness - exhaustion, headaches, visual problems, dizziness, petty mal-like blackouts, eczema, behaviour problems (ADHD), dementia, mood swings, depression, anxiety, numbness of hands and feet, concentration difficulties, memory loss - the list is never-ending.

These symptoms may not fall into any recognisable medical diagnosis. In many cases the patient knows there is something wrong even though no obvious disease pattern, known to medical science,  is presenting itself.

Isopathy is a form of Homoeopathy that copes with the 21st centur y toxins and diseases. 

It is via the use of Isopathy that toxins are removed from the body.

Isopathy consists of two parts:

1.  A remedy, homoeopathically potentised to exactly match the individual vibrational patterns of the toxin or disease.

2.  A drainage remedy.

These two are taken orally together as drops, in a little water.

The remedy removes both the physical and the vibrational patterns of toxins and diseases from the body tissues depositing them into the bloodstream.

The drainage takes the toxins from the bloodstream to the excretory organs such as liver, skin, kidneys and lungs where they are eliminated from the body.
 Toxins are removed from the body in a specific order beginning with the most harmful to the least harmful  so that the person's health is not compromised in any way during the detoxification process.

Known as the Toxic Pecking Order or TPO  this detox achieves a very thorough level of cleansing.

Today a person's immune system is 50% lower than it was 30 years ago. However, once the body tissues are cleansed using the TPO or Isopathic detoxification programme, the immune system can be maintained at close to 100% functioning making it difficult to contract serious diseases in the future. The clean body is now able to ward off the majority of toxins and illnesses by excreting them without ill-effect thereby establishing and maintaining GOOD HEALTH

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